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The main part of this collection consists of modern, whole Bible commentary series and Study Bibles which provide a selection, or anthology, of writers from a given period of history on the Biblical books.

As this genera of literature includes websites that have made extensive online collections of such primary source authors from Church history on the Biblical books (such as from the early and medieval Church), so these websites have been included here.

This page does not include:

(1) Series where each volume is a commentary on a whole BIblical book written by one author from that time period.  For that, see The Early & Medieval Church Fathers on Scripture.

(2) Full whole Bible commentaries written by one person, or many persons, from that time period.  For those, see the previous link and Reformation & Puritan Bible Commentaries, as well as our page of older Bible Commentaries generally.  Note, though, that more sparse notes on the whole Bible by such persons in history (similar to modern study Bibles) are included here.

This page can be searched in most browsers by pressing ‘control’ and ‘f’ together; then enter your search term, such as a book of the Bible.

As more and more of these works become fully available online (as some already are), they will be linked on this page.  Check back in the future.



Commentary Series & Sites Themed from Church History


Order of Works

From Heathens


Early & Medieval Church


Ordinary Gloss & Catenas
Ancient Christian Commentary
Fathers of the Church
Church’s Bible
Bible in Medieval Tradition
Through the Centuries

Patristic Bible Commentary


Reformation Commentary on Scripture



Testomonies from the Heathens


ed. Millington, Thomas – The Testimony of the Heathen to the Truths of Holy Writ: A Commentary on the Old and New Testaments, compiled almost exclusively from Greek and Latin authors of the Classical Ages of Antiquity  (1863)  675 pp.

Invaluable; this is a one of a kind gem!  This commentary is wholly composed of quotes from heathens verifying from general revelation and history the truths of God’s Word, Genesis to Revelation.  The title page quotes John 1:5, ‘And the Light shines in darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not.’  Open up the work and skim a taste of it.

**  ‘It was a capital idea to lay the heathen under contribution [to the Bible].  The author is at home in the Classics, and has performed the work well.’ – Spurgeon



Early & Medieval Church Commentary Series
on the Whole Bible



Ordinary Gloss, Catenas & Various Compilations


Parker, Jr., Samuel – Bibliotheca Biblica [a Biblical Library]; being a Commentary Gathered out of the Writings of Fathers & Ecclesiastical Historians, etc., vol. 1, pt. 1 (Gn. 1-24), pt 2 (Gn 25-50), 2 (Ex), 3 (Lv), 4 (Nm), 5 (Dt)  (1720)

Early Church Fathers Catena on Genesis  trans. John Litteral  Ref  Buy  (2019)  676 pp.

Catena on Genesis  at Patristic Bible Commentary



Dunwell, F.H. – Parochial Lectures on the Psalms from the Fathers of the Primitive Church  (1855)  231 pp.  ToC

Neale, John & Littledale, R.F. – A Commentary on the Psalms from Primitive & Medieval Writers, & from the Various Office-books & Hymns of the Roman, Mozarabic, Ambrosian, Gallican, Greek, Coptic, Armenian & Syriac Rites, vol. 1 (1-38), 2 (1-38), 3 (81-118), 4 (119-150)  (1860-1874)

.Manley, Johanna – Grace for Grace: the Psalter & the Holy Fathers: Patristic Christian Commentary, Meditations & Liturgical Extracts relating to the Psalms & Odes  (Menlo Park, CA: Monastery Books, 1992)  760 pp.  ToC

Aquilina, Mike – A Joyful Noise: Praying the Psalms with the Early Church  Pre  (Emmaus Road, 2017)  ToC


Song of Songs

Littledale, Richard – A Commentary on the Song of Songs from Ancient & Medieval Sources  (London: Masters, 1849)  470 pp.  no ToC

The Glossa Ordinaria on the Song of Songs  trans. Mary Dove  Pre  Buy  (Teams, 2004)  218 pp.  ToC

Nicholas of Lyra – The Postilla of Nicholas of Lyra on the Song of Songs  Ref  (Marquette University Press, 1998)  128 pp.


