“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God”

Eph. 2:8




Berkhof, Louis – Faith, 1950, 42 paragraphs, from his Systematic Theology

Buchanan, James – New Birth Repentance and Faith1847, 10 paragraphs, from The Office and Work of the Holy Spirit

Cunningham, William – Faith Unites us to Christ, HTML,  Buy  from Sermons 1828-1860, 1872, 8  paragraphs

Hodge, Charles – Faith and Repentance, from his Way of Life, chs. 6 & 7

Isbell, Sherman – Temporary Faith, 2005, p. 32, five pages

Isbell Biblically describes and distinguishes Temporary Faith from Saving Faith



Bavinck, Herman – The Certainty of Faith,  Buy  1980, 92 pages



Can Infants have Faith?

Turretin, Francis – The Faith of Infants  †1687  21 paragraphs

This is the best article on the topic.  Turretin says yes and no, and distinguishes. Lutherans go too far in giving infants full fledged adult faith.  Anabaptists go too far in denying any possibility of faith whatsoever in infants.  Turretin argues the historic reformed view that infants are capable according to their infant nature, to trust in the sense of divinity stamped on their souls.  They may have a seed-form of faith, which, if present savingly by God’s regeneration, will blossom into trusting the Son of God to save them from their sins when they can understand and are taught such.




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