Contra Socialism, Communism, etc.

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Rutherford, Samuel – Question 16: “Whether or not a Despotical and Masterly Dominion of Men and Things Agree to the King Because he is the King”  in Lex Rex  1646

Replace the word ‘king’ with ‘civil magistrate’ and this chapter is a masterly delineation of how Socialism (and many political ideas close thereto, rampant in the modern political scene) is contrary to natural law and the Word of God.  More importantly, read to learn what the various positive relations are by Creation between individuals, property, the State, the family, Scripture, etc.

Rutherford’s original context was arguing against the divine-right of kings, which held that kings implicitly owned all of their subjects and all of their property.  Rutherford demonstrates otherwise and sets forth the grounds of natural and Biblical political theory.