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General Works

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The Life of Andrew Melville: Containing Illustrations of the Ecclesiastical and Literary History of Scotland during the latter part of the 16th and beginning of the 17th century, with an Appendix consisting of Original Papers, vol. 1, vol. 2  Buy  1824  532 & 570 pp.

The Life of John Knox: containing illustrations of the history of the Reformation in Scotland containing illustrations of the History, of the Reformation in Scotland.  With Biographical Notices of the Principal Reformers and Sketches of Progress of Literature in Scotland during the 16th Century, and an Appendix Consisting of Original Papers,  Buy  1840  550 pp.

Miscellaneous Writings, Chiefly Historical  1841  688 pp.



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M’Crie, Thomas

An Account of a Manuscript of Bishop Lesley’s History of Scotland, 1823, p. 167, 10 pages

Memoirs of Mr. William Veitch and George Brysson: Written by themselves with other Narratives Illustrative of the History of Scotland, from the Restoration [1660] to the Revolution [1689], including Narratives of the Risings at Bothwel and Pentland, to which are added Biographical Sketches and Notes by Thomas M’Crie, D.D., 1825, 561 pages

Civil and Ecclesiastical History of the Bass Rock, with a Preface,  Buy  1848, p. v, 52 pages

The Bass Rock is a famous and infamous island two miles off of the east coast of Scotland.  It acted as an Alcatraz for many of Christ’s beloved saints who were exiled thereto, particularly the Covenanters of the 1600′s whom the world was not worthy of.  It also has very unique geography and wildlife.  Read here for a fascinating description of this conspicuous place alluded to in church history.  



Kennedy, John – The Days of the Fathers in Ross-shire  Buy  1895  260 pp.

This is Kennedy’s most well known work, which preserves a glimpse into the deep (somewhat unique) evangelical spirituality of the Highlands from the days before Kennedy.  “Ross-shire” is a county (“shire” is a division of land, think Lord of the Rings) in Northern Scotland that is the local area around Dingwall.  “Fathers” refers to the revered fathers of the faith of the older generation before Kennedy.  

McCrie, Thomas 

The Story of the Scottish Church: from the Reformation [1560] to the Disruption [1843]Buy  1875  602 pp.

This is the best book on Scottish church history there is.  It includes all the stirring and famous stories that the Scottish church is known for.  Fill your sermons with powerful, thrilling illustrations from church history from these pages.  Written by an old school presbyterian in vindication of his church and their reformers against revisionist historians.  You will come away with renewed zeal for the cause of God’s truth in our land.

A Vindication of the Scottish Covenanters, 1843  157 pp.




Mitchell, William – The Wedderburns and their Work, or the Sacred Poetry of the Scottish Reformation in its Historical Relation to that of Germany, a Lecture  1867  95 pp.



Luther’s Influence on Scotland

Cameron, James – Aspects of the Lutheran Contribution to the Scottish Reformation, 1528-1552  1984  12 pp.





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