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Early & Medieval Church Fathers on Scripture

Writings of Early & Medieval Church Fathers in Latin, Greek et al.

History & Texts of Christian Councils



Order of Contents

Western Fathers
Eastern Fathers




Western is those who wrote in Greek and Latin, and are known as such today, persons being familiar with, not a strict or technical categorization

Eastern Fathers: Syrian, Coptic & Arabic, many of whom were heretics

Ryle, Warnings to the Churches

“There are many who talk much in the present day about ‘the voice of the primitive Church.’ They would have us believe that those who lived nearest the time of the Apostles, must of course know more about truth than we can. There is no foundation for any such opinion. It is a fact, that the most ancient writers in the Church of Christ are often at variance with one another. It is a fact that they often changed their own minds, and retracted their own former opinions. It is a fact that they often wrote foolish and weak things, and often showed great ignorance in their explanations of Scripture. It is vain to expect to find them free from mistakes. Infallibility is not to be found in the early fathers, but in the Bible.”



The Writings of the Fathers In English Online


Order of Contents

Library of Christian Classics
Ante-Nicene, Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers
A Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church
Ancient Christian Writers
Loeb Classical Library
Classics of Western Spirituality
Oxford Early Christian Studies
Texts & Translations Series
Translated Texts for Historians & Contexts
Translated Texts for Byzantinists
Edited by Roger Pearse




‘The Fathers of the Church’  at (Romanist)

A large collection and easy to navigate.  Includes the standard works below and numerous others that are not below, though it does not have all the below works either.

‘Early Church Fathers – Additional Texts’  by Roger Pearse at

This is a massive collection of texts in chronological order that intends to be comprehensive of all the early Christian literature which is in the public domain and is not in the older, standard 38 vol. set of Fathers by Roberts, Donaldson and Schaff.  The collection goes up to A.D. 1171.  The texts can be copy and pasted.  Some introductions are included to the works.

As this collection does not include copyrighted works, so it does not include many of the works below.  It does include much Syriac, Coptic and heterodox literature.  See also the Intro to the whole collection.

‘Ancient’ & ‘Medieval’  at Post-Reformation Digital Library

The site purposes to provide all of the Christian writings that are believed to have been written in the first and second centuries, as well as a few selected from the early third.  It includes a lot of apocryphal and heretical material as well as Fathers.  Most of the writings are hosted onsite in an HTML-text format.

For more New Testament apocryphal and pseudepigraphic literature, see ‘Read the New Testament Apocryphal Books’ on our webpage, ‘On the Apocrypha & Pseudepigrapha’.

EWTN (Romanist, Conservative)


Christian Sources

Ancient History Sourcebook

Christian Origins

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Selected Source Index

Selected Sources: Byzantium

Full Text Sources

See especially the sections on Byzantium, Medieval Thought & Medieval Spiritual Writing for writings that are not commonly found elsewhere.

Saints’ Lives

A massive collection with many selections from larger works about particular saints.



Byzantine Sources in Translation  at Internet Medieval Sourcebook

“The goal is to list available translations of Byzantine sources in Western European languages.”

Translations of Byzantine Saints’ Lives Listed Chronologically  at Dumbarton Oaks

Modern Language Translation of Byzantine Sources: into English  at Princeton Univ. Library



Library of Christian Classics  Westminster Press

1. Early Christian Fathers
2. Alexandrian Christianity: Clement of Alexandria & Origen
3. Christology of the Later Fathers
4. Cyril of Jerusalem & Nemesius of Emesa
5. Early Latin Theology
6. Augustine: Earlier Writings
7. Augustine: Confessions & Enchiridion
8. Augustine: Later Works
9. Early Medieval Theology
10. A Scholastic Miscellany: Anselm to Ockham
11. Nature & Grace: Selections from the Summa Theologica of Thomas Aquinas
12. Western Asceticism
13. Late Medieval Mysticism
…[the following volumes cover the Reformation]



The Ante-Nicene, Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers  eds. Roberts, Donaldson & Schaff  38 vols.  up to 800 A.D.


This set is the standard older edition of the Fathers in English.  Valuable Introductions and footnotes to most of the works are provided.  While this edition is great for getting into the Fathers, yet to have full critical editions with comprehensive, up-to-date contextual introductions is still a desideratum for every work in this set, which is attempting to be provided by various contemporary publishers in printing stand alone works of each of the Fathers.

Also, note that these volumes do not necessarily include all of the works of the particular authors that they treat: hence, the further need for the supplemental volumes below on this webpage.



The Ante-Nicene Fathers, pre- A.D. 325

Subject Index

Scripture Indices

Print: Scripture Index

Online:  Early Christian Writings on the New Testament: Compiled Allusions to the NT from the Ante-Nicene Fathers


The Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers

These series do not have indices to the whole series, though there are indices at the end of each volume.



at Internet Sacred Text Archive

Easy to use and the most detailed, hyperlinked indices.  Able to copy and paste from it.


This version is easier to use and copy and paste from, but it does not include the editorial, introductory material in the print volumes, or page numbers for referencing, etc.

at Christian Classics Ethereal Library

This includes all the material in the print volumes, but the format is not the easiest to use in flipping through the volumes, though note that through a pull-down menu button on the upper left corner, one can always access the hyper-linked table of contents to the volume one is looking at (in the ‘Read Online’ version).



The Ante-Nicene Fathers

vol. 1, 80’s-199: Clement of Rome, Mathetes, Polycarp, Ignatius, Barnabas, Papias, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus

vol. 2, 100’s: Hermas, Tatian, Theophilus, Athenagoras, Clement of Alexandria

vol. 3, 100-299: Tertullian

vol. 4, 200’s: Tertullian, Minucius Felix, Commodian, Origen

vol. 5, 200’s: Hippolytus, Cyprian, Caius, Novatian, Appendix

vol. 6, 200’s: Gregory Thaumaturgus, Dionysius the Great, Julius Africanus, Anatolius & Minor Writers, Methodius, Arnobius

vol. 7, 200-399: Centuries: Lactantius, Venantius, Asterius, Victorinus, Dionysius, Apostolic Teaching & Constitutions, Homily, Liturgies

vol. 8, 200-399: Twelve Patriarchs, Excerpts & Epistles, The Clementia, Apocrypha, Decretals, Memoirs of Edessa & Syriac Documents, Remains of the First Ages

vol. 9, Recently Discovered Additions to Early Christian Literature (Apocryphal); Commentaries of Origen

Gospel of Peter, Diatessaron of Tatian, Apocalypse of Peter, Visio Pauli, Apocalypses of the Virgin & Sedrach, The Testament of Abraham, Acts of Xanthippe & Polyxena, Narrative of Zosimus, Apology of Aristides, Epistles of Clement, Origen’s Commentaries on John & Matthew (Partial)

vol. 10, Bibliographic Synopsis, General Indices

For each author and work in the series, going through the volumes, the Bibliographical Synopsis lists the extant editions of the work, translations of it, and a general bibliography on the father and the work.


The Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers, Series 1

Works of Augustine (354-430)

vol. 1, Prolegomena: Augustine’s Life & Work, Confessions, Letters
vol. 2, City of God, Christian Doctrine
vol. 3, On the Trinity, Doctrinal & Moral Treatises
vol. 4, Anti-Manichaean & Anti-Donatist Writings
vol. 5, Anti-Pelagian Writings
vol. 6, Sermon on the Mount, Harmony & Homilies on the Gospels
vol. 7, Homilies on John & 1st John, Soliloquies
vol. 8, Expositions on the Psalms


Works of Chrysostom (c. 347-407)

vol. 9, On the Priesthood, Ascetic Treatises, Select Homilies & Letters, Homilies on the Statutes
vol. 10, Homilies on the Gospel of St. Matthew
vol. 11, Homilies on Acts & Romans
vol. 12, Homilies on 1st & 2nd Corinthians
vol. 13, Homilies on Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus, Philemon
vol. 14, Homilies on John & Hebrews


The Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers, Series 2

vol. 1, Eusebius
vol. 2, Church Histories (Socrates & Sozomenus) up to A.D. 438
vol. 3, Theodoret, Jerome & Gennadius, Rufinus & Jerome
vol. 4, Athanasius
vol. 5, Gregory of Nyssa
vol. 6, Jerome
vol. 7, Cyril of Jerusalem, Gregory Nazianzen
vol. 8, Basil
vol. 9, Hilary of Poitiers, John of Damascus
vol. 10, Ambrose
vol. 11, Sulpitius Severus, Vincent of Lerins, John Cassian
vol. 12, Leo the Great, Gregory the Great
vol. 13, Gregory the Great II, Ephriam Syrus, Aphrahat
vol. 14, The 7 Ecumenical Councils



A Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church: Anterior to the Division of the East and West [1054]  48 vols.  ed. E.B. Pusey et al.  (London: John Henry Parker, Oxford)


Certain of the below works were not included in the 38 vols of The Ante-Nicene, Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers above.  Such includes works of Cyril of Alexandria, Pacian (vol. 17) and letters of Ambrose (vol. 45).

The works, printed from 1838-1885, were translated by “members of the English Church” and used “all the best MSS. [manuscripts] known in Europe”.  The managing editor, E.B. Pusey (1800-1882) was a main, leading figure of the Oxford Movement, also known as Tractarianism.  This movement was ‘High-Church’ and shortly became Anglo-Catholic.

For more background on this set, see the ‘List of Titles’ at


1. Augustine, Confessions
2. Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem, the Catechetical Lectures
3. Cyprian, Treatises
4. Chrysostom, Homilies 1-24 on 1 Corinthians
5. Chrysostom, Homilies 25-44 on 1 Corinthians
6. Chrysostom, Commentary on Galatians & Homilies on Ephesians
7. Chrysostom, Homilies on Romans
8. Athanasius, Select Treatises in Controversy with the Arians, pt. 1
9. Chrysostom, Homilies on the Statues, or the People of Antioch
10. Tertullian. Vol. 1: Apologetic & Practical Treatises
11. Chrysostom, Homilies 1-25 on Matthew, pt. 1
12. Chrysostom, Homilies on Timothy, Titus & Philemon
13. Athanasius, Historical Tracts
14. Chrysostom, Homilies on Philippians, Colossians & Thessalonians
15. Chrysostom, Homilies 26-58 on Matthew, pt. 2
16. Augustine, Sermons on the New Testament, vol.1, Matthew-Luke
17. Cyprian & Pacian, Epistles of Cyprian, with the Council of Carthage, on the Baptism of Heretics; Extant Works of Pacian: 3 Epistles to Sympronian, Exhortation to Repentance, on Baptism
18. Gregory the Great, Morals on Job, pt. 1: pts. 1 & 2, bk. 1-10
19. Athanasius, Select Treatises in Controversy with the Arians, pt. 2
20. Augustine, Sermons on the New Testament, vol. 2: John-1 Corinthians, Galatians-Philippians, 1 Thess., 1 Tim., Titus, James, 1 John
21. Gregory the Great, Morals on Job, pt. 2 of 4: pts. 3-4, bks. 11-22
22. Augustine, Seventeen Short Treatises
23. Gregory the Great, Morals on Job, pt. 3 of 4, vol. 3, pt. 1: pt. 5, bks. 28-29
24. Augustine, Expositions on the Psalms, vol. 1: Psalms 1-36
25. Augustine, Expositions on the Psalms, vol. 2: Psalms 37-52
26. Augustine, Homilies 1-43 on John & 1 John, pt. 1: John 1-8
27. Chrysostom, Homilies on 2 Corinthians
28. Chrysostom, Homilies 1-41 on John, pt. 1
29. Augustine, Homilies 44-124 on John & 1 John, pt. 2: John 9-21 & 1 John
30. Augustine, Expositions on the Psalms, vol. 3: Psalms 53-75
31. Gregory the Great, Morals on Job, pt. 4, vol. 3: pt. 2, bks. 30-35
32. Augustine, Expositions on the Psalms, vol. 4: Psalms 76-101
33. Chrysostom, Homilies 1-28 on Acts, pt. 1
34. Chrysostom, Homilies 59-90 on Matthew, pt. 3
35. Chrysostom, Homilies 29-55 on Acts, pt. 2
36. Chrysostom, Homilies 42-88 on John & 1 John, pt. 2
37. Augustine, Expositions on the Psalms, vol. 5: Psalms 102-125
38. Athanasius, Festal Epistles
39. Augustine, Expositions on the Psalms, vol. 6: Psalms 126-150
40. Justin Martyr, Works Now Extant
41. Ephrem the Syrian, Select Works
42. Irenaeus, Against Heresies
43. Cyril of Alexandria, Commentary on John, pt 1
44. Chrysostom, Homilies on Hebrews
45. Ambrose, Letters
46. Athanasius, Later Treatises; Appendix on Cyril of Alexandria & Theodoret
47. Cyril of Alexandria, Against Nestorius; Scholia on the Incarnation; Christ is One; Fragments Against Diodore of Tarsus, Theodore of Mopsuestia & the Synoudiasts
48. Cyril of Alexandria, Commentary on John, pt. 2, chs. 9-21



Ancient Christian Writers: the Works of the Fathers in Translation  (Catholic Univ. of America, Newman Press)

