On Ecclesiastical Property


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Voet, Gisbert – Ecclesiastical Politics  (Amsterdam: Waesberge, 1663), vol. 2, pt. 1, bk. 4

Tract 2, Of the Property of the Church, or of Ecclesiastical Goods

1. Of the Name, Definition and Division of Ecclesiastical Goods  595

2. Are Ecclesiastical Goods, which, after the Persisting of the Greater Reformation in the European Churches, have been taken back by this our world, are they [yet] Ecclesiastical Goods?  627

3. The Next Issue to be Considered [Questio] is General, on the Origin and Acquisition of Ecclesiastical Goods, where these Six Distinct Points Ought to be Considered: 1. Who, and by Whom, are they Acquired?  2. Among Whom?  3. by what Means, or in what Manner?  4. of what Kind?  5. How Much?  6. For what End and Effect?  665

4. Of the Care and Administration of Ecclesiastical Goods, where Two Things Ought to be Considered:  1. By Who?  2. In What Manner are they Cared for and Administered?  Of the First, Deeds are Referenced and Some Questions are Determined.  676

5. It is Made Good that the Cure and Administration of Goods Consists 1. in Care [Custodia], or Conservation; 2. in Dispensation or Distribution.  686

6. Of the Use and Abuse of Goods: 1. Preliminary Premises; 2. Some Questions are Propounded; 3. [in Greek, Objections and Exceptions?] are Exposed and Removed.  697

7. Shameful Things, Having been Hidden, are Exposed, along with the Defense of Wastefulness.  1. A Brief Argument is Shaken off from a Particular, which is Entirely and Only as an Argument to the Man [Ad Hominem] in this Matter, to be Able to Make one Absolved. An Exception about the Agreement of the Magistrate is Rejected.  722

8. Eight Escapes of Usurpers and Wasters are Taken Up  733

9. Eight Other Escapes are Examined  749

10. Two Exceptions to an Argument out of the Example of Achan (Josh. 7) are Refuted, being Brought Against the Customary Abuse  759

11. Clouds of Testimonies on the Use and Abuse of Goods are Adduced.  791

Tract 4, Of the External Requisites and Adjuncts of Sacred Practices

Section 1, ch. 1, Of the Temporalities of Sacred Practices  846

Section 3, Of Utensils & Other Adjuncts of Church-Buildings

1. Of Bells  894

2. Of Vessels and other Sacred Utensils which themselves are of an Active Church-Building, They Being Kept in the Chancel [Choro913

3. Of Altars  920

4. Of 1. Candlesticks, Candles, Lamps; 2. Censers; 3. Books; 4. Sacred Vestments.  936

5. Of Cemetaries  939

6. Of Dedications [of Church-Buildings and Anniversary Feasts]  960




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