“It is the Lord’s kindness that He will take the scum off us in the fire. Who knoweth how needful winnowing is to us, and what dross we must want ere we enter into the kingdom of God? So narrow is the entry to heaven, that our knots, our bunches and lumps of pride, and selflove, and idol-love, and world-love must be hammered off us, that we may throng in, stooping low, and creeping through that narrow and thorny entry.”

Samuel Rutherford




Expositions of the Ten Commandments



How Sanctification is Distinguished from Justification

Phillips, Rick – Seven Assertions Regarding Justification and Sanctification  2015, 9 paragraphs

An excellent, clear and brief Biblical delineation of how Justification is distinguished from Sanctification, and how both flow out of Union to Christ.  Phillips is dead-on. 




Beeke, Joel – The Puritan View of Holiness, 1998, a condensed address, 20 paragraphs

Berkhof, Louis – Sanctification, 1950, 42 paragraphs, from his Systematic Theology

Buchanan, James – The Spirit’s Work as the Spirit of Holiness, p. 435, 18 pages, from his Office and Work of the Holy Spirit

Cunningham, William – The Sinfulness of Works after Regeneration, p. 554, 13 pages, from his Historical Theology, vol. 1





Ralph Erskine

“When once the fiery law of God
Has chas’d me to the gospel road;
Then back unto the holy law
Most kindly gospel-grace will draw.”


John Owen

On the Holy Spirit, p. 575 (Goold edition)

“There is no imagination wherewith man is besotted, more foolish, none so pernicious, as this, — that persons not purified, not sanctified, not made holy in their life, should afterwards be taken into that state of blessedness which consists in the enjoyment of God. Neither can such persons enjoy God, nor would God be a reward to them. — Holiness indeed is perfected in heaven: but the beginning of it is invariably confined to this world.”


John ‘Rabbi’ Duncan

“God, a Spirit, holy, just and good; God’s Law, spiritual, holy, just and good.”

“Christ’s study was his Father’s Law.”

“The buying time is past; the presenting time is future; the purging time is now.”

Regarding Christ and his Bride:  “If He is careful to purify, she surely should be careful to be purified.”




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