1. Clement of Rome & Ignatius of Antioch: Epistles
2. Augustine: The First Catechetical Instruction
3. Augustine: Faith, Hope & Charity
4. Pomerius: the Contemplative Life
5. Augustine: The Lord’s Sermon on the Mount
6. Didache, Epistle of Barnabas, Epistles & Martyrdom of Polycarp, Fragments of Papias, Epistle to Diognetus
7. Arnobius of Sicca: the Case Against the Pagans, vol. 1: bks. 1-3
8. Arnobius of Sicca: the Case Against the Pagans, vol. 2, bks. 4-7
9. Augustine: Greatness of the Soul & the Teacher
10. Athanasius: Life of Anthony
11. Gregory the Great: Pastoral Care
12. Augustine: Against the Academics
13. Tertullian: Treatises on Marriage & Remarriage: to His Wife, an Exhortation to Chastity, Monogamy
14. Prosper of Aquitaine: the Call of All Nations
15. Augustine: Sermons for Christmas & Epiphany
16. Irenaeus: Proof of the Apostolic Preaching
17. Patrick, Works of; Secundinus, Hymn on Patrick
18. Gregory of Nyssa: Lord’s Prayer, the Beatitudes
19. Origen: Prayer, Exhortation to Martyrdom
20. Rufinus: Commentary on the Apostles’ Creed
21. Maximus the Confessor: the Ascetic Life, Four Centuries on Charity
22. Augustine: The Problem of Free Choice
23. Athenagoras: Embassy for the Christians, Resurrection of the Dead
24. Tertullian: Treatise Against Hermogenes
25. Cyprian: The Lapsed, Unity of the Catholic Church
26. Origen: Commentary & Homilies on the Song of Songs
27. Methodius: Symposium: Treatise on Chastity
28. Tertullian: Treatises on Penance: On Penitence & On Purity
29. Augustine, on the Psalms, vol. 1 (1-29)
30. Augustine, on the Psalms, vol. 2 (30-37)
31. Chrysostom: Baptismal Instruction
32. Prosper of Aquitaine: Defense of Augustine
33. Jerome: Letters, vol. 1 (1-22)
34. Palladius: the Lausiac History
35. Paulinus of Nola: Letters, vol. 1
36. Paulinus of Nola: Letters, vol. 2
37. Firmicus Maternus: the Error of the Pagan Religions
38. Egeria: Diary of a Pilgrimage
39. Marcus Minucius Felix: the Octavius
40. Paulinus of Nola: Poems
41. Augustine: Literal Meaning of Genesis, vol. 1
42. Augustine: Literal Meaning of Genesis, vol. 2
43. Cyprian of Carthage: Letters, vol. 1
44. Cyprian of Carthage: Letters, vol. 2
45. Palladius: Dialogue on the Life of Chrysostom
46. Cyprian of Carthage: Letters, vol. 3
47. Cyprian of Carthage: Letters, vol. 4
48. Augustine: on Faith & Works
49. Theodoret of Cyrus: On Divine Providence
50. Maximus of Turin: Sermons  Latin
51. Cassiodorus: Explanation of the Psalms, vol. 1, Psalms 1-51
52. Cassiodorus: Explanation of the Psalms, vol. 2
53. Cassiodorus: Explanation of the Psalms, vol. 3
54. Origen: Treatise on the Passover & Dialogue with Heraclides
55. Irenaeus of Lyons: Against Heresies, bk. 1
56. Justin Martyr: First & Second Apologies
57. Cassian: the Conferences
58. Cassian: the Institutes
59. Evagrius Ponticus: to the Monastics
60. Quodvultdeus of Carthage: Creedal Homilies
61. Isidore of Seville: of the Ecclesiastical Offices
62. Origen: Homilies 1-14 on Ezekiel
63. Julian of Toledo: Prognosticum of the Future Age
64. Irenaeus: Against Heresies, bk. 3 (?)
65. Irenaeus: Against Heresies, bk. 2 (?)
66. Jerome: Commentary on Ecclesiastes  Latin
67. Theodoret of Cryus: Cure for Pagan Maladies
68. Jerome: Commentary on Isaiah; Origen: Homilies 1-9 on Isaiah
69. Theodore the Studite: Writing on Iconoclasm
70. Sulpicius Severus: Complete Works
71. Jerome: Commentary on Ezekiel  Latin



Loeb Classical Library


This classic set features the original Greek or Latin on facing pages with the English translation.  For a full list of Loeb’s 545+ volumes, see their website.  The majority of the volumes are free online through the links below and here.


Alphabetical by Author

24. Apostolic Fathers, vol.1: Clement, Ignatius, Polycarp, Didache, Barnabas
25. Apostolic Fathers, vol. 2: Shepherd, Polycarp, Diognetus

26. Augustine, Confessions, vol. 1, bks. 1–8
27. Augustine, Confessions, vol. 2, bks. 9–13
239. Augustine, Select Letters
411. Augustine, City of God, vol. 1, bks. 1–3
412. Augustine, City of God, vol. 2, bks. 4–7
413. Augustine, City of God, vol. 3, bks. 8–11
414. Augustine, City of God, vol. 4, bks. 12–15
415. Augustine, City of God, vol. 5, bks. 16–18.35
416. Augustine, City of God, vol. 6, bks. 18.36–20
417. Augustine, City of God, vol. 7, bks. 21–22

190. Basil, Letters, vol. 1 (1–58)
215. Basil, Letters, vol. 2 (59–185)
243. Basil, Letters, vol. 3 (186–248)
270. Basil, Letters, vol. 4 (249–368) & Address to Young Men on Greek Literature

74. Boethius, Theological Tractates

92. Clement of Alexandria, Exhortation to the Greeks; Rich Man’s Salvation; To the Newly Baptized

153. Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History, vol. 1: bks. 1–5
265. Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History, vol. 2: bks. 6–10

34. John of Damascus, Barlaam & Ioasaph

387. Prudentius, vol. 1, Preface; Daily Round; Divinity of Christ; Origin of Sin; Fight for Mansoul; Against Symmachus 1
398. Prudentius, vol. 2, Against Symmachus 2; Crowns of Martyrdom; Scenes From History; Epilogue

250. Tertullian & Marcus Minucius Felix, Apology & De Spectaculis; Octavius



Classics of Western Spirituality  Paulist Press

By Date

Origen (d. c. 253), Exhortation to Martyrdom, Prayer & Selected Works  trans. Rowan A. Greer

Apocalyptic Spirituality: Treatises & Letters of Lactantius (d. c. 325), Adso of Montier-en-Der, Joachim of Fiore, the Spiritual Franciscans, Savonarola  trans. Bernard McGinn

Ephrem the Syrian (d. 373), Hymns  trans. Kathleen E. McVey

Ps-Macarius (d. 391), Fifty Spiritual Homilies & the Great Letter  ed. George A. Maloney

Gregory of Nyssa (d. c. 395), Life of Moses  trans. Everett Ferguson & Abraham Malherbe

Athanasius of Alexandria, Life of Antony & Letter to Marcellinus  trans. Robert C. Gregg

John Cassian (d. 435), Conferences  trans. Colm Luibheid

Augustine of Hippo, Selected Writings  trans. Mary T. Clark

Ps-Dionysius (late-400’s-early 500’s), Complete Works  trans. Colm Luibheid

John Climacus (500’s-600’s), Ladder of Divine Ascent  trans. Colm Luibheid & Norman Russell  Different edition here.

Maximus the Confessor (d. 662), Selected Writings  trans. George C. Berthold  Pre

Bede (d. 735), On the Song of Songs & Selected Writings  ed. Arthur G. Holder

Symeon the New Theologian (d. 1022), Discourses  trans. C.J. de Catanzaro

Norbert (d. 1134) & Early Norbertine Spirituality  compiled Theodore J. Antry & Carol Neel

Bernard of Clairvaux (d. 1153), Selected Works  trans. Gillian Evans

Elisabeth of Schönau (1164), Complete Works  trans. Anne L. Clark

Richard of St. Victor (d. 1173), Twelve Patriarchs, Mystical Ark, Bk. 3 of the Trinity  trans. Grover A. Zinn

Hildegard of Bingen (1179), Scivias  trans. Columba Hart & Jane Bishop

Anchoritic [Monastic] Spirituality: Ancrene Wisse & Associated Works (1200’s), trans. Anne Savage & Nicholas Watson

The Earliest Franciscans (1200’s), Legacy of Giles of Assisi, Roger of Provence & James of Milan  ed. Paul Lachance

Early Dominicans (1200’s), Selected Writings  ed. Simon Tugwell

Francis (d. 1226) & Clare (d. 1253) of Assisi, Complete Works  trans. Regis J. Armstrong & Ignatius C. Brady

Hadewijch (1200’s), Complete Works  trans. Columba Hart

Bonaventure (d. 1274), Soul’s Journey into God, Tree of Life, Life of St. Francis  ed. Ewert Cousins

Albert (d. 1280) & Thomas (d. 1274), Selected Writings  ed. Simon Tugwell

Mechthild of Magdeburg (c. 1294), The Flowing Light of the Godhead  trans. Frank Tobin

Mechthild of Hackeborn (d. 1298), Book of Special Grace  trans. Barbara Newman

Gertrude of Helfta (d. 1302), Herald of Divine Love  ed. Margaret Winkworth

Jacopone da Todi (d. 1306), The Lauds  trans. Elizabeth Hughes & Serge Hughes

Carthusian Spirituality: The Writings of Hugh of Balma (early-1300’s) & Guigo de Ponte  trans. Dennis D. Martin

Angela of Foligno (d. 1309, mystic), Complete Works  trans. Paul Lachance

Marguerite Porete (d. 1310), Mirror of Simple Souls  trans. Ellen Babinsky

Meister Eckhart (c. 1328)

Essential Sermons, Commentaries, Treatises, & Defense (Eckhart’s Condemnation, Selections from Commentaries on Genesis & John, Selected Sermons, Treatises)  trans. Edmund Colledge

Teacher & Preacher (On Speaking about God, Commentary on Exodus, Selections from Commentaries on Wisdom & Ecclesiasticus, Commentary on Jn. 14:8, 30 Sermons, On Sister Catherine)  ed. Bernard McGinn

Richard Rolle (d. 1349), The English Writings  ed. Rosamund S. Allen  This has slightlly different contents than the volume edited by Hope Emily Allen.

Margaret Ebner (d. 1351), Major Works  ed. Leonard P. Hindsley

Gregory Palamas (d. 1359), The Triads  ed. John Meyendorff

Johannes Tauler, Sermons  trans. Maria Shrady

Henry Suso (d. 1366), Exemplar, with Two German Sermons  ed. Frank Tobin

Anon. (late-1300’s)

The Cloud of Unknowing  ed. James Walsh

The Pursuit of Wisdom & Other Works  ed. James Walsh

Birgitta of Sweden (d. 1373), Life & Selected Writings  ed. Marguerite Tjader Harris

Catherine of Siena (d. 1380), Dialogue  trans. Suzanne Noffke

John Ruusbroec (d. 1381), Spiritual Espousals & Other Works  trans. James A. Wiseman

Walter Hilton (1396), The Scale [or Ladder] of Perfection  trans. John P. H. Clark & Rosemary Dorward

Julian of Norwich (d. after 1416), Showings  trans. Edmund Colledge & James Walsh

Jean Gerson (1429), Early Works  trans. Brian Patrick McGuire

Nicholas of Cusa, Selected Spiritual Writings  trans. H. Lawrence Bond

Anglo-Saxon Spirituality: Selected Writings  trans. Robert Boenig

Angelic Spirituality: Medieval Perspectives on the Ways of Angels  trans. Steven L. Chase

Celtic Spirituality  ed. Oliver Davies

Devotio Moderna (late-1300’s to Reformation), Basic Writings  trans. John H. Van Engen

Dominican Penitent Women  ed. Maiju Lehmijoki-Gardner

Late Medieval Mysticism of the Low Countries  ed. Rik Van Nieuwenhove, Robert Faesen & Helen Rolfson

Nil Sorsky (d. 1508, Russian hesychist), Complete Writings  trans. George A. Maloney   Pre

Catherine of Genoa (d. 1510), Purgation & Purgatory, Spiritual Dialogue  trans. Serge Hughes



Oxford Early Christian Studies


The below does not represent all the volumes of this series, some of which are merely studies; rather it includes the volumes that have substantial translated material in them.


Ambrose of Milan, Enchantment & Creed in the Hymns of  Pre

Ambrose, Of Offices  Pre

Ancient Traditions of the Virgin Mary’s Dormition [Peaceful Death] & Assumption  Pre

Augustine, Commentary on Galatians  Pre

Basil the Great, The Asketikon [Ascetic Manual]  Pre

Coptic Christology in Practice: Incarnation & Divine Participation in Late Antique & Medieval Egypt  Pre

Cyril of Alexandria, Homilies Delivered in Ephesus during the Summer of 431  in Cyril of Alexandria & the Nestorian Controversy: the Making of a Saint & of a Heretic  Pre

Evagrius of Pontus: the Greek Ascetic Corpus  Pre


Hebrew Questions on Genesis  Pre

Letters  Analyzed by Andrew Cain  Pre

Jerome & Origen, Commentaries on Ephesians  Pre

Pelagius, Commentary on Romans  Ref

The Roman Martyrs  Pre

Theodore, ‘Why Should there be such a Thing as Christian Art at All’  in St. Theodore the Studite’s Defence of the Icons: Theology & Philosophy in Ninth-Century Byzantium  Pre

Victorinus, Commentary on Galatians  Pre



Texts & Translations Series  by the Society of Biblical Literature


This series published mostly ancient pseudopigraphic, Jewish, pagan and philosophic literature, though some Church fathers are included.  For a full list of titles see their website.  The series continued after 1999 under the new name, Writings from the Greco-Roman World (below).


