Expositions of the Lord’s Prayer

“Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed by thy name.  Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  Give us this day, our daily bread; forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: for thine is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory forever.  Amen.”

Matt 6:9-13



Order of Contents

Early & Medieval Church  3
Shorter Works  16+
Longer Works  43+
Lord’s Prayer in Song  1




Do you derive satisfaction and help from every phrase of the Lord’s Prayer?  Pray this perfect pattern of prayer from our Lord with renewed fullness and greater comprehension for you and yours by delving into these expositions of the Lord’s Prayer.

For the new-born Christian and the doctrinally astute, learn theology regarding the Fatherhood of God, the Kingdom of God, God’s providence in every day affairs, the same over evil and temptation and glory in the attributes of our God and the heaven that He has prepared for us.  Next, teach your children the meaning of every prayerful petition of this building block of the Christian life, and remember to never pray it without a simple, child-like spirit in faith.

Right now the collection is mainly from the Puritan era, if the Lord spares us, we will add more from other periods as well.  For more expositions, see Bible commentaries on Matt 6:9-13.



The Early & Medieval Church

Cyprian – A Sermon of S. Cyprian made on the Lord’s Prayer, the Paternoster   d. 258

Cyprian (200-258) was the Bishop of Carthage and was considered the pre-eminent Latin writer of Western Christianity until Jerome and Augustine.

Chrysostom, John – ‘Homily 19 on Matt 6’  d. 407  8 pp., from The Homilies of Chrysostom on the Gospel of Matthew, A Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church, pp. 292-300

‘Golden-mouthed’ Chrysostom (349-407) was born in Antioch and became the Archbishop of Constantinople.  He has preserved homilies on most of the New Testament.

Augustine – ‘On the Lord’s Prayer’  d. 430  14 paragraphs

Dionysius Syrus – An Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer  in A Clear & Learned Explication of the History of our Blessed Savior Jesus Christ, Taken out of Above Thirty Greek, Syriac, and Other Oriental Authors, by Way of Catena  (Dublin [1695])

Dionysius Syrus, or Jacob Bar-Salibi, was an Assyrian metropolitan bishop and the best-known and most prolific writer in the Syriac Orthodox Church of the twelfth century.



Shorter Works – 1500’s 

Viret, Pierre – A Notable Collection of Diverse and sundry places of the Sacred Scriptures which make to the Declaration of the Lord’s Prayer, commonly called the Pater Noster  (London, 1548)

Lever, Thomas – A Meditation upon the Lord’s Prayer  1551  8 pp.  

Gau, John – The Pater Noster [‘Our Father’]  †1553  18 pp., from his The Right Way to the Kingdom of Heaven, pp. 82-100

Gau was an early Scottish Lutheran before the Reformation of 1560.

Bradford, John – Writings, vol. 1  d. 1555  English reformer and martyr

A Meditation of the Lord’s Prayer  21 pp.
A Paraphrase upon the Lord’s Prayer  5 pp.

Bull, Henry – Christian Prayers and Holy Meditations  d. 1557

A Meditation upon the Lord’s Prayer  pp. 9-41
Another Meditation upon the Lord’s Prayer  pp. 41-44

Bull (†1577) was an English Protestant theological writer, now remembered as an ally of John Foxe (remembered for Foxe’s Book of Martyrs) in documenting the history of his times.

Becon, Thomas – The Lord’s Prayer, Called the Pater Noster  d. 1567  5 pp.  in Catechism  English reformer

Finch, Henry – A Short Explication of the Lord’s Prayer  1589  19 pp., from his The Sacred Doctrine of Divinity gathered out of the Word of God, Together with an Explication of the Lord’s Prayer  



Shorter Works – 1600’s  10+

Craig, John 

‘The Lord’s Prayer’  d. 1600  7 pp., from A Short Sum of the Whole Catechism, The Third Part of God’s Honor, of Prayer in General, no page numbers

Craig (1512-1600) was a Scottish minister alongside John Knox.  Craig was responsible for drawing up the National Covenant of 1581.

Meditations upon the Lord’s Prayer  d. 1600  32 paragraphs, in his The Mother and the Child, A short catechism, or brief sum of Religion, gathered out of Mr. Craig’s Catechism, for the fitting of little children, for the public ministry.  With short, very comfortable and fruitful meditations on the Lord’s Prayer

Horne, Robert – ‘A Short Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer, in Questions and Answers’  1617  10 pp., from his Points of Instruction for the Ignorant as also, an Exposition on the Ten Commandments, and the Lord’s Prayer, by questions and answers. With an examination before our coming to the Lord’s table.  And a short direction for spending of time well 

Mayer, John – ‘Concerning Prayer’  1623  79 pp., from his The English Catechism Explained, pp. 412-491

Mayer was English and reformed.  He was perhaps best known for his commentary on the entire Bible.

