Cunningham, William – The Erastian Controversy, 1863, p. 557, 30 pages, from his Historical Theology, vol. 2

Cunningham, William – Erastianism, p. 396, 6 pages, from his Historical Theology, vol. 1

Cunningham, William – The Principle of Non-Intrusion, 1863, p. 470, 78 pages, this is Chapter 12 from his Discusssions on Church Principles 

Cunningham, William – The Principles of the Free Church of Scotland, 1863, p. 257, 32 pages, a chapter from his Discussions on Church Principles 

Here Cunningham defends the views and actions of the Free Church of Scotland against State interference. 

Cunningham, William – The Westminster Confession on the Relation Between Church and State, HTML, 1843, from a pamphlet published in May 1843, immediately before the Disruption of the Church of Scotland, entitled, “Remarks on the Twenty-third Chapter of the Confession of Faith as bearing on existing Controversies”, published later in his Discussions on Church Principles, ch. 8

Many people today charge the original Westminster Confession of 1646 with Erastianism (that the State is over the Church).  This is a charge made out of ignorance.  The Confession teaches against Erastianism, but does teach the Biblical and historic reformed doctrine of the Establishment Principle.  Cunningham vindicates the original Confession.

Cunningham, William – Royal Supremacy in the Church of England, 1863, p. 164, 30 pages, this is Chapter 6 from his Discussions on Church Principles

Rutherford, Samuel – Whether all Christian Kings are Dependent from Christ and may be Called His Vice-Regents? p. 210, this is Question 42 from his Lex Rex

Walker, James – The Headship of Christ and Erastianism, 1888, starting on p. 127, 29 pages, from his The Theology and Theologians of Scotland: chiefly of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, 1888, 236 pages

An excellent refutation of Erastianism from the practice and theology of the 1600’s Scottish church 



Cunningham, William – Lectures on Non-Intrusion: On the Objects, Nature, and Standard of Ecclesiastical Authority1839, 52 pages

Delivered during the ten year Non-Intrusion controversy (of the State intruding into the affairs of the Church) that led up the the Disruption in 1843.