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Commentaries on Micah


Luther, Martin – ‘Lectures on Micah’  in Lectures on the Minor Prophets, vol. 1  in Luther’s Works  ed. Hilton C. Oswald  (Concordia, 1973), pp. 205-80

Calvin, John

Sermons on Micah by Jean Calvin  trans. Blair Reynolds  in Texts & Studies in Religion, vol. 47  (Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 1990)  465 pp.  ToC

Sermons on the Book of Micah  trans. Benjamin Wirt Farley  (P&R, 2003)

This inculdes twenty-eight sermons (different from his Commentary) translated from the original French.  Originally preached from 12 November 1550 through 10 January 1551.

Gilby, Anthony – A Commentary upon the Prophet Micah  (1551)

Gilby (c.1510-1585) was a reformed puritan.



Pococke, Edward – A Commentary on the Prophecy of Micah  (d. 1691)

Pococke (1604-1691) was a reformed Anglican and an Arabic scholar.

** – “Full of antique learning.  Holds a high place among the older comments, but will never again be popular.” – Spurgeon



Douglas, George – The Six Intermediate Minor Prophets: Micah  in Hand-Books for Bible Classes, eds. Dods & Whyte

Douglas (1826-1904) was a Hebraist in the Free Church of Scotland, having studied under Thomas Chalmers and came to be a Principle of the Free Church College.  “He was a scholarly conservative, skeptical of higher critical views.” – DoSCH&T

Hengstenberg, E.W. – ‘Messianic Predictions in Micah’  in The Christology of the Old Testament, vol. 1  (1868), pp. 413-89  Hengstenberg comments on Micah in general and chs. 1-5:1.



The Early Church on Micah


Ferreiro, Alberto – Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture: The Twelve Prophets  Buy

Roukema, Riemer – ch. 5, ‘Patristic Interpretation of Micah’  in Micah in Ancient Christianity: Reception & Interpretation  in Studies of the Bible & its Reception  Pre  (de Gruyter, 2019)  This chapter is a verse by verse commentary sourcing the patristics.

Garcia, Miguel Angel – Part III  in Ethiopian Biblical Commentaries on the Prophet Micah  Pre  (Verlag: 1999), pp. 35-340



Jerome – Commentaries on the 12 Prophets, vol. 1 (Buy), 2 (Pre)  in Ancient Christian Texts

Jerome (c. 342–347 – 420)

Theodore of Mopsuestia – ‘Commentary on the Prophet Micah’  in Commentary on the Twelve Prophets  trans. Robert C. Hill  in Fathers of the Church  (Catholic University of America Press, 2004), pp. 206-244

Theodore (c. 350 – 428)

Cyril of Alexandria – ‘Commentary on the Prophet Micah’  in Commentary on the Twelve Prophets, vol. 2  trans. Robert C. Hill  in Fathers of the Church  (Catholic University of America Press, 2007), pp. 181-280

Cyril (c. 376 – 444)

Theodoret of Cyrus – Commentary on the Twelve Prophets  Ref  (Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 2006)  378 pp.

Theodoret (c. 393 – c. 458/466)



A Jewish Commentary on Micah

Rashi – On Micah  at Patristic Bible Commentary

Margolis, Max Leopold – The Holy Scriptures with Commentary: Micah  (1908)  120 pp.



Micah 6

Cooper, Thomas – The Exposition upon the 6th Chapter of Micah  in A Brief Exposition of such Chapters of the Old Testament as Usually are Read in the Church at Common Prayer on the Sundays  (d. 1594)  English reformer




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