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The Best Commentary on Haggai

Moore, T.V. – Haggai  in The Prophets of the Restoration, or Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi, a New Translation with Notes  (NY: Robert Carter, 1856), pp. 43-91

Moore was an Old Princeton graduate and southern Presbyterian.  This work was republished by the Banner of Truth.

*** – “A capital book.  Most useful to ministers.” – Spurgeon

‘Studies which are loyal to the text, endear themselves to the reader, and edify and enrich the soul.  Refomed.’ – Cyril J. Barber



More Commentaries on Haggai


Luther, Martin – ‘Lectures on Haggai’  in Lectures on the Minor Prophets, vol. 1  in Luther’s Works  ed. Hilton C. Oswald  (Concordia, 1973), pp. 367-90

Grynaeus, John – Haggeus the Prophet, whereunto is added a Most Plentiful Commentary Gathered out of the Public Lectures of Dr. John James Gryneus  (London: John Wolfe, 1586)  294 pp.  no ToC

Grynaeus (1540–1617) was a reformed professor at Basel, Switzerland and Heidelberg, Germany.

* – “Grynaeus was a voluminous author, and commented on most of the books of Scripture, but only this work has been turned into English, and it is now seldom met with.” – Spurgeon

[Note that Spurgeon’s rating system is based on books he recommends to purchase; hence he often gave hard to find books a low rating, though he may not have been familiar with it.]

Pilkington, James –  Commentary on Haggai  (1562)  352 pp.

Pilkington was one of the English reformers.

** – “Full of the minor as well as the major controversies of the Reformation period, and therefore the less interesting to us.  In its own day it was *the* master-work on the two prophets, Haggai and Obadiah.” – Spurgeon



Rainolds, Edward – An Exposition upon Haggai  in King on Jonah & Rainolds on Obadiah & Haggai  in Nichol’s Series of Commentaries  (Edinburgh: James Nichol, 1864)  separate pagination

Rainolds (d. 1607) was a puritan, to be distinguished from Edward Reynolds (†1676).

** – “Rainolds was the tutor of Hooker, and had a main hand in our authorized version of the Bible.  Bishop Hall says, ‘the memory, the reading of that man were near a miracle.’  We ought to be enraptured with a commentary from such a divine, but we confess that we are not.” – Spurgeon


1900’s, Brief

Bromiley, Geoffrey – ‘Haggai’  in ed. Carl Henry, The Biblical Expositor: The Living Theme of the Great Book with General & Introductory Essays & Exposition, 1 vol. ed. (1960; A.J. Holman, 1973), pp. 745-52

This little known commentary set by leading evangelicals (many of which were reformed) is brief (think airplane view) but helpful.



The Early Church on Haggai


Ferreiro, Alberto – Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture: The Twelve Prophets  Buy

Coggins, Richard & Jin H. Han – Six [Last] Minor Prophets Through the Centuries  (Blackwell, 2011)  290 pp.



Jerome – Commentaries on the 12 Prophets, vol. 1 (Buy), 2 (Pre)  in Ancient Christian Texts

Jerome (c. 342–347 – 420)

Theodore of Mopsuestia – ‘Commentary on the Prophet Haggai’  in Commentary on the Twelve Prophets  trans. Robert C. Hill  in Fathers of the Church  (Catholic University of America Press, 2004), pp. 306-21

Theodore (c. 350 – 428)

Cyril of Alexandria – ‘Commentary on the Prophet Haggai’  in Commentary on the Twelve Prophets  trans. Robert C. Hill  in Fathers of the Church  (Catholic University of America Press, 2007), vol. 3, pp. 61-92

Cyril (c. 376 – 444)

Theodoret of Cyrus – Commentary on the Twelve Prophets  Ref  (Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 2006)  378 pp.

Theodoret (c. 393 – c. 458/466)



Jewish Commentaries

The Arabic Translation & Commentary of Yefet ben ʿEli the Karaite on the Books of Amos, Haggai & Malachi  Pre  (Brill, 2021)  199 pp.

Yefet (c. 914 – 1009) was perhaps the foremost Karaite commentator on the Bible during the “Golden Age of Karaism”.

Rashi – On Haggai  at Patristic Bible Commentary

Rashi (1040 – 1105)



The Messianic Passages of Haggai

Hengstenberg, E.W. – ‘Messianic Prediction in Haggai’  in The Christology of the Old Testament, vol. 3  (1868), pp. 265-95  Hengstenberg comments on Hag. 2:6-9




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