23. Augustine on Romans: Propositions from the Epistle to the Romans and Unfinished Commentary on the Epistles to the Romans  Ref

31. Tyconius [Donatist]: The Book of Rules

35. Early-Christian Epitaphs from Anatolia  Ref

37. An Ancient Jewish Christian Source on the History of Christianity: Pseudo-Clementine Recognitions



Writings from the Greco-Roman World  by the Society of Biblical Literature


This series, which publishes literature from the time of Alexander the Great to the Medieval Roman era of Justinian, is a continuation of the Texts and Translations series of the Society of Biblical Literature above.  A full list of titles is on their website.


5. Theodore of Mopsuestia: Commentary on Psalms 1-81  Ref

7. Theodoret of Cyrus: Commentary on Daniel  Pre

8. Pseudo-Gregory of Nyssa: Testimonies against the Jews  Pre

9. Didore of Tarsus: Commentary on Psalms 1–51

11. The Acts of Mar Mari the Apostle  Pre

13. Gregory of Nyssa: Homilies on the Song of Songs

16. The “Belly-Myther” of Endor: Interpretations of 1 Kingdoms [Kings] 28 in the Early Church

17. The Rabbula Corpus: Comprising the Life of Rabbula, His Correspondence, a Homily Delivered in Constantinople, Canons, and Hymns  Pre

23. Philostorgius: Church History  Latin

24. John Rufus: The Lives of Peter the Iberian, Theodosius of Jerusalem, and the Monk Romanus  Pre

26. Theodore of Mopsuestia: Commentary on the Minor Pauline Epistles  Pre

35. Sedulius, The Paschal Song & Hymns  Pre

36. John Chrysostom, Homilies on Philippians

38. Evagrius’s Kephalaia Gnostica: A New Translation of the Unreformed Text from the Syriac  Pre

39. The Ancient Martyrdom Accounts of Peter & Paul  Pre

40. Hippolytus: Refutation of All Heresies

41. Ambrosiaster’s Commentary on the Pauline Epistles: Romans

43. Documents from the Luciferians: In Defense of the Nicene Creed



Translated Texts for Historians  Liverpool Univ. Press

1. Gregory of Tours: Life of the Fathers
2. The Emperor Julian: Panegyric & Polemic
3. Pacatus: Panegyric to the Emperor Theodosius
4. Gregory of Tours: Glory of the Martyrs
5. Gregory of Tours: Glory of the Confessors
6. The Book of Pontiffs
7. Chronicon Paschale, 284-628 A.D.
8. Iamblichus: on the Pythagorean Life
9. Conquerors & Chroniclers of Early Medieval Spain
10. Victor of Vita: History of the Vandal Persecution
11. The Goths in the Fourth Century
12. Selected Variae of Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus Senator
13. The Lives of the Eighth-Century Popes
14. The Breviarium ab Urbe Condita of Eutropius
15. The Seventh Century in West-Syrian Chonicles
16. Vegetius: Epitome of Military Science
17. The Book of Caesars of Sextus Aurelius Victor
18. Bede: on the Tabernacle
19. Caesarius of Arles: Life, Testament, Letters
20. The Lives of the Ninth Century Popes
21. Bede: on the Temple
22. Pseudo-Dionysius of Tel-Mahre: Chronicle, Pt. 3
23. Venantius Fortunatus: Personal & Political Poems
24. Donatist Martyr Stories: the Church in Conflict in Roman North Africa
25. Hilary of Poitiers: Conflicts on Conscience & Law in the Fourth Century Church
26. Lives of the Visigothic Fathers
27. Optatus: Against the Donatists
28. Bede: a Biblical Miscellany
29. Bede: the Reckoning of Time
30. A Collection of Letters from Visgothic Gaul  Pre
31. The Armenian History Attributed to Sebeos
32. The Chronicle of Pseudo-Joshua the Stylite
33. The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius Scholasticus
34. Antioch as a Centre of Hellenic Culture as Observed by Libanius
35. Neoplatonic Saints: the Lives of Plotinus & Proclus by their Students
36. Politics, Philosophy & Empire in the Fourth Century: Select Orations of Themistius
37. A Christian’s Guide to Greek Culture: The Pseudo-Nonnus Commentaries by Gregory of Nazianzus
38. Avitus of Vienne: Letters & Selected Prose
39. Constantine & Christendom: Oration to the Saints, Discovery of the Cross, Edict of Constantine
40. Lactantius: Divine Institutes
41. Letter of Libanius: Age of Constantius & Julian
42. Cassiodorus: Institutions of Divine & Secular Learning, & on the Soul
43. Ambrose of Milan: Political Letters & Speeches
44. The Chronicle of Ireland
45. The Acts of the Council of Chalcedon
46. The Formularies of Angers & Marculf: Two Merovingian Legal Handbooks
47. Bede: on Ezra & Nehemiah
48. Bede: on Genesis
49. Nemesius: on the Nature of Man
50. Sources for the History of the School of Nisibis
51. The Acts of the Council of Constantinople of 553…  with the Three Chapters Controversy
52. Three Political Voices from the Age of Justinian
53. History & Hagiography from the Late Antique Sinai
54. Orosius: History Against the Pagans
55. The Chronicle of Pseudo-Zechariah Rhetor: Church & War in Late Antiquity
56. Bede: on the Nature of Things & on Times
57. Theophilus of Edessa’s Chronicle & the Circulation of Historical Knowledge in Late Antiquity & Early Islam
58. Bede: Commentary on Revelation
59. Two Early Lives of Severos, Patriarch of Antioch
60. The Funerary Speech for John Chrysostom
61. The Acts of the Lateran Synod of 649
62. Macarius: Apocriticus
63. Khalifa ibn Khayyat’s History on the Umayyad Dynasty (660-750)
64. Jonas of Bobbio: Lives
65. Between City & School: Selected Orations of Libanius
66. Isidore of Seville: on the Nature of Things
67. Imperial Invectives Against Constantius II: Athanasius, Hilary & Lucifer of Cagliari
68. The Acts of the Second Council of Nicaea (787)  Ref
69. The History of the Kings of the Persians in Three Arabic Chronicles  Ref
70. Bede: On First Samuel  Ref
71. The Eulogius Corpus  Ref
72. The Council of Ephesus of 431: Documents & Proceedings  Ref
73. Arator: Apostolic History  Ref  Latin
74. The Canons of the Quinisext Council (691/2)  Ref
75. Jordanes: [the] Roman & Gothic [Histories]  Ref  Latin
76. Sidonius Apollinaris: Complete Poems  Ref
77. Letters from the Popes to the Frankish Rulers, 739-791  Ref
78. Themistius & Valens: Orations 6-13  Ref



Translated Texts for Historians, Contexts

1. Chalcedon in Context: Church Councils, 400-700 A.D.
2. The Donatist Schism: Controversy & Contexts
3. Imperial Panegyric [Speeches] from Diocletian [d. 305] to Honorius [d. 423]  Ref



Translated Texts for Byzantinists

1. Four Byzantine Novels
2. The Martyrdoms & Miracles of Saints Theodore ‘the Recruit’ & ‘the General’
3. The Laws of the Isaurian Era
4. Nicholas Mesarites: his Life & Works
5. An Early Ottoman History  Buy  Ref
6. The Chronicle of Constantine Manasses  Buy  Ref
7. The Chronicle of the Logothete
8. Gregory Palamas: The Hesychast Controversy & the Debate with Islam  Buy  Ref
9. Narrating Martyrdom: Rewriting Late-Antique Virgin Martyrs in Byzantium  Buy  Ref
10. A Byzantine Love Romance of the 13th Century  Buy  Ref



Edited, Translated, Published or Put on the Net by Roger Pearse


Roger Pearse is a Brittish scholar and the webmaster at  He has desired to make as many translated, ancient Church writings free in the public domain as possible.  To this end he has searched many libraries to uncover such documents and has worked with a number of scholars and translators to produce the following texts.

Pearse also has kept a blog where he has put on the net many translated sources.  Be sure to also check Pearse’s large collection, Early Church Fathers – Additional Texts.  For more translations of Coptic texts from Anthony Alcock, see his page.


Anon., Acts of Andrew & John  (2014)  Background

Anon., Acts of John (Gnostic)

Anon., Acts of Peter  trans. Anthony Alcock

Anon., Acts of Pilate  in The Gospel of Nicodemus (Apocryphal)  trans. Anthony Alcock

Anon. (200’s), Apocalypse of Elijah  trans. Anthony Alcock  Background

Anon., Coptic Apocalypse of Daniel  trans. Frédéric Macler & Roger Pearse  (1894/2009)

Anon. (900’s), Investiture of the Archangel Michael (Apocryphal)  trans. Anthony Alcock

Anon., Joseph the Carpenter (300’s)  trans. Anthony Alcock

Anon. (100’s), Letter of the Apostles  trans. Anthony Alcock  Background

Anon. (1000’s), Letter of Tiberius to Pilate  in Bart Ehrman & Zlatko Plese, The Other Gospels: Accounts of Jesus from Outside the New Testament  (Oxford Univ. Press, 2014), pp. 285-8

Anon., Life of Cuthman  trans. Roger Pearse  (2020)

Anon., Life of Mar Aba (500’s Persia)  trans. Roger Pearse  (2013)

Anon., Life of Shenouda  trans. Francois Nau & Roger Pearse  (1900/2009)

Anon., Life of Valentine of Terni  trans. Roger Pearse  (2019)

Anon., The Miracles on Mt. St. Michael in Cornubia  IA

Anon. (1300’s), Mysteries of the Greek Alphabet, pt. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  trans. Anthony Alcock

Anon., The Preaching of St. Andrew (Acta Mythologica Apostolorum)  trans. Anthony Alcock

Anon. (500’s), Religious Discussion at the Court of the Sassanids…  trans. Andrew Eastbourne  (2010)

Anon., The Repose of St John the Evangelist & Apostle  trans. Anthony Alcock

Anon., A Syriac Fragment  trans. E.W. Brooks  (1896)

Anon., The Tax Miracle of Nicholas of Myra  trans. David J.D. Miller  (2016)

Anon. (1300’s), Triadon (a Poem), pt. 1, 2  trans. Anthony Alcock  This was the last literary text composed in Coptic.

Anon., Work in a Coptic Monastery  trans. Anthony Alcock

Abraham the Syrian, Patriarch of Egypt (975-978), Miracle of Muqattam  trans. Anthony Alcock

Abu al-Barakat, Catalogue of Christian Literature in Arabic  trans. Adam McCollum

Agapius (900’s)

Universal History  trans. into French: A. Vasiliev (1908); into English: Roger Pearse (2009)

Ptolemy II & the Septuagint  trans. Anthony Alcock

al-Majdalus, Commentary on the Nicene Creed  trans. Samuel Noble  (2009)

Al-Maqrizi, Coptic Feast Days  trans. Anthony Alcock

Ammonius, Apophthegmata (Sayings)

Andrew of Crete, Oration 18, Encomium on St. Nicholas of Myra  trans. Jaakko Olkinuora  (2015)

Apatil, Martyrdom of  trans. Anthony Alcock

Apollonius, Trial & Martyrdom of  trans. Anthony Alcock

Apollonius of Tyana, Apotelesmata [Effects; Astrological]  trans. Anthony Alcock

Archellites (900’s), Coptic Poem about  trans. Anthony Alcock

Asterius, On Psalm 11, Homily 2  trans. Kathie T.


