Help for Buying Books

“Buy the truth, and sell it not”

Prov. 23:23

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

Prov. 4:7



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Find Books
New Book Bookstores  15
What to Look for in Used Books
Used Book Bookstores  5



Find Books

Book Finder

This is the mother-Google of all books.  If its not on here, its not available on the web.  BookFinder will also find the seller with the lowest price for you.


This is the most convenient place to find most books.  Note that you can search for a particular author or publisher that you like and then sort the results by lowest price.  Sometimes you can find great used books going for just a couple dollars plus $4 shipping.



New Book Bookstores

 Reformation Heritage Books

Start here for new puritan and reformed books.  They usually have the lowest prices for all that they sell.  The selection is phenomenal.  They are also the distributor for Soli Deo Gloria Publications, every book of which you should own.

Crown Rights Book Company

International Outreach

Reprints a lot of quality New England puritan works.

The James Begg Society

Klock & Klock Publishers

Reprinted some of the best commentaries on scripture from the 1800’s.  Very well constructed volumes.  Preachers especially should buy up as many of their commentaries as possible.

Naphtali Press

Small selection focusing on the 1600’s Scots.  Everything they print is gold.  The second reformation in Scotland (1638-1660) was the high point of reformed Christianity.

Northampton Press

Newer and smaller publisher that reprints classic puritan and reformed works

Pietan Publications

Puritan Publications

Continually reprinting edifying puritan works that have never been reprinted before.  Run by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon, the author of the highly recommended website A Puritan’s Mind, as well as the The Puritan Board, a discussion forum for the puritan-minded.

Puritan Reprints

PurJoy Bookshop

“PurJoy is an independent bookshop specializing in Reformed theology (especially the Puritans), nature, science, and history — all things magnifying the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We also feature books about the Christian’s response to suffering; “Consider it pure joy…  whenever you face trials of many kinds” (James 1:2 NIV).  It is our deepest desire to share with you God’s majesty and character!”

Sprinkle Publications

Solid Ground Christian Books


Torwood Press



What to look for in Used Books

Under construction



Used Book Bookstores

Abe Books

Probably the largest online store dedicated to used books.

David Lachman Books

Antiquarian books.  Specializes in reformed and puritan works from the 1500’s, and 1600’s, and Bibles.  Most of what he has is not on his website.  If you are looking for something in particular, email him.  Dr. Lachman sells antiquarian books for just under what is a fair value for them.  Most other antiquarian dealers sell books on Ebay and Amazon for five to ten times as much as him.

Gowan Books

Has a lot of hard to get items.  Sign up for his antiquarian theology email list.  Ships out of the U.K.  Note that the £ is (depending on the market) roughly $1.50.  Also be aware of shipping.

James Dickson Books

This is the best place to buy hard to get Scottish theology (the best kind).  Sign up for his used book email lists.  Ships out of Scotland.  (Note £’s and shipping)

Peter & Rachel Reynolds

 Family used bookstore out of the U.K.  Also has a weekly used email list.  (Note £’s and shipping)