Boys, John – The Pater Noster  1629  3 pp.  in Works, pp. 2-4

Twisse, William – Catechism concerning the Lord’s Prayer  1632  10 pp. in his A Brief Catechetical Exposition of Christian Doctrine Divided into four catechisms

Scudder, Henry – A Key of Heaven, The Lord’s Prayer Opened, and so Applied, that a Christian may Learn how to Pray, & to Procure all Things which may make for the Glory of God, and the good of himself, and of his neighbor…  1633

Palmer, Herbert – Questions and Answers tending to Explain the Lord’s Prayer  1644  6 pp. in An Endeavor of making the Principles of Christian Religion, namely the Creed, the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Sacraments, Plain and Easy, pp. 32-38

Baxter, Richard 

A Brief Explication of the Method of the Lord’s Prayer  1673  2 pp.  from his A Christian Directory, or, A sum of Practical Theology and cases of conscience

A Shorter Prayer for the Morning, in the Method of the Lord’s Prayer, being but an Exposition of it  1674  4 pp.  from the appendix to his The Poor Man’s Family Book

Wilson, Grindal – A Plain Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer, and a Prayer according to the Exposition  1684

Bralesford, Humphrey – ‘The Lord’s Prayer Expounded in a Prayer’  1689  4 pp., from his The Poor Man’s Help, being, I. An abridgement of Bishop Pearson on the Creed; II. A short exposition of the Lord’s Prayer, III. The Ten Commandments explained



Shorter Works – 1700’s

Henry, Matthew – Questions 99-107  d. 1714  9 pp., in Scripture Catechism, The Catechism of the Westminster Assembly of Divines with Scriptural Questions and Answers  pp. 105-114

Chandler, Samuel – A Short and Plain Catechism. Being an explication of the Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord’s Prayer  1752  30 pp.

De Ronde, Lambertus – ‘The Lord’s Prayer’  1763  6 pp., from his A System Containing the Principles of the Christian Religion, suitable to the Heidelberg Catechism, pp. 168-174



Longer Works – 1500’s  7

Erasmus, Desiderius – A Devout Treatise upon the ‘Pater Noster’  1526  

Latimer, Hugh – 7 Sermons on the Lord’s Prayer  in Sermons  d. 1555

Calvin, John – ‘A Perfect Form of Invocation, or an Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer‘  d. 1564  23 pp., being from his Institutes, Book 3, Chapter 20, Sections 34-50, pp. 502-525

Cranmer, Thomas – An Instruction of Prayer  d. 1566  53 pp.  in A Short Instruction into Christian Religion, pp. 128-181  English reformer

Becon, Thomas – ‘The Lord’s Prayer’  d. 1567  55 pp., in his The Catechism of Thomas Becon, pp. 143-198

Becon (1511-1567) was a reformer of the English Church.

Knewstub, John – Lectures 15-17  in Lectures of John Knewstub, upon the Twentieth Chapter of Exodus, & Certain other places of Scripture  ([London] 1577)

Knewstub was a moderate puritan, presbyterian, a follower of Thomas Cartwright and was proposed to succeed William Whitaker.

Babington, Gervase – A Profitable Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer, by way of questions and answers for most plaines together with many fruitful applications to the life and soul, as well for the terror of the dull and dead, as for the sweet comfort of the tender hearted  1588  582 pp.

Ursinus, Zacharias – ‘The Lord’s Prayer’  1591  36 pp., in his Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism  1591  pp. 624-660

Perkins, William – An Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer in the Way of Catechism  1593



Longer Works – 1600’s  25+

Clapham, Henoch – An Explication of the Lord’s Prayer  1602  22 pp., from his A Tract of Prayer

Clapham (1585-1614) was a puritan.

Broughton, Hugh – An Exposition upon the Lord’s Prayer, compared with the Decalogue, as it was preached in a sermon, with a postscript, to advertise of an error in all those that leave out the conclusion of the Lord’s Prayer 1603 34 pp.

Dent, Arthur – A Learned and Fruitful Exposition upon the Lord’s Prayer  d. 1607

Smith, John – An Exposition on the Lord’s Prayer, d. 1616  142 pp., it comes after p. 147 in Essex Dove, presenting the World with a few of her Olive Branches: or, A Taste of the Works of Mr. John Smith, delivered in three several treatises: 1. His grounds of religion, 2. An exposition on the Lord’s Prayer, 3. A treatise of repentance   d. 1616

Burton, William – An Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer made in divers lectures, and now drawn into questions and answers for the greater benefit of the simpler sort: whereunto is prefixed a brief treatise of prayer for all men  1616  215 pp.

Gouge, William – A Guide to Go to God: or, An Explanation of the Perfect Pattern of Prayer, the Lord’s Prayer  1626  340 pp.