Letters Concerning the Holy Spirit  C.R.B. Shapland  (1951)

Prayer of [from Coptic]  trans. Anthony Alcock  (2015)


On the Divination of Demons  trans. Mattias Gassman

Letter to Firmus  from a volume on The City of God in the series, Fathers of the Church

Literal Interpretation of Genesis: Unfinished Book

Works Against Secundinus the Manichaean  trans. Mark Vermes  (2012)

Treatise Against the Jews  ed. Roger Pearse  also in FOC #27

Bardaisan (†222), Book of the Laws of Countries  trans. Anthony Alcock

Barsuma the Naked, Life of  trans. Anthony Alcock

Cassiodorus (d. c. 585), Chronicle  trans. Bouke Procee  (2014)


Against the Jews (8 Homilies)

Lost Section of Oration 2 Against the Jews  trans. Robert Pearse  Background

Against the Games & the Theatres  trans. Mark Vermes  (2012)

On the Birthday of our Saviour Jesus Christ, a Sermon  trans. Bryson Sewell  (2013)  Possibly pseudonymous

Homily After the Earthquake  trans. Bryson Sewell  (2013)

Homily on the Soul, Judgment & Repentance  trans. Adam Carter McCollum  Also attributed to Ephrem Syrus

Three Homillies on the Devil…  trans. Bryson Sewell  (2014)

Sermon on the New Year (In Kalendas)  trans. Seumas Macdonald  (2010)

First Homily, given by St. John Chrysostom on the Day that He was Ordained Priest  trans. Roger Pearse  (2010)

Chrysostom & Severian of Gabala, Two Homilies on Peace…  trans. Bryson Sewell  (2014)

Council of Hippo (393), Breviarium, Canons 1-4, 5-8, 9-14, 15-20, 21-24, 25-28, 29-36, 37, 37-39

Cuthman, Life of

Cyprian of Antioch, Confession & Martyrdom of  trans. Anthony Alcock

Cyril of Alexandria

Commentary on Luke

On the Veneration & Worship in Spirit & Truth, bk. 9, On the Tabernacle  trans. Justin Gohl

Ephrem the Syrian

Against Heresies, Hymns 22, 23 & 24  trans. Adam C. McCollum

English Translations  trans. Tikhon Alexander Pino & Ephrem Lash

Homily on the Soul, Judgment & Repentance  trans. Adam Carter McCollum

Eusebius of Caesarea

On the Celebration of Easter (Pascha)  trans. Andrew Eastbourne  (2010)

Chronicle  trans. Robert Bedrosian  (2009)

Commentaries on Psalms 8, 23, 45, 82  trans. Justin Gohl

Commentaries on Psalms 8, 9, 23, 45, 53, 63, 64, 78, 82, 88, 91   trans. Justin Gohl  (2021)

Commentary on Ps. 52  trans. Andrew Eastbourne  (2010)

Commentaries on the Psalms: Six Selected Passages (Ps. 60, 62, 86 & 87)  trans. Alban Justinus  (2019)

Fragments (Scholia) on Luke  trans. Alex Poulos  (2017)

Gospel Problems & Solutions  trans David J. D. Miller, Adam C. McCollum & Carol Downer  (2010)  See also the Errata & Supplementa.

Letter to Constantia  trans. Cyril Mango

Eutychius of Alexandria, Annals  trans. R. Pearse  (2019)

Frumentius, Athanasius & [Emperor] Constantine  trans. Anthony Alcock

Gildas, The Ruin of Britain, Fragments from Lost Letters, the Penitential, together with the Lorica of Gildas  ed. Hugh Williams  (London, 1899)

Gregory the Great, Homily on Mary Magdalene

Gregory of Nyssa, Extract on the Evils of Slavery, from Homily 4 on Ecclesiastes  trans. Stuart G. Hall & Rachel Moriarty

The ‘Halkin’ Life of Constantine  (800’s) trans. Mark Vermes  (2014)  Background


Chronicle  trans. T. C. Schmidt & Nick Nicholas  (2010)

Apostolic Tradition  trans. Burton Scott Easton  (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1934)

Against Noetus  trans. J.H. MacMahon  in ANF 5

Isaac, 41st Coptic Patriarch (d. 689), Life of  trans. Anthony Alcock

Isaac of Ninevah, Mystic Treatises  trans. A.J. Winsinck  (1923)

Isidore of Pelusium, Letters 1-14, 27, 35, 36, 78, 97-101, 102-116, 310, 311, 322, 323, 1106, 1214-1218, 1225-1227, 1241, 1243-1244, 1582  (2010/2020)

James of Edessa (d. 708)

Chronological Canon of  trans. E.W. Brooks  (1895)

Letter on the Genealogy of the Virgin Mary  trans. F. Nau & Roger Pearse  (2011)

James the Persian (300’s), Martyrdom of  trans. Anthony Alcock

Jerome, Letter 120 to Hedibia  trans. James Snapp, Jr.

John, Archbishop of Constantinople, Exegesis of Susanna  trans. Anthony Alcock

John, Bishop of Nikiu, Chronicle of  trans. R.H. Charles  (1916)

John Lydus

On the Months  trans. Mischa Hooker

Keyna & Cadoc, Lives of

Lacaron (300’s), Martyrdom of  trans. Anthony Alcock

Leontius of Byzantium, Against the Forgeries the Apollinarists  trans. Bryson Sewell  (2013)

Malchus & Samuel, Monks in Captivity [& Unconsumated Marriages]  notes by Anthony Alcock

Martin of Braga, The Correction of Country-folk [Rusticorum]  trans. Angus Graham

Maurice the Emperor (d. 602; possibly Nestorian), A Short Syriac Text  trans. Anthony Alcock

Maximus & Domitius, Life of (400’s)  trans. Anthony Alcock

Methodius of Olympus

On the Distinction Between Foods  trans. Ralph Cleminson  (2015)

On the Leech…  trans. Ralph Cleminson  (2015)

On Leprosy: an Allegorical Interpretation of Lev. 13  trans. Ralph Cleminson & Andrew Eastbourne  (2015)

On Life & Rational Action  trans. Ralph Cleminson  (2015)

Michael, The Miracle at Colossae (c. 692-787)  trans. Anthony Alcock

Michael the Great, Patriarch of the Syrians (d. 1199), Chronicle of  trans. Robert Bedrosian  (2013)  This is the largest medieval chronicle, translated from an abbreviated Armenian translation.  An unabridged version was translated by Matti Moosa below.

Michael the Archimandrite, Life of St. Nicholas of Myra (Vita per Michaelem)  trans. John Quinn & Bryson Sewell

Nag Hammadi (Gnostic), The Concept of our Great Power  trans. Anthony Alcock

Namatianus, Rutilius, Poem: ‘On his Return’


2nd & 3rd Letters to Pope Celestine (430)  trans. Mark DelCogliano  (2005)

A Syriac, Nestorian Account of  trans. Anthony Alcock

Nicholas of Myra (St. Nick)

Synaxarion [Church calendar of fixed feasts with lections]  trans. Albert Iustinos  (2017)

Collected Life of (Vita Compilata)  trans. Fr. Alban Justinus

Miracle of the Generals (Praxis de Stratelatis)  trans. David J.D. Miller  (2016)  Background


Commentary on Proverbs–Fragments  trans. Justin Gohl

Exegetical Works on Ezekiel  trans. Mischa Hooker  (Chieftain Publishing, 2014)

Commentary on Matthew, bks. 15 (Mt. 19:12-20:16), 16 (Mt. 20:17-21:22), 17 (Mt. 21:23-22:33)  trans. David Gohl  ()

Papal Decree, Consulenti tibi

Papiscus & Philo, Dialogue Between a Christian & a Jew  trans. Arthur Cushman McGiffert

bar Penkaye, John (600’s), Summary of World History, bk. 15 (600’s)  trans. into French: Alphonse Mingana; into English: Roger Pearse  (2010)  Introduction  Penkaye was a Syriac, Christian, Nestorian witness of the first century of the Islamic takeover.

Philip of Side, the Fragments of  trans. Andrew Eastbourne  (2011)

Philocalus & Polemius Silvius, Calendars of  in Inscriptiones Latinae Antiquissimae  2nd ed. pt. 1  (Berlin, 1893)  Latin text and notes on

Pisentius, Bishop of Keft, A Letter  notes by Anthony Alcock

Possidius, Life of Augustine  trans. Herbert Theberath Weiskotten  (1919)

Processus & Martinianus, Acts of  (500’s)  from Henry Formby, Ancient Rome & its Connection with the Christian Religion (1880), pp. 388-91


Sins of Priest & Monks, pt. 1, 2  trans. Anthony Alcock

On the Temple at Athens  trans. Adam C. McCollum  (2013)

Ps-Linus, Acts of  trans. Andrew Eastbourne  (2012)

Ps-Passecrates, The Passion of St. George  trans. David Bryson  (2020)

Ps-Proclus of Constantinople, Encomium on St Nicholas of Myra  trans. Bryson Sewell  (2016)

Peter I of Alexandria, Coptic Fragment  trans. Anthony Alcock

Ptolemy, Miracles of  trans. Anthony Alcock

Samuel of Kalamoun (500’s-600’s, Coptic monk)

Apocalypse of  trans. J. Ziadeh & Roger Pearse

Life of, pt. 1, 2  trans. Anthony Alcock  Buy  (Warminster: Aris & Phillips, 1983)

The Apocalypse of  trans. Anthony Alcock

Saturninus of Toulouse, Passion of  trans. Andrew Eastbourne  (2013)  Background

Seert, Chronicle of, pt. 1, 2, 3  trans. Anthony Alcock

Severian of Gabala

On the Holy Spirit  trans. Bryson Sewell  (2014)

A Most Beneficial Sermon on Faith & about the Law of Nature, & on the Holy Spirit  trans. Bryson Sewell  (2014)

Sermon 1 on Genesis, On the Creation of the World, on the First Day of Creation  trans. J. Bareille & Roger Pearse  (2010)

A Sermon on Repentance & Contrition…  trans. Bryson Sewell  (2014)

Severus of Antioch, Three Short Arabic Texts  trans. Anthony Alcock

Shenoute (300’s-400’s Coptic Monastic)

Against the Gentile Philosopher  trans. Anthony Alcock  (2016)

Against the Greeks on Usury  trans. Anthony Alcock  (2016)

Apocalypse & Testament  trans. Anthony Alcock

On the Invasions of the Ethiopians [Nubians]  trans. Anthony Alcock

Life of  trans. Anthony Alcock

On Those who have Left the Monastery  trans. Anthony Alcock

Synesius, In Praise of Baldness  trans. Anthony Alcock

Theodore, Bishop of Antioch, Encomium on Theodore the Anatolian  trans. Anthony Alcock  (2015)

Theodoret (Bishop of Cyrus in Syria)

Commentary on Romans, pt. 1, 2  trans. unknown, ed. E.B. & Roger Pearse, from The Christian Remembrancer, or, The Churchman’s Biblical, Ecclesiastical & Literary Miscellany, 22 (1840) p. 30 etc.

Excerpt from Questions on Deuteronomy, ch. 1  from A Word in Season, vol. II, 2nd ed.  (Villanova: Augustinian Press, 1999)

Valentine of Rome, Extracts from the Passions of Marius, Martha, Audifax & Abacuc

St. Valentine of Terni, Passion

Theodore the Anatolian, Martyrdom of  trans. Anthony Alcock

Theodoret of Cyrus, Commentary on the Song of Songs: Preface & Ch. 1  trans. Justin Gohl

Theophilus, Disputation Between Simon a Jew & Theophilus a Christian  trans. Anthony Alcock

Valesius, Henry, On Socrates & Sozomen

Victor of Pboou, At the Synod of Ephesus (431)  trans. Anthony Alcock

Wansleben, Johann Michael (1671), On the Coptic Church  trans. Anthony Alcock

Zacharias Scholasticus, Life of Isaiah the Monk, of Scetis in Egypt  trans. Anthony Alcock

Various, Colophons of Coptic Manuscripts, pt. 1: Fayyum; pt. 2: Upper Egypt  trans. Anthony Alcock

Various, The Return of the Magi  trans. Magre & Merton

Various, Sayings Attributed to Jesus in Muslim Sources (Logia et Agrapha Domini Jesu), pt. 1   trans. Anthony Alcock

Various, The Sayings (Apophthegmata) of the Fathers, pt. 1, 2, 3, 4

Various (900’s), Solomon in Coptic Songs  trans. Anthony Alcock

Various (551-786), Three Coptic Stelae  trans. Anthony Alcock

Various (Unknown), The Twenty for Elders  trans. Anthony Alcock



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The Early Church


The Fathers of the Church: a New Translation  (Catholic Univ. of America Press)

