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Quotes on Hyper-Calvinism

John ‘Rabbi’ Duncan

“Hyper-Calvinism is all house and no door: Arminianism is all door and no house.”


R.C. Sproul

Chosen But Free, Chapter on Double Predestination

“The distortion of double predestination looks like this:

There is a symmetry that exists between election and reprobation.  God works in the same way and same manner with respect to the elect and to the reprobate.  

That is to say, from all eternity God decreed some to election and by divine initiative works faith in their hearts and brings them actively to salvation.  By the same token, from all eternity God decrees some to sin and damnation (destinare ad peccatum) and actively intervenes to work sin in their lives, bringing them to damnation by divine initiative.  In the case of the elect, regeneration is the monergistic work of God.  In the case of the reprobate, sin and degeneration are the monergistic work of God.

Stated another way, we can establish a parallelism of foreordination and predestination by means of a positive symmetry.  We can call this a positive-positive view of predestination.  This is, God positively and actively intervenes in the lives of the elect to bring them to salvation.  In the same way God positively and actively intervenes in the life of the reprobate to bring him to sin.

This distortion of positive-positive predestination clearly makes God the author of sin who punishes a person for doing what God monergistically and irresistibly coerces man to do.  Such a view is indeed a monstrous assault on the integrity of God.  This is not the Reformed view of predestination, but a gross and inexcusable caricature of the doctrine.

Such a view may be identified with what is often loosely described as hyper-Calvinism and involves a radical form of supralapsarianism.  Such a view of predestination has been virtually universally and monolithically rejected by Reformed thinkers.”



Articles on Hyper-Calvinism

Thomas, Geoff – ‘Spurgeon’s Battle with Hyper-Calvinsim’  1995  14 paragraphs



Books on Hyper-Calvinism

Fuller, Andrew

The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation or, the Duty of Sinners to Believe in Jesus Christ  Buy  226 pp.  See a summary of this work.

Defence of the “Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation”  92 pp.  in Reply to Mr. Button and Philanthropos  in Works, 2.417-510

Murray, Iain – Spurgeon vs. Hyper-Calvinism: the Battle for Gospel Preaching  Buy  2010  152 pp.

Toon, Peter – The Emergence of Hyper-Calvinism in English Non-Conformity, 1689-1765  1967  170 pp.




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