Major Prophets

ed. Manley, Johanna – Isaiah Through the Ages  Pre  (Monastery Books, 1995)  1070 pp.  ToC

The Ordinary Gloss – at Patristic Bible Commentary

On Jer. 1:1-13
On Lamentations: Preface & ch. 1


Minor Prophets

Newcome, William – An Attempt Towards an Improved Version, a Metrical Arrangement & Explanation of the Twelve Minor Prophets  (1836)  455 pp.  no ToC

at Patristic Bible Commentary

Catena on Jonah  ed. John Litteral

Glossa Ordinaria on Jonah  ed. John Litteral

The Glossa Ordinaria on the Prophet Jonah: An English Translation  trans. John Litteral  in Consolamini Commentary Series  Ref  (2015)  28 pp.

Roukema, Riemer – ch. 5, ‘Patristic Interpretation of Micah’  in Micah in Ancient Christianity: Reception & Interpretation  in Studies of the Bible & its Reception  Pre  (de Gruyter, 2019)  This chapter is a verse by verse commentary sourcing the patristics.



Ford, James – The Gospels, Illustrated (Chiefly in the Doctrinal & Moral Sense) from Ancient & Modern Authors, vols. 1 (Mt), 2 (Mk), 3 (Lk), 4 (Jn)  (1856-1872)

Dunwell, Francis Henry – The Four Gospels, as Interpreted by the Early Church…  (London: Clowes, 1876)  931 pp.  no ToC  Fathers

Journey with the Fathers: Commentaries on the Sunday Gospels  ed. Edith Barnecut  Ref  (New City Press, 1994)  160 pp.

The Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers, vol. 1 (Advent), 2 (Lent), 3 (Pentecost), 4 (End of Pentecost)  trans. M.F. Toal  (Chicago: Regnery, 1957)  ToC 1, 23, 4

ed. Holmes, Stephen Mark – Celebrating Sundays: Reflections from the Early Church on the Sunday Gospels  Pre  (Norwich: Canterbury Press, 2012)  300 pp.  ToC

Light on the Mountain: Greek Patristic & Byzantine Homilies on the Transfiguration of the Lord  Ref  (St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2013)  378 pp.  Blurb

ed. Hubert D. – Sundays & Festivals with the Fathers of the Church: Or Homilies of the Holy Fathers on the Gospels of All the Sundays & Chief Festivals of the Ecclesiastical Year  (London: Washbourne, 1901)  390 pp.  ToC

Various – The Catena in Marcum: A Byzantine Anthology of Early Commentary on Mark  trans. William R.S. Lamb  in Texts & Editions for New Testament Study  Pre  (Brill, 2012)  479 pp.  ToC


Acts – Romans

Ford, James – The Acts of the Apostles, Illustrated (Chiefly in the Doctrinal & Moral Sense) from Ancient & Modern Authors  (London: Masters, 1856)  800 pp.  no ToC

Tholuck, A.F. – Exposition of St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, with Extracts from the Exegetical Works of the Fathers & Reformers  (1842)

Reasoner, Mark – Romans in Full Circle: a History of Interpretation  (KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2005)  210 pp.  ToC

The Glossa Ordinaria on Romans, ed. Michael S. Woodworth  Pre  Buy  (Teams, 2011)  248 pp.  ToC


Galatians – Philippians

ed. Cramer, J.A. – Catena on Galatians  trans. Bill Berg  Ref  (2015)  180 pp.  Greek  at Patristic Bible Commentary

Chrysostom, Mopsuestia, Severian, Eusebius of Emesa – Paul’s Letter to the Galatians: A Fourth-Century View: [J.A.] Cramer’s Catena of Commentary from John Chrysostom, Theodore of Mopsuestia, Severian of Gabala & Eusebius of Emesa  trans. Bill Berg  Buy  (2015)  180 pp.

Newland, Henry – A New Catena of St. Paul’s Epistles.  Commentary on Ephesians, in which is Exhibited the Results of the Most Learned Theological Criticisms from the Age of the Early Fathers Down to the Present Time  (Oxford: Parker, 1866)  455 pp.  no ToC

Newland, Henry – A New Catena on St. Paul’s Epistles: a Practical & Exegetical Commentary on Philippians  (Oxford: Parker, 1860)  255 pp.  no ToC


General Epistles

Ancient Christian Commentary, James 2  at Patristic Bible Commentary

The Glossa Ordinaria – Epistles of St. John 1-3: An English Translation  trans. Sarah Van Der Pas  in Consolamini Commentary Series  Ref  (2015)  148 pp.