1. The Apostolic Fathers (Clement, Ignatius, Polycarp, Didache, etc.)  IA, vol. 2  Pre
2. Augustine: Christian Instruction; Admonition & Grace; Christian Combat; Faith, Hope & Charity  Ref
3. Salvian: Writings of  Pre
4. Augustine: Immortality & Magnitude of the Soul, on Music, Advantage of Believing, Faith in Things Unseen  Pre
5. Augustine: Happy Life, Answer to Skeptics, Divine Providence & Problem of Evil & Soliloquies  Pre
6. Justin Martyr: Apologies, Dialogue, Exhortation, Discourse, Monarchy  Pre
7. Niceta, Sulpicius, Vincent & Prosper  Pre
8. Augustine: City of God, bks. 1-7  Pre
9. Basil: Ascetical Works
10. Chrysostom: Homilies on Matthew  IA, vol. 2, 3  Ref
11. Augustine: Commentary on Sermon on the Mount & 17 Related Sermons  Pre
12. Augustine: Letters, vol. 1 (1-82)
13. Basil: Letters, vol. 1 (1-185)
14. Augustine: City of God, bks. 8-16  Pre
15. Early Christian Biographies  Pre
16. Augustine: Treatises on Various Subjects
17. Chrysologus: Selected Sermons & Valerian: Homilies  Pre
18. Augustine: Letters, vol. 2 (83-130)
19. Eusebius: Ecclesiastical History  Ref
20. Augustine: Letters, vol. 3 (131-164)
21. Augustine: Confessions  Pre
22. Gregory Nazianzen & Ambrose: Funeral Orations
23. Clement of Alexandria: Christ the Educator  Ref
24. Augustine: City of God, bks. 17-22  Pre
25. Hilary of Poitiers: the Trinity  Pre
26. Ambrose: Letters  Pre
27. Augustine: Treatises on Marriage & Other Subjects
28. Basil, Letters, vol. 2 (186-368)  Pre
29. Eusebius: Ecclesiastical History, bks. 6-10  Ref
30. Augustine, Letters, vol. 4 (165-203)
31. Caesarius: Sermons, vol. 1 (1-80)
32. Augustine, Letters, vol. 5 (204-270)
33. Chrysostom: Commentary on John, Homilies 1-47  GB 2  Pre
34. Leo the Great: Letters  Pre
35. Augustine: Against Julian  Pre
36. Cyprian: Treatises  Pre
37. John of Damascus: Writings  Pre
38. Augustine: Sermons on the Liturgical Seasons
39. Gregroy the Great: Dialogues  Pre
40. Tertullian: Disciplinary, Moral & Ascetical Works  Ref
41. Chrysostom: Commentary on John, Homilies 48-88  Pre
42. Ambrose: Hexameron, Paradise & Cain & Abel
43. Prudentius: Poems, vol. 1  Ref  Latin
44. Ambrose: Theological & Dogmatic Works
45. Augustine: The Trinity
46. Basil: Exegetical Homilies
47. Caesarius of Arles: Sermons, vol. 2 (81-186)  Pre
48. Jerome: Homilies, vol. 1 (1-59 on the Psalms)
49. Lactantius: Divine Institutes, bks. 1-7
50. Paulus Orosius: History Against the Pagans
51. Cyprian: Letters (1-81)  Pre
52. Prudentius: Poems, vol. 2  Ref Latin
53. Jerome: Dogmatic & Polemical Works
54. Lactantius: Minor Works
55. Eugippius: Life of St. Severin
56. Augustine: the Catholic & Manichean Ways of Life  Pre
57. Jerome: Homilies, vol. 2 (60-96)
58. Gregory of Nyssa: Ascetical Works
59. Augustine: the Teacher, Free Choice of the Will, Grace & Free Will  Pre
60. Augustine: Retractions
61. Cyril of Jerusalem, Works, vol. 1
62. Iberian Fathers, vol. 1, Martin, Paschasius & Leander
63. Iberian Fathers, vol. 2, Braulio & Fuctuosus
64. Cyril of Jerusalem: Works  Ref
65. Ambrose: Seven Exegetical Works
66. Caesarius of Arles: Sermons, vol. 3 (187-238)
67. Novatian
68. Chrysostom: Discourses Against Judaizing Christians
69. Victorinus: Theological Treatises on the Trinity  Pre
70. Augustine: Eighty-Three Different Questions
71. Origen: Homilies on Genesis & Exodus  Pre  Latin
72. Chrysostom: on the Incomprehensible Nature of God
73. Chrysostom: Apologist  Pre
74. Chrysostom: Homilies on Genesis, 1-17  Pre
75. Gregory of Nazianzus: Three Poems  Pre
76. Cyril of Alexandria: Letters 1-50  Pre
77. Cyril of Alexandria: Letters 51-110  Pre
78. Augustine: Tractates on John, 1-10
79. Augustine: Tractates on John, 11-27  Pre
80. Origen: Commentary on John, bks. 1-10  Ref
81. Augustine: Letters, vol. 6, (1*-29*)
82. Chrysostom: Homilies on Genesis, 18-45
83. Origen: Homilies on Leviticus, 1-16  Pre  Latin
84. Augustine: On Genesis: Against the Manichees & the Literal Interpretation of  Pre
85. Clement of Alexandria: Stromateis
86. Augustine: Four Anti-Pelagian Writings
87. Chrysostom: Homilies on Genesis, 46–67  Pre  French
88. Augustine: Tractates on John, 28-54  Pre
89. Origen: Commentary on John, bks. 13-32  Pre
90. Augustine: Tractates on the Gospel of John, 55-111  Pre
91. Ephrem the Syrian: Selected Prose Works: Commentaries on Genesis & Exodus, etc.  Pre  Latin
92. Augustine: Tractates on John, 112-124 & on 1 John
93. Leo the Great: Sermons  Pre
94. Origen: Homilies & Fragments on Luke
95. Fulgentius: Selected Works  Pre
96. Chrysostom: on Repentance & Almsgiving
97. Origen: Homilies on Jeremiah & 1 Kings 28  Pre
98. Gregory Thaumaturgus: Life & Works
99. Iberian Fathers, vol. 3, Pacian & Orosius
100. Jerome: on Illustrious Men  Pre
101. Theodoret of Cyrus: Commentary on the Psalms, 1-72  Pre
102. Theodoret of Cyrus: Commentary on the Psalms, 73-150  Pre
103. Origen: Commentary on Romans, bks. 1-5  Pre
104. Origen: Commentary on Romans, bks. 6-10  Pre
105. Origen: Homilies on Joshua  Pre
106. Theodoret of Cyrus: Eranistes  Pre
107. Gregory of Nazianzus: Select Orations  Pre
108. Theodore of Mopsuestia: Commentary on the Twelve Prophets  Ref
109. Chrysologus: Selected Sermons, vol. 2  Pre
110. Peter Chrysologus: Selected Sermons, vol. 3
111. Didymus the Blind: Commentary on Zechariah  Pre
112. Oecumenius: Commentary on the Apocalypse  Pre
113. Barsanuphius & John: Letters, vol. 1  Pre  French 1, 2, 3
114. Barsanuphius & John: Letters, vol. 2  Pre  French 4, 5
115. Cyril of Alexandria: Commentary on the Twelve Prophets, vol. 1  Pre
116. Cyril of Alexandria: Commentary on the Twelve Prophets, vol. 2  Pre
117. Jerome: Commentary on Matthew  Pre
118. Cyril of Alexandria: Festal Letters 1-12
119. Origen: Homilies on Judges  Pre  Latin
120. Pamphilus: Apology for Origen; Rufinus: On the Falsification of the Books of Origen  Pre
121. Jerome: Commentary on Galatians
122. Basil of Caesarea: Against Eunomius  Pre
123. Andrew of Caesarea: Commentary on the Apocalypse
124. Cyril of Alexandria: Commentary on the 12 Prophets, vol. 3  Pre
125. Hilary of Poitiers: Commentary on Matthew
126. Fulgentius & the Scythian Monks: Correspondence on Christology & Grace  Pre
127. Cyril of Alexandria: Festal Letters 13-30
128. Epiphanius of Cyprus: Ancoratus
129. Cyril of Alexandria: Three Christological Treatises  Pre
130. Ephrem the Syrian: Hymns on Faith  Pre
131. Gregory of Nyssa: Anti-Apollinarian Writings  Pre
132. Didymus the Blind: Commentary on Genesis  Pre
133. Rufinus of Aquileia: History of the Church  Pre
134. Tyconius [Donatist]: Expositions of the Apocalypse  Pre
135. Eusebius of Caesarea: Against Marcellus & on Ecclesiastical Theology  Pre
136. Maximos: on Difficulties in Sacred Scripture  Pre
137. Cyril of Alexandria: Glaphyra on the Pentateuch, vol. 1: Genesis  Pre
138. Cyril of Alexandria: Glaphyra on the Pentateuch, vol. 2: Exodus – Deuteronomy  Pre
139. Rufinus of Aquileia: Inquiry about the Monks in Egypt  Pre
140. Ambrose: Treatises on Noah & David  Pre
141. Origen: Homilies on the Psalms  Pre
142. Origen: Homilies on Isaiah  Pre



The Fathers of the Church: Shorter Works  Catholic Univ. of America Press

Gregory of Nyssa, on the Six Days of Creation  Pre  (2021)



Selections from the Fathers of the Church

Augustine, on Marriage & Sexuality  Pre

Justin Martyr, Dialogue with Trypho

Tertullian, Christian & Pagan in the Roman Empire: The Witness of Tertullian  Pre



Ancient Christian Texts  Intervarsity Press

Anon.: Incomplete Commentary on Matthew, vol. 1  Pre
Anon.: Incomplete Commentary on Matthew, vol. 2  Pre
Ambrosiaster: Commentaries on Romans & 1-2 Corinthians  Pre
Ambrosiaster: Commentaries on Galatians-Philemon  Pre
Bede & Severian of Gabala: Commentaries on Genesis 1-3  Pre
Cyril of Alexandria: Commentary on John, vol. 1  Pre
Cyril of Alexandria: Commentary on John, vol. 2  Pre
Eusebius of Caesarea: Commentary on Isaiah  Pre
Jerome: Commentaries on the Twelve Prophets, vol. 1  Ref
Jerome: Commentaries on the Twelve Prophets, vol. 2  Pre
Jerome: Commentary on Jeremiah  Pre
Julian of Eclanum: Commentaries on Job, Hosea, Joel & Amos  Pre  Latin
Oecumenius & Andrew of Caesarea: Greek Commentaries on Revelation  Pre
Origen: Homilies on Numbers
Theodore on Mopsuestia: Commentary on John
Victorinus, Apringius, Caesarius & Bede: Commentaries on Revelation



Early Church Classics  Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

Ambrose, On the Mysteries; Treatise on the Sacraments by Unknown

Apostolical Constitutions & Cognate Documents, Special Reference to their Liturgical Elements

Augustine, Treatise on the City of God

Chrysostom, On the Priesthood

Clement, Epistle of

Clement of Alexandria, Homily: Who is the Rich Man that is being Saved?

Cyprian, On the Lord’s Prayer  Latin

Doctrine of the Twelve Apostles

Epistle to Diognetus

Epistle of the Gallican Churches, Lugdunum & Vienna, Tertullian’s Address to Martyrs & the Passion of Perpetua

Etheria, Pilgrimage of

Gregory of Nyssa, Catechetical Oration

Gregory of Nyssa, Life of Macrina

Ignatius, Epistles

Irenaeus, Against the Heresies

Liturgy of the Eighth Book of “The Apostolic Constitutions”, Commonly called the Clementine Liturgy

Origen, The Teacher, Address of Gregory the Wonder-Worker to Origen

Polycarp, Epistle to the Philippians; Letter of the Smyrnaeans

Sarapion, Prayer-Book, Egyptian Pontifical Dated Probably about A.D. 350-356

Shepherd of Hermas

Tertullian, On the Testimony of the Soul & on the Prescription of Heretics

Vincent of Lerins, Commonitory



Translations of Christian Literature  Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

Series 1, Greek Texts

Basil, Ascetic Works of  Ref

Chrysostom, On the Priesthood  Ref

Clement, First Epistle to the Corinthians  Ref

Dionysius of Alexandria, Letters & Treatises  Ref

Dionysius the Aeropagite, On the Divine Names & Mystical Theology

The Doctrine of the Twelve Apostles

Eusebius of Caesarea, Proof of the Gospel, vol. 1

Eusebius of Caesarea, Poof of the Gospel, vol. 2

Gregory Thaumaturgus, Address to Origen

Hyppolytus, Refutation of All Heresies, vol. 1

Hyppolytus, Refutation of All Heresies, vol. 2  Ref

Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, Epistles

Justin Martyr, The Dialogue with Trypho  Ref

Macarius the Egyptian, Fifty Spiritual Homilies

Macarius the Great, Apocriticus

Origen, Selections from the Commentaries & Homilies of  Ref

Palladius, Dialogue on the Life of Chrysostom  Ref

Palladius, The Lausaic History  Ref

Photius, Library of, vol. 1

Series 2, Latin Texts

Augustine, On the Spirit & the Letter  Ref

Augustine, Treatise on the City of God

Bernard of Clairvaux, Treatise Concerning Grace & Free-Will

Bernard of Clairvaux, Twelve Degrees of Humility & Pride  Ref

Cyprian, Select Epistles Treating of the Episcopate  Ref

Ebo & Herbordus: Life of Otto, Apostle of Pomeriana 1060-1139  Ref

Minucius Felix, Octavius  Ref

Novatian, Treatise on the Trinity

Tertullian, Against Praxeas

Tertullian, Concerning the Resurrection of the Flesh  Ref

Tertullian, Treatises Concerning Prayer & Baptism

Series 3, Liturgical Texts

Ambrose, On the Mysteries, & the Treatise on the Sacraments by Unkown

The Anaphoras of the Ethiopic Liturgy  Ref

Coptic Offices  Ref

Etheria, Pilgrimage of

Liturgy of the Eighth Book of ‘The Apostolic Constitutions’: Commonly Called the Clementine Liturgy

Sarapion, Prayer-Book: an Egyptian Sacramentary

Swedish Rite: a Translation of Handbok för Svenska Kyrkan  Ref

Twenty-Five Consecration Prayers  Ref

Series 4, Oriental Texts

The Ethiopic Didascalia

Irenaeus, The Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching

Series 5, Celtic Saints

Bernard of Clairvaux, Life of St. Malachy of Armagh  Ref

Ciaran, Latin & Irish Lives of

David, Life of

Gall, Life of  Ref

Patrick, His Writings & Life

Samson of Dol, Life of 

Series 6, Select Passages

Documents Illustrative of the History of the Church, vol. 1: to A.D. 313

Documents Illustrative of the History of the Church, vol. 2: 313-461  Ref

Documents Illustrative of the History of the Church, vol. 3: 500-1500  Ref

Second-Century Christianity: A Collection of Fragments  Ref

Series 7

Lives of the Serbian Saints  Ref



Oxford Early Christian Texts


“The series provides reliable working texts of important early Christian writers in both Greek and Latin. Each volume contains an introduction, text, and select critical apparatus, with English translations en face, and brief explanatory references.” – Oxford Univ. Press


