Calvin, John – Of the Popish Mass, how it not only profanes, but annihilates the Supper, in Institutes, book 4, chapter 18

Cunningham, William – The Popish View of the Lord’s Supper, p. 142, two pages, from his Historical Theology, vol. 2

Knox, John – A Vindication of the Doctrine that the Sacrifice of the Mass Is Idolatry  1550, in The Works of John Knox, ed. David Laing, 3:29-70

Ridley, Nicholas 

Brief Declaration, or Treatise Against Transubstantiation, in Works of Nicholas Ridley, pp. 1-46

Answer to Certain Queries Touching the Abuses of the Mass, in Works of Nicholas Ridley, pp. 316-318

Ridley (d. 1555) was one of the English Reformers burned at the stake by Bloody Mary.



Works of the Westminster Divines 

Featley, Daniel – Transubstantiation Exploded: or an Encounter with Richard the Titulary Bishop of Chalcedon concerning Christ’s presence at his holy table.  Faithfully related in a letter sent to D. Smith the Sorbonist, styled by the Pope Ordinary of England and Scotland, Whereunto is annexed a public and solemn disputation held at Paris with Christopher Bagshaw D. in Theology, and rector of Ave Marie College, 1638  276 pages

Featley, Daniel – A True Relation of that which passed in a conference, at the end of Paternoster-Rowe, called, Amen, Touching Transubstantiation, April 18, 1623, 1624, 32 pages, the pages are numbered: 117-149.

Gataker, Thomas – A Discussion of the Popish Doctrine of Transubstantiation wherein the same is declared by the confession of their own writers, to have no necessary ground in God’s Word: as also it is further demonstrated to be against Scripture, nature, sense, reason, religion, and the judgment of the ancients, and the faith of our ancestors, 1624  13 pages



Romanists’ Taking the Cup Away From the People

Featley, Daniel – The Grand Sacrilege of the Church of Rome in taking away the sacred cup from the laity at the Lord’s Table: detected and convinced by the evidence of holy Scripture and testimonies of all ages successively from the first propagation of the catholic Christian faith to this present, together with two conferences: the former at Paris with D. Smith, now styled by the Romanists B of Calcedon; the later at London with M Euerard, priest, 1630  306 pages

Ley, John – A Comparison of the Parliamentary Protestation with the Late Canonical Oath and the Difference between them as also the Opposition between the doctrine of the Church of England and that of Rome, so cleared that they who made scruple of the oath may cheerfully and without doubt address themselves to take the protestation, as also a further discussion of the case of conscience touching receiving the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper when either bread or wine is wanting [lacking] or when by antipathy or impotence the party that desires it cannot take it, wherein the impiety, injury and absurdity of the popish half-communion is more fully declared and confuted, 1641  59 pages 





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