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Commentaries on 3 John  (3)


Marlorate, Augustine – An Exposition of 3 John  d. 1560  14 pp.

Marlorat (1506-1562) was reformed.

On his commentary on Matthew: ** – “Marlorate was an eminent French reformer, preacher and martyr.  His commentaries contain the cream of the older writers, and are in much esteem, but are very rare.  He wrote on the whole New Testament, but we have in English only the Gospels [2-3 John] and Jude [and Revelation 1 & 13].” – Spurgeon



Jones, William – A Commentary upon the Epistles of St. Paul to Philemon and to the Hebrews, together with a compendious explication of the second and third Epistles of St. John  1635

Jones was reformed. 

***  “Very lively, sprightly, colloquial lectures, by a Suffolk divine, who thinks the Brownists and Dissenters were not persecuted.  “Christ was whipped, that was persecution; Christ whipped some out of the temple, that was no persecution.”  Despite his intolerance he says some uncommonly racy things.” – Spurgeon



Cox, Samuel – St. John’s Letter to Gaius  1867  24 pp.

Cox was an English non-conformist minister, baptist and later became a universalist (highly not recommended).  He was an editor for the magazine, The Expositor.

***  “Such exposition as this adds interest to the epistles, and makes their writers live again before our eyes.  Mr. Cox delivered this work in public on certain week evenings.  Happy are the people who are thus instructed.” – Spurgeon



The Early Church

ed. Bray, Gerald – Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture: James, 1-2 Peter, 1-3 John, Jude  Buy




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