Alphabetical by Name

Adrian, Introduction to the Divine Scriptures
Apollinaris of Laodicea, A Metaphrase of the Psalms  Latin
Athanasius, Contra the Gentiles; On the Incarnation
Augustine, Of Christian Doctrine
Augustine, Of the Good of Marriage; Of Holy Virginity
Constantina, Lives of
Cyril, Selected Letters
Damasus of Rome, Epigraphic Poetry
Diodore & Theodore, the Case Against with Texts
Eunomius, Extant Works
Helia, Life of
Jerome, Epitaph on Paula
Justin Martyr, Apologies
Leontius of Byzantium, Complete Works
Leontius of Jerusalem, Against the Monophysites: Testimonies of the Saints and Aporiae
Maximus & Companions, Documents from Exile
Nonnus of Panopolis, Paraphrase of John ch. 11
Origen, Commentary on Matthew  This is the first publishing of the entire work.
Origen, On First Principles
Papias of Hierapolis, Exposition of Dominical Oracles
Priscillian of Avila, Complete Works  Latin
Severus of Minorca, Letter on the Conversion of the Jews
Sophronius & 7th Century Heresy: the Synodical Letter & Other Documents  Pre
Symeon, Epistles of
Tatian, Oration to the Greeks, & Fragments
Theophilus of Alexandria, Prologues on Easter
Thomas of Edessa, Explanations of the Nativity & Epiphany
Various, Greek & Latin Narratives about the Ancient Martyrs



Woodbrooke Studies: Christian Documents in Syriac, Arabic & Garshuni


These documents were largely collected by Dr. A, Mingana, the editor, in a journey to the Near East in 1925.  Some of these texts by Eastern Christians are here published for the first time.  For more background, see this review by J. P. Margoliouth (1930).


1.  Barsalibi’s Treatise against the Melchites; Genuine and Apocyphal works of Ignatius of Antioch; A Jeremiah Apocryphon; A new life of John the Baptist; Some uncanonical Psalms

2. 1. Timothy’s Apology for Christianity, 2. The Lament of the Virgin, 3. The Martyrdom of Pilate

3. 1. Vision of Theophilus, 2. Apocalypse of Peter

4. The work of Dionysius Barṣalībi against the Armenians  Ref  Buy

5. Theodore Mopsuestia, on the Nicene Creed

6. Theodore Mopsuestia, on the Lord’s Prayer, Sacraments, Baptism & Eucharist

7. Early Christian Mystics



Various Individual Works

Alphabetical by Author

Anon. (c. 475; Ps-Gelasius of Cyzicus), Church History [on the Council of Nicea]  trans. Nathanael Jensen  (2017)  This is against Monophysitism.

Anon. (late-1300’s)

The Cloud of Unknowing & Other Treatises…  ed. Dom Justin McCann  in The Orchard Books, vol. 4  (Benziger, 1924)  460 pp.  Also includes the Epistle of Privy Counsel, How Man’s Soul is Made to the Image & to the Likeness of the Holy Trinity, & The Translation of Denis, Hid Divinity

The Cloud of Unknowing & Other Works  trans. Clifton Wolters  (Penguin, 1978)  230 pp.  Also includes the Epistle of Privy Counsel, Dionysius’s Hid Divinity, & the Epistle of Prayer

The Cloud of Unknowing & Related Treatises on Contemplative Prayer  ed. Phyllis Hodgson  (Exeter, 1982)  Also includes The Book of Privy Counselling, the Epistle of Discretion, Hid Divinity, Benjamin Minor, The Study of Wisdom, Of Discerning of Spirits  (Exeter, 1982)  305 pp.

Anon., Life of Alcuin  trans. Priscilla Throop  Buy  (Lulu, 2011)  108 pp.

Aelred of Rievaulx, Mirror of Loving-kindness; The Battle of the Standard; Spiritual Friendship  trans. Priscilla Throop  Buy  (Lulu, 2015)  250 pp.

Ambrose, On Paradise  trans. Gary Anderson  HTML

Aphrahat, 26 Sermons  Ref  What is published in ANF is only a selection of this.

Asterius of Amasea, 3 Homilies on a Saint & Martyrs  in Leemans, Mayer, Allen & Dehandschutter, ‘Let us Die that we may Live’: Greek Homilies on Christian Martyrs from Asia Minor, Palestine & Syria (c. AD 350-AD 450)  Pre  (Routledge, 2003)


The Apostles  by Gerald Donker  Pre  (Society of Biblical Literature, 2011)

The Letters of Saint Athanasius Concerning the Holy Spirit, Ad Serapion  trans. C. R. B. Shapland  (New York: The Philosophical Library, 1951)

Bar Hebraeus (1200’s), Ecclesiastical Chronicle  trans. David Wilmshurst  Buy  (Gorgias Press, 2015)  Background

Basil the Great of Caesarea

Commentary on Isaiah  trans. Nikolai Lipatov  (2001)

Sermon 13, On Holy Baptism (Exhortation to Baptism)  in Francis Patrick Kinrick, A Treatise on Baptism: with an Exhortation to Receive it...  (Philadelphia: M. Fithian, 1843), pp. 225-41  Background

Statement of Faith  trans. Nikolai Lipatov  (2001)  in Studia Patristica, vol. 37…  held in Oxford 1999  (Leuven, 2001), pp. 147-159

2 Homilies on Martyrs  in Leemans, Mayer, Allen & Dehandschutter, ‘Let us Die that we may Live’: Greek Homilies on Christian Martyrs from Asia Minor, Palestine & Syria (c. AD 350-AD 450)  Pre  (Routledge, 2003)

Homily 12 on the Beginning of Proverbs (Prov. 1:1-5)  trans. Justin Gohl

Hugh Stuart Boyd, The Fathers Not Papists: or Six Discourses...  new edition  (London, 1834)

Homily on the Forty Martyrs
Homily on the Martyr Gordius
Homily on Paradise
Homily on the Catholic Faith


16 Homilies on Saints & Martyrs & 2 Letters on Relics  trans. Wendy Mayer  Pre  (St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2006)

4 Homilies on Martyrs  in Leemans, Mayer, Allen & Dehandschutter, ‘Let us Die that we may Live’: Greek Homilies on Christian Martyrs from Asia Minor, Palestine & Syria (c. AD 350-AD 450)  Pre  (Routledge, 2003)

Five Christmas Sermons  trans. Anna K. Van den Broek  B.A. thesis  (New Saint Andrew’s College, 2012)

Homilies on Genesis 2:4-3:24

Homily for Palm Sunday  in trans. S.C. Malan, Meditations for Every Wednesday and Friday in Lent on a Prayer of S. Ephraem; translated from the Russian, to which are added…  (London, 1859)

Letters to Popes

Letter 2 to Innocent (Innocent, Letter 41)  trans. Wendy Mayer

Letters, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49…  71, 72, 73…  78…  83…  97, 98, 99…  108, 109, 110…  175, 176, 177, 178…  196…  208…  213, 214, 215, 216, 217, 218

This table gives summaries of the contents of the letters and further print sources where more may be found translated.

Praise for Diodorus  trans. K. Papadopoulos

Hugh Stuart Boyd, The Fathers Not Papists: or Six Discourses...  new edition  (London, 1834)

Oration on Eutropius
3rd Oration on the Incomprehensible, & Against the Anomoeans
5th Oration on the Incomprehensible
6th Oration on the Incomprehensible
82nd Homily on Matthew
Treatise on the Priesthood, bks. 3 & 6

Cyril of Alexandria

Contra Julian (the Apostate), Prologue & Bk. 1.1-3  trans. Matthew R. Crawford

Preface to Of Worship  trans. Matthew R. Crawford  The preface is on pp. 5-6 of the document.

Didymus the Blind, Commentary on Job  trans. Edward F. Duffy  PhD thesis  (Donaldson, IN: Graduate Theological Foundation, 2000)

Dionysius of Alexandria, Letters & Other Remains of  ed. Charles Lett Feltoe  (Cambridge, 1904)

Ephraem the Greek, Against those who say that Earthquakes occur from the Inflation of the Earth  trans. K. Papadopoulos

Ephraem the Syrian

Commentary on Genesis, chs. 1-3  trans. Gary Anderson

Fragments of a Prayer  These fragments are at the beginning of the chapters and scattered throughout, trans. S.C. Malan, Meditations for Every Wednesday and Friday in Lent on a Prayer of S. Ephraem; translated from the Russian, to which are added…  (London, 1859)

To the Lord Jesus  in trans. S.C. Malan, Meditations for Every Wednesday and Friday in Lent on a Prayer of S. Ephraem; translated from the Russian, to which are added…  (London, 1859)

On Mary the Penitent  in trans. S.C. Malan, Meditations for Every Wednesday and Friday in Lent on a Prayer of S. Ephraem; translated from the Russian, to which are added…  (London, 1859)

On Peter’s Denial of his Master  in trans. S.C. Malan, Meditations for Every Wednesday and Friday in Lent on a Prayer of S. Ephraem; translated from the Russian, to which are added…  (London, 1859)

Severian, bishop of Emesa, On the Sufferings & Death of our Lord  in trans. S.C. Malan, Meditations for Every Wednesday and Friday in Lent on a Prayer of S. Ephraem; translated from the Russian, to which are added…  (London, 1859)


Panarion, bks. 1 (Heresies 1-46), 2-3 (47-80)  trans. Frank Williams  (Brill, 2009/2013)

On the Faith of the Catholic & Apostolic Church  trans. Frank Williams  (Brill, 2013)

Sermon on the 12 Precious Stones (De Gemmis)  trans. Henri de Vis  (1934)  in Studies & Documents, ed. Lake & Lake, vol. 2


Chronicle, pt. 1, 2 (Tables)  trans. Robert Bedrosian & Roger Pearse  (2009/2020)

The Martyrs of Palestine  in Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea: The Ecclesiastical History and The Martyrs of Palestine, vol. 1: Translation  (SPCK, 1927)

Evagrius of Pontus, Scholia on Proverbs  trans. Justin Gohl

Fortunatianus of Aquileia, Commentary on the Gospels  trans. H. A. G. Houghton  (De Gruyter, 2017)

Gregory the Great

Treatise on the Priesthood, beginning of the 1st bk.  in Hugh Stuart Boyd, The Fathers Not Papists: or Six Discourses...  new edition  (London, 1834)

Morals on the Book of Job  HTML  from the Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church, 1844 edition

Gregory of Nazianzus

Epigrams & Sentences-Spiritual  trans. Thomas Drant  ([London] 1578)

Hugh Stuart Boyd, The Fathers Not Papists: or Six Discourses...  new edition  (London, 1834)

Oration on the Nativity
Extracts & Letters

Gregory of Nyssa, 2 Homilies on a Saint & Martyrs  in Leemans, Mayer, Allen & Dehandschutter, ‘Let us Die that we may Live’: Greek Homilies on Christian Martyrs from Asia Minor, Palestine & Syria (c. AD 350-AD 450)  Pre  (Routledge, 2003)

Helladius, Funerary Speech on Basil the Great  trans. Nikolai Lipatov  in Studia Patristica, 2017

Hesychius of Jerusalem, 2 Homilies on a Martyr & a Saint  in Leemans, Mayer, Allen & Dehandschutter, ‘Let us Die that we may Live’: Greek Homilies on Christian Martyrs from Asia Minor, Palestine & Syria (c. AD 350-AD 450)  Pre  (Routledge, 2003)

Hildegard of Bingen, Book of Divine Works  Buy  (Lulu, 2009)

Describes the human being as a microcosm, reflecting the greater cosmos. She deals with the interplay of the elements inside and outside the human body, the relationship of body and soul and virtues and vices, and gives an overview of biblical history.

Hincmar of Rheims, On Kingship, Divorce, Virtues & Vices  trans. Priscilla Throop  Buy  (Lulu, 2013)  402 pp.

Hippolytus, Commentary on the Song of Songs  trans. Yancy Warren Smith  PhD diss.  Buy  (Fort Worth, TX: Brite Divinity School, 2009)

Hrabanus Maurus (800’s), An Explanation of the Book of Judith

Ps-Hrabanus Maurus, Allegories in All Holy Scripture  trans. Priscilla Throop  Buy  (Lulu, 2009)  273 pp.  Presents an alphabetical listing of words used in the Bible, with varied allegorical meanings.