The Glossa Ordinaria In English: the Epistles of St. John 1-3  ed. John D Litteral  Ref  Buy  (2014)  140 pp.

at Patristic Bible Commentary

Glossa Ordinaria on 1 John  trans. Sarah Van Der Pas

Glossa Ordinaria on 1 John: Multiple Editions

Glossa Ordinaria on 2 John  trans. Sarah Van Der Pas

Glossa Ordinaria on 3 John  trans. Sarah Van Der Pas



The Glossa Ordinaria on Revelation  trans. Sarah Van der Pas  in Consolamini Commentary Series  Ref  (Consolamini Publications, 2015)  152 pp.

at Patristic Bible Commentary

Glossa Ordinaria on Revelation 1
Catena on Revelation 1
Catena Commentary on Revelation 1-3:1


Ancient Christian Commentary  Buy


This is a great way to be introduced to and get familiar with the Biblical commentary of the early early Church fathers.  Most verses in the Bible are commented on by way of one or two paragraph snippets from the writings of the fathers, with helpful background info.  Well done.


Ancient Christian Commentary

Genesis 1-11  Andrew Louth  2001
Genesis 12-50  Mark Sheridan  2002
Exodus – Deuteronomy  Joseph Lienhard  2001

Joshua – 2 Samuel  John Franke  2005
1 Kings – Esther  Marco Conti  2008
Job  Manlio Simonetti  2006

Psalms 1-50  Craig Blaising & Carmen Hardin  2008
Psalms 51-150  Quentin Wesselschmidt  2007
Proverbs – Song J. Robert Wright  2005

Isaiah 1-39  Steven McKinion  2004
Isaiah 40-66  Mark Elliott  2007
Jeremiah – Lamentations  Dean Wenthe  2009
Ezekiel – Daniel  Kenneth Stevenson  2008
Minor Prophets  Alberto Ferreiro  2003

Matthew 1-13, 14-28  Manlio Simonetti  2001
Mark  Christopher Hall  2005
Luke  Arthur Just  2003
John 1-10, 11-21  Joel Elowsky  2007

Acts  Francis Martin  2006
Romans  Gerald Bray  2005
1-2 Corinthians  Gerald Bray  2006

Galatians – Philippians  Mark Edwards  2005
Colossians – Philemon  Peter Gorday
Hebrews  Philip Krey & Eric Heen  2005

James – Jude  Gerald Bray  2000
Revelation  William Weinrich  2005


Fathers of the Church (including Shorter Works, Selections & Medieval Continuation)

Pentateuch, Glaphyra, vol. 1 (Gen), 2 (Ex-Deut)  Cyril of Alexandria
Genesis, 1-17, 18-45, 46–67, Homilies  Chrysostom
Genesis  Augustine
Genesis  Didymus the Blind
Six Days of Creation  Gregory of Nyssa
Hexameron, Paradise & Cain & Abel  Ambrose
Noah, Treatises  Ambrose
Genesis – Exodus, Homilies  Origen
Genesis – Exodus  Ephrem the Syrian
Leviticus, 1-16, Homilies  Origen

Joshua, Homilies  Origen
Judges, Homliies  Origen
David, Treatises  Ambrose
1 Kings 28, Homilies  Origen

Job  Albert the Great
Psalms, Homilies  Origen
Psalms, 1-72, 73-150  Theodoret of Cyrus

Isaiah, Homilies  Origen
Jeremiah, Homilies  Origen
Twelve Prophets, 3 vols.  Cyril of Alexandria
Twelve Prophets  Theodore of Mopsuestia
Zechariah  Didymus the Blind

