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Textual Indices with Quotes  2
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Biblical Commentaries of the Fathers


Series on the Whole Bible

Early & Medieval Church Commentary Series on the Whole Bible



On Biblical Books


Around 64% of the works in this collection of 575+ early and medieval biblical commentaries and selections of commentaries are fully online for free.

The links go to the Early and Medieval sections on each biblical book in our larger Bible Commentary Collection.  This collection was last overhauled in 2023, and is fully current to that time.


Old Testament

Pentateuch  2
Genesis  28+
Exodus  12
Leviticus  7
Numbers  7
Deuteronomy  6

Joshua  6
Judges  6
Ruth  3
1 Samuel  8
2 Samuel  4
1 Kings  7
2 Kings  3
1 Chronicles  3
2 Chronicles  3

Ezra  3
Nehemiah  2
Esther  3

Job  12
Psalms  32
Proverbs  8+
Ecclesiastes  8
Song of Solomon  20

Isaiah  16
Jeremiah  8
Lamentations  6
Ezekiel  7
Daniel  4

Minor Prophets  7
Hosea  6
Joel  6
Amos  6
Obadiah  5
Jonah  10+
Micah  7
Nahum  6
Habakkuk  6
Zephaniah  5
Haggai  6
Zechariah  7
Malachi  6

New Testament

Gospels  20+
Life & Times of Jesus  4
Harmonies  3
Beatitudes  2

Matthew  22+
Mark  12+
Luke  16+
John  18+

Acts  8+
Epistles  3
Romans  16
1 Corinthians  9
2 Corinthians  7

Galatians  14
Ephesians  12
Philippians  8
Colossians  7

1 Thessalonians  8+
2 Thessalonians  8+
1 Timothy  9
2 Timothy  7
Titus  10

Philemon  8
Hebrews  5

General Epistles  1
James  4
1 Peter  6
2 Peter  3

Epistles of John  2
1 John  6
2 John  4
3 John  4
Jude  4

Revelation  24+



Latin & Greek, Early & Medieval Bible Commentaries

Early Church

Whole Bible
Old Testament
New Testament


Medieval Church

Whole Bible
Old Testament
New Testament



Online Biblical Textual Indices with Quotes

Whole Bible

By far and away the best site that has collated commentaries on nearly every verse of the Bible from the patristics and medieval writers.  Includes thousands of commentaries; just click on the book, chapter and verse of the Bible you are interested in.


New Testament

Early Christian Writings on the New Testament: Compiled Allusions to the NT from the Ante-Nicene Fathers HTML, this is a compilation of references to N.T. verses from the early church fathers, organized as a commentary on the Biblical books



References to More Early & Medieval Works on Scripture


Repertorium Biblicum (Biblical Reperatory)  The website is mostly in German; listings are usually in Latin.  Most browsers allow one to right-click on the page and automatically translate it.

This is the searchable online version of the print edition below (see there for a description).  It, unfortunately, does not appear that one can browse or directly limit searches by book of the Bible (see the print edition, vol. 12 for the Biblical Index); however one can search for the begining letters of a Biblical book in Latin, and the results will include all the entries including various endings on that lexical-root.

The other easiest way to search this database is by author (and use the selection button, with the subsequent alphabet options to do it).  One can also limit results by religious order (the Order of St. Benedict, Order of the Preaching Brethren, etc.), geographical provence and the library holding the books.

The search function also searches the meta-data about the volume, sometimes including summations of contents, etc.

When the results appear, next to the author’s name is often a link that will list sources of biographical information.  The number that appears nex to the result is the number of that work’s entry in the print volume.  Click on that for more information on the work.  If the search brings up too many results (something over around 100), it will tell you and it will not list them; further limit the search.



Stegmuller, Fridericus – Repertorium Biblicum Medii Avei  (Biblical Repertory of the Medeival Age), 11 vols.  Buy  (1950-80)

“…provide basic data about the individuals they reference, and then proceed to indicate in exhaustive detail what these people wrote and the location of the sources [in what libraries]… [it is] arranged alphabetically by author… [and] lists all known editions and the locations of virtually every Bible commentary… written in the Middle Ages.” — Bradley & Muller

Translated by Google from German from the website above:

“The Repertorium Biblicum Medii Aevi…  lists all biblical commentaries and writings indirectly commenting on the Bible up to the year 1500.  With its approx. 12,000 numbers, this directory currently contains almost 24,000 commentaries and thus catalogs a considerable part of the tradition.”

vol. 1: Initia Biblica, Apocryphal, Prologues  Pre
vol. 2: Commentaries: authors A-G  Pre
vol. 3: Commentaries: authors H-M  Pre
vol. 4: Commentaries: authors N-Q  Pre
vol. 5: Commentaries: authors R-Z
vol. 6: Commentaries: anonymous A-O
vol. 7: Commentaries: anonymous P-Z
vol. 8: Supplement  Pre
vol. 9: Supplement, pt. 2, The Ordinary Gloss[es]
vol. 10: Initia Graeca, Initia Latina A-K
vol. 11: Initia Latina L-Z
vol. 12. Biblical Index, Historical Index

The Latin incipits listed in volumes 10 and 11 are now recorded on the In-Principio CD by Brépols in a revised version, along with around 900,000 Latin incipits, and are therefore accessible for full-text research.”



The Fathers’ Citations of Scripture

Online Database


This is a massive, searchable online database of the Fathers that provides detailed references to where Scriptures are cited or alluded to in published works.  For a description of the project, see ‘Overview of the Project’.

On the search page, insert at least a Biblical book, chapter and verse, then click the plus-button.  Then fill in more info till the search button is clickable.  If it remains greyed out, it means that not enough search info has been provided, or there are not any results for that search.

On the results page, click the maroon arrow buttons to open or close more information about the results.  Each result will tell you the Father, the work of theirs, the date of the work and the theme of the work.  Under ‘Biblio’ is listed the published print source the citation may be found in, with page numbers.  To the right of that, in a different color, is a further source with the section and page numbers listed.

For more help with the search form, see the 3 min. video, ‘How to Use the Quotation Seachform’.




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