Isidore of Pelusium

Four Letters  ed. Roger Pearse

Letter to Iro  in William Roberts, History of Letter Writing from the Earliest Period to the Fifth Century  (London, 1843)

Isidore of Seville

Etymologies, vol. 1 (bks. 1-10), 2 (11-20)  trans. Priscilla Throop  Buy 12

Etymologies  trans. Barney, Lewis, Beach & Berghof  Pre  Buy  (Cambridge Univ. Press)

Synonyms: Lamentations of a Sinful Soul; & Differences  trans. Priscilla Throop  Buy  (Lulu, 2012)  264 pp.

Jacobus de Voragine, Archbishop of Genoa (1275), Legend of Nicholas of Myra  trans. William Caxton


Commentaries on Titus & Philemon  in trans. Thomas P. Scheck, St Jerome’s Commentaries on Galatians, Titus & Philemon  Ref  (Notre Dame, 2010)

Commentary on Daniel  trans. Gleason L. Archer

Commentary on Jonah  trans. Timothy Michael Hegedus  M.A. thesis  (Wilfrid Laurier University, 1991)

Maternus, Julius Firmicus: De Errore Profanarum Religionum. Introduction, Translation and Commentary  Richard E. Oster Jr.  MA thesis (Rice Univ., 1971)

Maximus the Confessor, Questions & Doubts  trans. Despina D. Prassas  Pre  (Northern Illinois Univ. Press)

Mechthild of Magdeburg (d. 1297), The Flowing Light of the Godhead  trans. Lucy Menzies

Michael the Great, the Syrian (Monophysite), Chronicle of: a Universal History from the Creation, pt. 1 (Creation-Alexander the Great), 2 (Alexander-Diocletian), 3 (300’s-500’s), 4 (600’s-800’s), 5 (900’s-1100’s), 6 (late-1100’s)  trans. Matti Moosa  (Syrica Orthodox Church of Antioch, 2014)  827 pp.  Background  An abbreviated, Armenian version of this work was translated here.


Selections from the Commentaries & Homilies of Origen  trans. R.B. Tollinton  (London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1929)

9 Homilies on Ps. 37-39  in Michael Heintz, The Pedagogy of the Soul: Origen’s “Homilies on the Psalms“  a dissertation  (Notre Dame, 2008)  For more see FoC #141  Pre.

Remains of the Commentary on Proverbs  trans. Travis Fernald

On Ps. 77: Homily 3  trans. Alex Poulos

Porphyry of Tyre (1100’s Neo-Platonist), Ensoulment  Buy  Background

Ps-Athanasius (400’s), On the Temple at Athens  trans. Adam McCollum  (2013)  Background


On the Ascension, pt. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On the Beginning of the New Year  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On the Commencement of the Holy Fasts  trans. K. Papadopoulos

Encomium on the Holy Martyrs  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On Fasting  trans. K. Papadopoulos

That it is a Grave Matter to Despise God’s Benevolence  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On Hope  trans. K. Papadopoulos

The Interpretation of the Prayer, ‘Our Father’  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On the Knowledge of God  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On the Lord’s Forerunner  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On the Parable of the Fig Tree  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On the Passion of our Savior Jesus Christ  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On Pentecost  trans. K. Papadopoulos

Prayer for the Possessed  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On the Prostitute & the Pharisee  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On Ps. 97:1 & 19:2  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On Rachel & the Infants  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ & on the Myrrh-bearers  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On the River Jordan  trans. K. Papadopoulos

On Susanna  trans. K. Papadopoulos

Ps-Procopius of Gaza (d. 528), Commentary on Proverbs, chs. 1-9, 25-31  trans. Justin Gohl  (2020/2021)

Papias, Fragments by or About  trans. Tom C. Schmidt et al.  (2009)  This has been the most complete collection up to its time.

Proclus, On St. Stephen, pt. 1, 2  trans. K. Papadopoulos  Also attributed to Ps-Chrysostom

Prudentius, Hymns for Hours & Seasons: Liber Cathemerinon  Pre  (Routledge, 2016)

Psellos, Mishael (d. after-1077), On Symeon the Metaphrast & On the Miracle at Blachernae: Annotated Translations with Introductions  trans. Elizabeth A. Fisher  (Center for Hellenic Studies, 2014)  Background

Richard Rolle (d. 1349)

The English Writings of Richard Rolle: Hermit of Hampole  ed. Hope Emily Allen  (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1963)  This has slightly different contents than the similar volume in the Western Spiritual Classics series by Paulist Press.

The Pricke of Conscience: a Northumbrian Poem  ed. Richard Morris  (Philological Society, 1863)  375 pp.  The lengthy poem is in early English.

Serapion of Thmuis, The Arabic Life of Antony  Pre

Severian of Gabala, On the Sacrifices of Cain  trans. K. Papadopoulos

Severus ibn Mukaffa (800’s), History of the Patriarchs of the Coptic Church of Alexandria, pt. 1 (St. Mark to Theonas, 300), 2, 3 (Agathon to Michael I, 766)  trans. B. Evetts  (1904)

Saxon Holy Women in Carolingian Times  trans. Priscilla Throop  Buy  (Lulu, 2010)  102 pp.  The Lives of Queen Matilda (mother of the emperor Otto I), Hathumoda & Liutberga

Sorsky, Nil, Authentic Writings  trans. David M. Goldfrank  Ref  (Cistercian Publications, 2008)  369 pp.

Symeon the New Theologian, The Practical & Theological Chapters & the Three Theological Discourses  trans. Paul McGuckin  (Cistercian Publications, 1982)  150 pp.

Johannes Tauler (d. 1361)

The Sermons & Conferences of John Tauler of the Order of Preachers…  being his Spiritual Doctrine, First Complete English Translation…  trans. Walter Elliott  (Washington D.C.: Apostolic Mission House, 1910)

Spiritual Conferences by John Tauler  trans. Eric Colledge & Sister M. Jane  (Tan Books, 1978)  300 pp.

The Inner Way, being Thirty-Six Sermons for Festivals by John Tauler…  trans. Arthur Wollaston Hutton  (London: Methuen & Co., 19??)

Selections from the Life & Sermons of the Reverend Doctor John Tauler  (Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1878)  160 pp.

Signposts to Perfection: a Selection from the Sermons of Johann Tauler  trans. Elizabeth Strakosch  (B Herder Book Co., 1958)  180 pp.

Theodoret, Compendium of Fabulous Heresies  trans. Glenn Melvin Cope, An Analysis of the Heresiological Method of Theodoret of Cyrus in the Haereticarum fabularum compendium  (1990)  412 pp.

Theophanes (800’s), Chronicle of  trans. Harry Turtledove  Buy  (Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 1982/1997)  Background 1, 2

Three Lives & a Rule  trans. Priscilla Throop  Buy  (Lulu, 2010)  The life of Hildegard, written by the monks Godfrey & Theodoric, with Hildegard’s lives of Disibod & Rupert, and her Explanation of the Rule of Saint Benedict.

Victorinus of Pettau, Commentary on Revelation  in ANF #7

Vincent of Beauvais

The Moral Instruction of a Prince  trans. Priscilla Throop  Buy  (Lulu, 2011)  140 pp.

The Education of Noble Children  trans. Priscilla Throop  Buy  (Lulu, 2011)  266 pp.

Wettin of Reichenau, Life of Saint Gall  trans. Priscilla Throop  Buy  (Lulu, 2010)  Tells of his journey from Ireland with Saint Columbanus and his settlement in what is now Switzerland.

Yovhannēs Drasxanakertc (d. 929), History of Armenia  trans. Fr. Krikor Maksoudian

Zigabenus, Euthymius (1100’s Byzantine), Exposition of the Psalms  trans. John Raffan  Greek & English Parallel

Zosimus (550), History of  (London, 1814)  Zosimus was a pagan who blamed Constantine for many things and wrote an important history.

Various, Armenian Historical Sources of the 5-15th Centuries, Translated from Classical Armenian  trans. Robert Bedrosian  (2019)  Includes 25 translations

Various, Ascetic Behavior in Graeco-Roman Antiquity: a Sourcebook  ed. Vincent Wimbush  (1990)

Various, Catena on Galatians  trans. Bill Berg from the 1800’s Cramer edition  Buy  (2015)  180 pp.

Various, The Catena in Marcum: A Byzantine Anthology of Early Commentary on Mark  trans. William Lamb  Pre  (Brill, 2012)

Various, Early Christian Hymns; Translations of the Verses of the Most Notable Latin Writers of the Early & Middle Ages  trans. Daniel Donahoe  (1908)

Various, Early Christian Latin Poets from the 4th to the 6th Century…  trans. Otto J. Kuhnmuench  (Chicago: Loyola Univ. Press, 1929)

Various, The Glossa Ordinaria In English: 1-3 Epistles of St. John  ed. John D Litteral  Buy  (2014)  140 pp.

Various, Greek Christian Poets  trans. Elizabeth Barrett Browning  (London: Chapman & Hall, 1863)

Various, Medieval Literature in Translation  ed. Charles W. Jones  (1950)

Various, The Philokalia [Love of the Beautiful], vol. 1 (Isaiah the Solitary, Evagrios the Solitary, John Cassian, Mark the Ascetic, Hesychios the Priest, Neilos the Ascetic, Diadochos of Photiki, John of Karpathos, Antony the Great), 2 (Theodoros the Great Ascetic, Maximos the Confessor, Thalassios the Libyan, John of Damascus, on Abba Philimon, Theognostos), 3 (Philotheos of Sinai, Ilias the Presbyter, Theophanis the Monk, Peter of Damascus, Symeon of Metaphrastis), 4 (Symeon the New Theologian, Nikitas, Stithatos, Theoliptos, Metropolitan of Philadelphia, Nikiphoros the Monk, Gregory of Sinai, Gregory of Palamas)  (London: Faber & Faber, 1979)  A collection of texts between the 300’s and 1400’s of the Eastern Orthodox Church mystical hesychast tradition.  See Wiki.

Various, Tributes to the Dead  trans. Hugh Stuart Boyd, The Fathers Not Papists: or Six Discourses...  new edition  (London, 1834)



The Early Church Fathers (Routledge)

Early Christian Latin Poets  trans. Caroline White  Pre  Includes selections from Lactantius, Juvencus, Proba, Damasus, Ambrose, Augustine, Paulinus of Nola, Endelechius, Prudentius, Cyprian the Poet, Sedulius, Prosper of Aquitane, Claudius Marius Victorius, Paulinus of Pella, The Tree of the Cross, Orientius, Dracontius, Avitus, Arator, Venantius Fortunatus

Ambrose, On Virgins, Naboth, Mysteries, Prologue, Hymns, Letters on the Altar of Victory Controversy  trans. Boniface Ramsey  Pre

Athanasius  trans. Khaled Anatolios  Pre

Basil of Caesarea, Churchman & Statesman, Homilies on Creation, Ps. 99, Greed & on a Martyr, Polemical Epistles, Excerpts from Against Eunomius & On the Holy Spirit, Ascetic Letters & Rules, On Education  trans. Stephen Hildebrand  Pre

Chrysostom, Selected Minor Writings & Homillies  trans. Wendy Mayer & Pauline Allen  Pre

Cyril of Alexandria  trans. Norman Russell  Pre

Cyril of Jerusalem, Selections of Commentaries on Isaiah & John, Against Nestorius, Explanation of the 12 Chapters, Against Julius  trans. Edward Yarnold  Pre

Evagrius Ponticus, Letters, Treatises, Notes on Job, Ecclesiastes, Lord’s Prayer & Luke, Various Chapters  trans. A.M. Casiday  Pre

Gregory the Great  trans. John Moorhead  Pre

Gregory of Nazianzus, 8 Orations, 10 Poems, 11 Letters, Gregory’s Will  trans. Brian E. Daley  Pre

Gregory of Nyssa, Against Eunomius, the Macedonians & Apolinnarius, Contra Fate, Catechetical Orations 19-24, On the Beatitudes & the Life of Moses  trans. Anthony Meredith  Pre

Irenaeus of Lyons  trans. Robert M. Grant  Pre

Jerome, Select Letters, Prefaces & Lives, Against Vigilantius  trans. Stefan Rebenich  Pre

Leo the Great, Select Homilies & Letters  trans. Bronwen Neil  Pre

Maximus the Confessor, A Letter, Difficulties & 2 Opuscules  trans. Andrew Louth  Pre

Origen, Fragments & Portions of Commentaries on Genesis, Psalms 1-25, Lamentations & John, Select Homilies on 1 Samuel, Jeremiah & Luke, & a Letter to Gregory  trans. Joseph W. Trigg  Pre

Peter Chrysologus, 38 Sermons on the Incarnate God, Mary, Jesus (as Tempted, Teacher, Miracle Worker), his Passion, Crucifixion & the Victory of Easter, on Church, the Creed & the Communion of Saints  trans. David Vincent Meconi  Pre

Severus of Antioch, Portions of Dogmatic & Polemical Works, Homilies, Letters & Hymns  trans. Pauline Allen & C.T.R. Hayward  Pre

Tertullian, Portions of Against the Jews, Antidote for the Scorpion’s Sting, On the Veiling of Virgins  trans. Geoffrey Dunn  Pre

Theodore of Mopsuestia, Opposition to Allegorists, Psalm 8, Creation of Adam & Eve, Commentary on John; Phil. 2:5-11 & Galatians, Ephesians & Colossians, on the Incarnation, Opposition to Apollinaris, Catechetical Homilies, Conciliar Anathemas  trans. Frederick McLeod  Pre

Theodoret of Cyrus  trans. Istvan Pasztori Kupan  Pre

Theophilus of Alexandria, Earlier Festal Letters, 7 Homilies & Sermons, Ecclesiastical Legislation, Origenist Controversy, Tract on Isa. 6:1-7  trans. Norman Russell  Pre



The Medieval Church

Where the same work is online, but is a different, or older
edition than that from the publisher named, or it is a similar work,
it has been linked in.


