On Rom. 11 & the Future Conversion of the Jews


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à Brakel, Wilhelmus –The Christian’s Reasonable Service, vol. 4  ed. Joel Beeke, trans. Bartel Elshout  Buy  (1700; RHB, 1992/1999), Appendix: Administration of the Covenant of Grace in the Old & New Testaments, ch. 6, ‘The New Testament Church from the Birth of Jesus Christ to the Revelation of John’

The Future Conversion of the Jews Examined in Light of:

Rom. 11, pp. 511-20
2 Cor. 3, pp. 520-25
Mt. 23:38-39, pp. 525-26
Isa. 61:1-4, pp. 526-28
Jer. 31:31-40, pp. 528-29
Hos. 3:4-5, pp. 529-30

Return of the Jews to Canaan Proven from Various Old Testament Passages, pp. 530-34
Various Reasons Given for Focusing upon the Conversion of the Jewish Nation, pp. 534-39

a Brakel (1635-1711) was a contemporary of Voet and Witsius and a major representative of the Dutch Further Reformation.




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