Matthew, Homilies  Chrysostom
Matthew  Jerome
Matthew  Hilary of Poitiers
Sermon on the Mount  Augustine
Luke, Homilies & Fragments  Origen
John, bks. 1-10, 13-32  Origen
John, Homilies, vol. 1 (1-17), 2 (18-45), 3 (46-67)  Chrysostom
John, Tractates 1-10, 11-27, 28-54, 55-111, 112-24  Augustine

Romans, bks. 1-5, 6-10  Origen
Romans  Peter Abelard
Galatians  Jerome

1 John, Tractates  Augustine
Apocalypse  Oecumenius
Apocalypse  Andrew of Caesarea
Apocalypse, Expositions  Tyconius [Donatist]


The Church’s Bible: Interpreted by Early Christian & Medieval Commentators

Song of Songs  Richard Norris, Jr.  2003
Isaiah  Robert L. Wilken  2007

John  Bryan A. Stewart & Michael A. Thomas  2018
Romans  J. Patout Burns, Jr.  2012
1 Corinthians  Judith L. Kovacs  2005


The Bible in Medieval Tradition  Buy

Genesis  Joy A. Schroeder  2015
Jeremiah  Joy A. Schroeder  2017

Romans  Levy, Krey, Ryan  2013
Galatians  Ian Christopher Levy  2011
Revelation  David Burr  2019


Through the Centuries

Exodus  Scott M. Langston  2006
Deuteronomy  Jonathan Campbell  2017
Judges  David M. Gunn  2005

1-2 Kings  Martin O’Kane  2022
1-2 Chronicles  Blair A. French  2016
Esther  Jo Carruthers  2008

Psalms, vol. 1, 2, 3  Susan Gillingham  2012
Ecclesiastes  Eric S. Christianson  2012

Isaiah  John F.A. Sawyer  2018
Jeremiah  Mary C. Callaway
Lamentations  Paul M. Joyce & Diana Lipton  2013
Ezekiel  Andrew Mein  2015

Jonah  Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer  2022
Nahum – Malachi  Richard Coggins & Jin H. Han  2011

Matthew  Ian Boxall  2019

1-2 Peter & Jude  Rebecca Skaggs  2020





Catena Bible

By far and away the best site that has collated commentaries on nearly every verse of the Bible from the patristics and medieval writers.  Includes thousands of commentaries; just click on the book, chapter and verse of the Bible you are interested in.



Patristic Bible Commentary

Patristic Bible Commentary

This site is easy to navigate and has a significant amount of the works of the Fathers in English that are not easy to find elsewhere.



The Reformation Era


Reformation Commentary on Scripture


The purpose of this commentary series is to give a sampling of the protestant Reformation’s Bible interpretation by way of 1-2 paragraph samplings, with background info, from various Reformation era figures.  This is a great way to get familiar with some lesser known reformers and their writings.  Some are newly translated for this volume.  Because the series is focused on the history of the Reformation, some non-reformed folk are included as well, such as Anabaptists and Arminians, etc.  The volumes are well done.


Reformation Commentary on Scripture

Genesis 1-11  John L. Thompson  2012
Genesis 12-50
Exodus – Deuteronomy

Joshua – Ruth  N. Scott Amos  2020
Samuel – Chronicles  Derek Cooper & Martin Lohrmann
Ezra – Esther

Psalms 1-72  Herman J. Selderhuis
Psalms 73-150  Herman J. Selderhuis

Jeremiah – Lamentations  J. Jeffery Tyler  2018
Ezekiel – Daniel  Carl Beckwith  2012
Minor Prophets

Matthew  Jason Lee & William Marsh  2021
Luke  Beth Kreitzer  2015
John 1-12  Craig S. Farmer
John 13-21  Christopher Brown  2021

Acts  Esther Chung-Kim & Todd Hains  2014
Romans 1-8  Gwenfair Adams
Romans 9-16  Philip D.W. Krey & Peter D.S. Krey
1 Corinthians  Scott M. Manetsch
2 Corinthians  Scott M. Manetsch  2022

Galatians – Ephesians  Gerald L. Bray
Philippians – Colossians  Graham Tomlin
1 Thessalonians – Philemon  Lee Gatis & Bradley Green
Hebrews & James  Ronald K. Rittgers

1 John – Jude




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