Andrewes, Lancelot  d. 1626

The Lord’s Prayer Analyzed  52 pp., from his Holy Devotions, with Directions to Pray also, a Brief Exposition upon the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, the Ten Commandments, the Seven Penitential Psalms, the Seven Psalms of thanksgiving  

Sermons 5-19 in Scala Cœli:Nineteen Sermons concerning Prayer. The first six guiding to the true door, the residue teaching how so to knock thereat that we may enter. The former part containing a preparation to prayer, the Latter an Exposition upon the Several Petitions of the Lord’s Prayer  1611

Ball, John – ‘An Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer’  1631  22 pp. from his A Short Treatise containing all the Principal Grounds of Christian Religion, by way of questions and answers, pp. 169-191

Dod, John – A Plaine and Familiar Exposition on the Lord’s Prayer  1634  212 pp.  

Downame, George – The Doctrine of Practical Praying together with a Learned Exposition on the Lord’s Prayer  (d. 1634; London, 1656)  431 pp.

Baker, Richard – Meditations and disquisitions upon the Lord’s Prayer  (1638)  450 pp.

Fenner, William – ‘Of the Lord’s Prayer’  d. 1640  40 p., being p. 66-106 of his  The Spiritual Man’s Directory, Guiding a Christian in the Path that leads to true Blessedness in his three main Duties towards God: How To Believe, To Obey and to Pray; Unfolding the Creed, the Ten Commandments, and The Lord’s Prayer  d. 1640

Ball, John – Bk. 6, ‘An Exposition upon the Lord’s Prayer’  in The Power of Godliness, both doctrinally & practically handled, wherein the nature, comprehensiveness, parts & properties of a godly life are discovered by Scripture-evidence, and authority…  (d. 1640; London, 1657), pp. 390-506

Hooker, Thomas – A Brief Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer  1645  90 pp.

Ussher, James – ‘Of the Lord’s Prayer in Particular’  1645  38 pp., being ch. 35 of his A Body of Divinity, or the Sum and Substance of the Christian Religion  Buy  pp. 421-459

Leigh, Edward – ‘Of the Lord’s Prayer’  1654  17 pp., being the 8th Book, Ch. 6 of his A System or Body of Divinity, pp. 637-654

Ames, William – ‘The Lord’s Prayer’  1659  37 pages, being pp. 270-307 from his The Substance of Christian Religion: Or, A Plain and Easy Draught of the Christian Catechism in 52 Lectures

Wither, George – Meditations upon the Lord’s Prayer with a Preparatory Preamble to the Right Understanding, and true use of this Pattern  1665  190 pp.

Annand, William – Pater Noster, ‘Our Father’, or, The Lord’s Prayer Explained, the sense thereof and duties therein from Scripture, History, and Fathers, methodically cleared and succinctly opened  1670  477 pp.

Annand (1633-1689) was a reformed Anglican.

Lye, Thomas – ‘The Lord’s Prayer’  1674  in The Assembly’s Shorter Catechism Drawn out into Distinct Propositions, and proved by plain and pertinent texts of Scripture at large with short rules of direction for masters of families…  Buy

Alleine, Joseph – Questions 97-105  1674  13 pp., in A Most Familiar Explanation of the Assembly’s Shorter Catechism wherein their Larger Answers are Broken into Lesser Parcels, thereby to let in the light by degrees into the minds of the learners, pp. 146-159

Manton, Thomas – A Practical Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer  d. 1677  525 pp.

Vincent, Thomas – ‘The Lord’s Prayer’  d. 1678  10 pp., being questions 99-107 of his Commentary on the Shorter Catechism, pp. 260-270

Nicholson, William – ‘The Lord’s Prayer’  1678  20 pp., from his A Plain, but Full Exposition of the Catechism of the Church of England, pp. 142-162

Nicholson was a reformed Anglican.

Leighton, Robert – ‘An Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer’  d. 1684  87 pp., in his Expositions on the Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Ten Commandments  pp. 49-138 

Watson, Thomas – ‘Of the Lord’s Prayer’  d. 1686  224 pp., from his Body of Divinity, pp. 381-605

Flavel, John – ‘The Lord’s Prayer’  1688  30 pp., being questions 99-107 in his An Exposition of the Assembly’s Catechism, with practical inferences, pp. 202-232

Hopkins, Ezekiel – An Exposition on the Lord’s Prayer  1690  329 pp.



Longer Works – 1700’s  10

à Brakel, Wilhelmus – ‘The Lord’s Prayer, Explained and Applied’  1700  22 pp., in The Christian’s Reasonable Service, vol. 3  Buy  pp. 483-505

Doolittle, Thomas – ‘The Lord’s Prayer’  1707  in A Complete Body of Practical Divinity; being a new improvement of the Assembly’s Catechism  Buy  

Witsius, Herman – Sacred Dissertations on the Lord’s Prayer  1708  420 pp.

