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The Best Commentaries on 2 Samuel

Practical and Devotional

De Graaf, S.G. – ‘David’  1977  45 pp. in Promise and Deliverance, vol. 2: The Failure of Israel’s Theocracy, pp. 147-192  

De Graff is a Dutch Reformed author who focuses on the unfolding of the Covenant through history.  He writes in an easy to read, but insightful style.




ed. Cooper, Derek & Martin Lohrmann – Reformation Commentary on Scripture: 1-2 Samuel, 1-2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles  Buy

Calvin, John – Sermons on Second Samuel: Chapters 1-1  Buy

These sermons are different from his commentary.



Willet, Andrew – A Harmony upon the 2nd Book of Samuel  1614

Willet (1562–1621)

*** – ‘The work continues the Hexapla to which we have referred…  It is unusually brief for the age of its composition, and full of variety.  Under every verse, and often clause of a verse, the learned author proposes a question, and proceeds to answer it.  These are such as the following: ‘What a daughter of Belial is?’  ‘Whether any may be said to sin with the will of God?’  ‘What doors of the house of Jehovah Samuel opened?’  ‘What is to be thought of Eli’s state before God?” – Spurgeon



Blaikie, William – The Second Book of Samuel  1898

Blaikie (1820-1899) was of the Free Church of Scotland.

“Few writers have bequeathed to posterity such a legacy of devout expoition and reverent scholarship as William Garden Blaikie.  Towards the end of the nineteenth centtury, when Sir. William Robertson Nicoll began work on The Expositor’s Bible, he wisely invited Dr. Blaikie to contribute commentaries on the Book of Joshua and the Books of First and Second Samuel.  Blaikie’s studies of these portions of the Old Testament rank among the finest ever produced.” – Cyril J. Barber



Keil and Delitzsch – 2 Samuel in Clark’s Foreign Theological Library

** ‘Like most of Clark’s series, Keil’s works are valuable helps towards obtaining the meaning of the text; but for spiritual reflections and fruitful hints we must look elsewhere.’




Practical & Devotional

Cumming, John – Sabbath Morning Readings on the Old Testament: the First and Second Books of Samuel  1859  The part on 2 Sam. is 144 pp.

Blackwood, Andrew – Preaching from Samuel  Buy  1946

‘A series of sermons showing how the pastor may introduce variety into his preaching and still expound the text.’ – Cyril J. Barber




Guild, William – 2 Samuel  †1657

Guild (1586–1657) was a Scottish covenanter.

** – ‘The manuscript of this rare book was sent to Dr. John Owen by the widow of the author, with a letter of her own, informing him that her dying husband desired it to be so forwarded.  Dr. Owen says, that he found the treatise ‘written with perspicuity and clearness, handling a subject of great and delightful variety, with a choice mixture of spiritual, moral, and political observations, tempered by a good and sound judgment unto common capacities.’  We do not presume to criticize where Owen commends, but we should not have originated such a commendation.’ – Spurgeon



Allen, John – A Spiritual Exposition of the Old Testament: from Joshua to the end of the Psalms  1816

‘Spiritual reflections after the high Calvinistic school.  Some preachers cannot see Christ where He is, but Allen finds Him where He is not.  There is in these reflections much godly savor, but very little exposition.’ – Spurgeon  

This Allen was not the one that translated Calvin’s Institutes.  James Darling said that Allen was an Antinomian (one who believes that Christians are not bound by moral injunctions).  Antinomians, not believing that moral injunctions should be derived from God’s Word, often replaced this large aspect of Scripture’s teaching with finding Christ everywhere in the Bible, especially the Old Testament. 

Bush, George – Scripture Questions Designed Principally for Adult Bible Classes: Deut.-Esther

Bush was a Biblical scholar, a professor of oriental literature in New York City University, and initially a presbyterian minister.

Lindsay, Henry – Practical Lectures on the Historical Books of the Old Testament, vols. 1, 2  1828  On 1 &2 Samuel only

*  “Practical sermons on a few of the more prominent events.” – Spurgeon



Fleming, John D. – Israel’s Golden Age: The Story of the United Kingdom  1907  160 pp.  in Handbooks for Bible Classes, ed. Dods & Whyte

Fleming has some liberal tndencies and his exposition is not spiritual.

Davis, John – The Birth of a Kingdom: Studies in 1 & 2 Samuel and 1 & 2 Kings  Buy  1970

‘Illuminates the historical record of the Books of Samuel and Kings, draws information from the comparative literature of the Ancient Near East on social and political conditions prevailing at the time, and highlights the Biblical text with material from archaeological investigations.  A valuable book.’ – Cyril J. Barber

Barber, Cyril J. – The Books of Samuel: The Sovereignty of God Illustrated in the Lives of Samuel, Saul and David, vol. 1, 2   Buy  1998  Reprinted by Klock & Klock



Driver, Samuel R. – Notes on the Hebrew Text and the Typography of the Books of Samuel, with an Introduction on Hebrew Palaeography and the Ancient Versions and Fascimiles of Inscriptions  1890  405 pp.

‘Liberal.  Marred by Driver’s theological position, but indispensable for the study of the original text.’ – Cyril J. Barber



The Early Church

ed. Franke, John – Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1-2 Samuel  Buy 



A Harmony of the Kings

Crockett, William Day – The Books of the Kings of Judah and Israel: A Harmony of the Books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles  1897  350 pp.

‘An attempt to reconcile and correlate the history of the Books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles into chronological sequence.’ – Cyril J. Barber



Christ in 2 Samuel

Browne, Robert – Christ in the Prophets: Samuel  1873

*  “Of the High Church order, and praised by the Saturday Review.  What worse need be said?  Yet will we add that the savor of Christ in these books saves them from unqualified condemnation.” – Spurgeon



Joab  2 Sam. 2-3, 10 

Whyte, Alexander – Joab  in Bible Characters, vol. 1  d. 1921



Mephibosheth  2 Sam. 9

Whyte, Alexander – Mephibosheth  in Bible Characters, vol. 1  d. 1921



Absalom  2 Sam. 13-19

Whyte, Alexander – Absalom  in Bible Characters, vol. 1  d. 1921



Ahithophel  2 Sam. 15-17

Whyte, Alexander – Ahithophel  in Bible Characters, vol. 1  d. 1921 



Shimei  2 Sam. 16, 19

Whyte, Alexander – Shimei  in Bible Characters, vol. 1  d. 1921 



Barzillai  2 Sam. 19

Whyte, Alexander – Barzillai  in Bible Characters, vol. 1  d. 1921 




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