Cunningham, William – Prelacy, 1863, p. 227, 38 pages, being Chapter 8 of his Historical Theology, vol. 1

Miller, Samuel – The Views of Calvin on Prelacy, Vindicated1844, Appendix II, p. 87, 40 pages

Miller, Samuel – Letters Concerning the Constitution and Order of the Christian Ministry… with a Prefatory Letter on the Episcopal Controversy1830, 558 pages.  The Letters are systematically laid out in the table of contents starting with the testimony of scripture concerning church government, then the testimony of the history of the church, followed by the rise and progress of prelacy and its practical problems.

Miller became heavily involved in public debates about prelacy (top-down church government by bishops) due to the rise of the influence of Episcopalians in his area.  This is must reading for a defense of presbyterianism from scripture and history, and for showing the Biblical and historical errors of episcopalian government.