Beveridge, William – ‘After this manner, therefore, pray ye…’  d. 1708  29 pp., from his Thesaurus of Theology: A Complete System of Divinity Summed up in Brief Notes upon Select Places of the Old and New Testament, vol. 2

Beveridge was a reformed, bishop in the Church of England (this is not the same Beveridge that translated Calvin’s Institutes). 

Willard, Samuel – ‘The Lord’s Prayer’  d. 1707  16 pp., being sermons 245-246 in A Complete Body of Divinity in 250 Expository Lectures on the assembly’s Shorter Catechism, pp. 898-914

Willard was a New England puritan.

Edwards, John – ‘A Treatise upon the Lord’s Prayer’,  in Theologia Reformata, or the Body and Substance of the Christian Religion, comprised in distinct discourses or treatises upon The Apostles’ Creed, The Lord’s Prayer and the Ten Commandments, vol. 2  d. 1716

John Edwards (1637–1716) was a reformed Anglican, the son of Thomas Edwards, who wrote the famed book ‘Gangraena’ in the 1640’s.

Vanderkemp, John – ‘The Address of Prayer’  1718  104 pp., being from his The Christian Entirely the Property of Christ in Life and Death; exhibited in fifty-three sermons on the Heidelberg Catechism, vol. 2, pp. 413-517

Boston, Thomas – ‘The Lord’s Prayer’  d. 1732  103 pp., from his A Complete Body of Divinity upon the Shorter Catechism (Edinburgh, 1796), vol. 3, pp. 384-487

Boston was a minister in the Church of Scotland.

Ridgley, Thomas –‘The Lord’s Prayer’  d. 1734  76 pp., from his A Body of Divinity, vol. 2, pp. 590-666

These were sermons preached through the Larger Catechism.  Ridgley was a reformed Anglican.

Brown, John, of Haddington – ‘The Lord’s Prayer’  d. 1787  18 pp., from his An Essay Towards an Easy, Plain, Practical, and Extensive Explication of the Assembly’s Shorter Catechism  Buy  pp. 350-368

Brown was a minister of the Secession Church of Scotland.



Longer Works – 1800’s  2

Winslow, Octavius – The Lord’s Prayer: Its Spirit and Teaching  1866  394 pp.

Saphir, Adolph – The Lord’s Prayer: Lectures  1872  430 pp. 

Saphir was of the Free Church of Scotland.

“Fervent messages which expound the text and edify the reader.  Frequent digressions into matters of theological importance make fascinating reading.” – Cyril J. Barber



The Lord’s Prayer in Song

Anonymous, A Divine Descant Full of Consolation fitting a Soul Plunged in Desolation, 1620

No fitter Fountain for my soul to bathe her,
Than in those drops of grace from God—Our Father;
Nor sweeter solace to her can be given
Than thoughts lift up to Thee—Which art in Heaven,
Such heavenly comforts do my heart inflame
And cause my tongue sing—Hallowed be thy Name.
The wicked love the world, earth is their sum,
But we do long until—Thy Kingdom come.
For then though earth and earthly things be gone,
Yet sure we are to see—Thy will be done,
Which we poor creatures by our sinful birth,
Are all unable to fulfill—In earth,
Oh Lord lift up our hearts, lumpish as leaven,
To do Thee homage here,—As it is in Heaven.
And then we will confess, as well we may,
That ’tis thy goodness to—Give us this day
The air to breathe in, earth whereon to tread,
Cloth for our backs, nay more,—Our daily bread.
Since in our bodies Thou doest thus relieve us,
Favor our souls (Lord) pardon—And forgive us.
Most hapless else, yea, hopeless were our cases,
If Thou in Christ forgive not—Our trespasses,
But thy Son’s merits do us this hope give,
That Thou wilt pardon us—As we forgive
Corrupt we are and yet Thou not disdain’st us,
So make us pardon—Them that trespass against us.
Oh that our paths were made direct, to tread us
The way to life, Lord be our guide—And lead us
Into all heavenly contemplation
And peace of mind, but—Not into temptation,
Let not despair, nor yet presumption ever
Bar up heaven-gate against us,—But deliver
Yea, as our Captain, shield us from the devil,
So shalt Thou keep and save—us from all evil.
No strength at all, no fortitude doth come
But from Thee all,—For thine is the Kingdom,
Protect Thou us therefore, each day, each hour,
From dangers here, for Thou hast—The power.
Man’s life is but a blast, a bloom, a story,
Lord give us heaven’s joy,—And the glory,
Let neither life, nor death, nor any cross dissever
Us from thy presence, Lord,—For ever and ever.
To Thee, for these, and to no saint, nor men,
We come, Lord grant them. So be it.—Amen.




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