Order of Contents

Fathers of the Church: Medieval Continuation
Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library
Oxford Medieval Texts



The Fathers of the Church: Medieval Continuation  Catholic Univ. Press

1. Letters of Peter Damian, 1-30  Pre
2. Letters of Peter Damian, 31-60  Buy
3. Letters of Peter Damian, 61-90  Buy
4. Bl. Henry Suso: Wisdom’s Watch upon the Hours  Pre  Buy
5. Letters of Peter Damian, 91-120  Buy
6. Letters of Peter Damian, 121-150  Buy
7. Letters of Peter Damian, 151-180  Buy
8. Petrus Alfonsi: Dialogue Against the Jews  Pre
9. Albert the Great: Questions Concerning Aristotle’s On Animals  Pre
10. Lafranc & Guitmund: On the Body & Blood of Christ in the Eucharist  Pre
11. Thomas Aquinas: the Academic Sermons  Pre
12. Peter Abelard: Commentary on Romans  Pre
13. Robert Grosseteste: on the Cessation of the [Ceremonial] Laws  Pre
14. Peter the Venerable: Against the Inveterate Obduracy of the Jews  Pre
15. John Duns Scotus: Questions on Aristotle’s Categories  Pre
16. Peter the Venerable: Writings Against the Saracens  Pre
17. Albert the Great: on the Body of the Lord  Pre
18. Hildegard of Bingen: the Book of Divine Works  Buy
19. Albert the Great on Job  Pre
20. Albert the Great: on Resurrection  Buy



Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library

1. The Vulgate Bible, vol. I: The Pentateuch  Pre

2. The Arundel Lyrics. The Poems of Hugh Primas  Pre

3. The Beowulf Manuscript  Pre

4. The Vulgate Bible, vol. II, Part A: The Historical Books  Pre

5. The Vulgate Bible, vol. II, Part B: The Historical Books  Pre

6. The Rule of Saint Benedict  Pre

7. Old Testament Narratives  Pre

8. The Vulgate Bible, vol. III: The Poetical Books  Pre

9. Satires: Sextus Amarcius. Eupolemius  Pre

10. Histories, Volume I: bks. 1–2, Richer of Saint-Rémi  Pre

11. Histories, Volume II: bks. 3–4, Richer of Saint-Rémi  Pre

12. Miracle Tales from Byzantium  

13. The Vulgate Bible, vol. IV: The Major Prophetical Books  Pre

14. Ps-Methodius, Apocalypse: An Alexandrian World Chronicle

15. Old English Shorter Poems, vol. I: Religious & Didactic  Ref

16. The History: Michael Attaleiates  Ref

17. The Vulgate Bible, vol. V: The Minor Prophetical Books & Maccabees Pre

18. One Hundred Latin Hymns  Pre

19. The Old English Boethius  Pre

20. The Life of Saint Symeon the New Theologian: Niketas Stethatos  Ref

21. The Vulgate Bible, vol. VI: The New Testament  Ref

22. Literary Works: Alan of Lille  Pre

23. The Old English Poems of Cynewulf  Ref

24. Accounts of Medieval Constantinople: The Patria  Ref

25. The Well-Laden Ship: Egbert of Liège  Ref

26. Ysengrimus  Ref

27. Old English Poems of Christ & His Saints  Ref

28. On Difficulties in the Church Fathers: The Ambigua, Vol. I  Ref

29. On Difficulties in the Church Fathers: The Ambigua, Vol. II  Ref

30. Saints’ Lives, vol. I: Henry of Avranches  Buy

31. Saints’ Lives, vol. II: Henry of Avranches  Ref

32. Old English Shorter Poems, Volume II: Wisdom and Lyric  Ref

33. The Histories, vol. I: bks 1–5, Laonikos Chalkokondyles  Ref

34. The Histories, vol. II: bks 6–10, Laonikos Chalkokondyles  Ref

35. On the Liturgy, vol. I: bks 1–2, Amalar of Metz  Ref

36. On the Liturgy, vol. II: bks 3–4, Amalar of Metz  Ref

37. Allegories of the Iliad: John Tzetzes  Ref

38. Poetic Works: Bernardus Silvestris  Ref

39. Lives & Miracles: Gregory of Tours  Ref

40. Holy Men of Mount Athos

41. On Plato’s Timaeus: Calcidius  Pre

42. Old English Psalms  Pre

43. The Rhetorical Exercises of Nikephoros Basilakes  Pre

44. The Old English History of the World  Ref

45. Christian Novels from the Menologion of Symeon Metaphrastes  Ref

46. Poems: Venantius Fortunatus  Ref

47. The Life of Saint Neilos of Rossano  Ref

48. Carmina Burana: vol. I  Ref

49. Carmina Burana: vol. II

50. The Poems of Christopher of Mytilene & John Mauropous

51. Medieval Latin Lives of Muhammad

52. Two Works on Trebizond: Michael Panaretos, Bessarion

53. Tria Sunt [There are Three]

54. Saints of Ninth & Tenth-Century Greece

55. Architrenius: Johannes de Hauvilla

56. Allegories of the Odyssey: John Tzetzes

57. The History of the Kings of Britain  Other

58. Old English Lives of Saints, vol. I: Ælfric

59. Old English Lives of Saints, vol. II: Ælfric

60. Old English Lives of Saints, vol. III: Ælfric

61. On Morals or Concerning Education: Theodore Metochites

62. Appendix Ovidiana

63. Anonymous Old English Lives of Saints

64. Homilies: Sophronios of Jerusalem

65. Parisiana Poetria: John of Garland  Other

66. Old English Legal Writings: Wulfstan

67. The Byzantine Sinbad, by Michael Andreopoulos

68. Fortune & Misfortune at Saint Gall, by Ekkehard IV

69. The Old English & Anglo-Latin Riddle Tradition

70. The Life & Death of Theodore of Stoudios

71. Aelred of Rievaulx, Writings on Body & Soul

72. The Old English Pastoral Care



Oxford Medieval Texts

No Specific Author or Multiple Authors, by Title

The Anglo-Latin Deeds of the Romans  Ref  Buy
Annals of Ghent  Buy  Latin
The Baronial Movement of Reform & Rebellion, 1258-1267  Ref
Book of the Diverse Orders & Professions which are in the Church  Ref
The Chronicle of Battle Abbey, 1066-1176  Ref
The Chronicle of Anonymous of Canterbury, 1346-1365  Pre
The Continuation of the Eulogy of Histories, 1364-1413  Ref  Latin 1, 2, 3
The Deeds of the Franks & the Other Pilgrims to Jerusalem  Ref
Glanvill: Treatise on the Laws & Customs of England  Pre
The History of the Church of Abingdon, vol. 1  Ref
The History of the Church of Abingdon, vol. 2  Buy
The History of the Monastery of Selby  Pre
The Leading Deeds of the Normans, by William, Vitalis & Robert  Buy  Latin
Three 11th Century Anglo-Latin Saints’ Lives  Pre
The Waltham Chronicle  Buy
The Warenne (Hyde) Chronicle  Pre
The Westminster Chronicle, 1381-1394  Buy
The Writings of Leo, Rufinus & Angelo, Companions of St. Francis  Buy


By Author

Abelard, Peter: Collationes  Ref  Pre
Abelard, Peter: Ethics  Pre
Abelard, Peter & Heloise: the Letter Collection of  IA  Pre  Buy
Adomnan: Life of Columba  Ref
Aebbe of Coldingham & Margaret of Scotland: Miracles of  Ref
Albert of Aachen: History of the Journey to Jerusalem  Pre
Alcuin: The Bishops, Kings & Saints of York  Buy
Anselm: Letters, vol. 1  IA 2, 3  Ref
Becket, Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury: Correspondence of, vol. 1  Ref
Becket, Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury: Correspondence of, vol. 2  Ref
Bede: the Abbots of Wearmouth & Jarrow  Pre
Bede: Ecclesiastical History of the English People  Buy
Bede: Latin Poetry  Ref
Burchard of Mt. Sion: Description of the Holy Land  Ref
Byrhtferth of Ramsey: Lives of Two Saints  Pre
Christina of Markyate: a 12th Century Recluse  Ref
Daniel, Walter: Life of Ailred of Rievaulx  Buy
Dunstan, St.: Early Lives of  IA  Ref
Eadmer of Canterbury: Lives & Miracles of [3] Saints  Pre  Latin
Edward II, Life of  Pre
King Edward, Life of  Pre
fitzNigel, Richard: Dialogue of the Exchequer & Disposition of the King’s Household  Pre
Fulbert of Chartres: Letters & Poems of  Buy
Geoffrey of Burton: Life & Miracles of St. Modwenna  Ref
Gerald of Wales: Instruction for a Ruler  Ref
Gerald of Wales: Life of St. Hugh of Lincoln, vol. 1  Buy
Gerald of Wales: Life of St. Hugh of Lincoln, vol. 2  Buy
Gervase of Tilbury: Recreation for an Emperor  Buy
Gilbert, the Book of  Buy
Gilo of Paris: The [Poem] Historia Vie Hierosolimitane  Buy
Glaber, Rudulfus: Opera [Histories]  Ref  Latin
Goscelin of St. Bertin: Hagiography of the Female Saints of Ely  Pre
Grammaticus, Saxo: the Deeds of the Danes, vol. 1  Buy
Grammaticus, Saxo: the Deeds of the Danes, vol. 2  Buy
Gregory VII, Pope: the Wandering Epistles  Ref
Guy, Bishop of Amiens: Song of the Fight of Hastinga  Pre
Henry V, the Deeds of  Buy  Latin
Henry, Archdeacon of Huntingdon: History of the English People, 1000-1154  Pre
Herman, Archdeacon of St. Bertin: Miracles of St. Edmund  Pre
Hugh the Chanter: History of the Church of York, 1066-1127  Buy
John of Salisbury: The Historia Pontificalis  Ref
John of Salisbury: Letters of, vol. 1, the Early Letters (1153-1161)  Buy
John of Salisbury: Letters of, vol. 2, the Later Letters (1163-1180)  Buy
John of Worcester: Chronicle of, vol. 2, 450-1066  Ref
John of Worcester: Chronicle of, vol. 3, 1067-1140  Buy
Itier, Bernard: the Chronicle & Historical Notes  Pre
Knighton’s Chronicle 1337-1396  Ref
Lanfranc, Archbishop: the Monastic Constitutions of  Ref
Lanfranc, Archbishop: Letters of  Ref
Marsh, Adam: Letters, vol. 1  Ref  Pre
Marsh, Adam: Letters, vol. 2  Buy
Map, Walter: Courtiers’ Trifles  Buy
Nicholas of Clairvaux: Letter Collections of  Buy
Peter of Celle: Letters of  Pre
Robert of Torgini: Chronography, vol. 1  Ref
Robert of Torigni: Chronography, vol. 2  Ref
Stephan [King], the Deeds of  Buy  Latin
Sylvius, Aeneas [Pope Pius II]: Commentaries on the Affairs of the Council of Basle  Ref
Symeon of Durham: the Origins & Progress of the Church of Durham  Ref
Theophilus: the Various Arts  Buy  Latin
Thomas of Marlborough: History of the Abbey of Evesham  Pre
Usk, Adam: the Chronicle of, 1377-1421  Buy
Vitalis, Orderic: Ecclesiastical History of, vol. 1, bks. 1-2  Buy
Vitalis, Orderic: Ecclesiastical History of, vol. 2, bks. 3-4  Ref  Buy
Vitalis, Orderic: Ecclesiastical History of, vol. 3, bks. 5-6  Ref
Vitalis, Orderic: Ecclesiastical History of, vol. 4, bks. 7-8  Ref
Vitalis, Orderic: Ecclesiastical History of, vol. 5, bks. 9-10  Buy
Vitalis, Orderic: Ecclesiastical History of, vol. 6, bks. 11-13  Buy
Walsingham, Thomas: the St. Alban’s Chronicle, vol. 1, 1376-1394  Ref
Walsingham, Thomas: the St. Alban’s Chronicle, vol. 2, 1394-1422  Ref
Walter of Chatillon: Shorter Poems  Buy
William of Malmesbury: the Contemporary History  Ref
William of Malmesbury: the History of the English Kings, vol. 1  Ref
William of Malmesbury: the History of the English Kings, vol. 2  Pre
William of Malmesbury: the Deeds of the English Bishops, vol. 1  Pre
William of Malmesbury: the Deeds of the English Bishops, vol. 2  Pre
William of Malmesbury: Saints’ Lives  Ref
William of Poitiers: The Deeds of  Ref  in PL 149.1217-1270
Worcester, William: Itineraries  Buy
Wulfstan of Winchester: Life of St. Aethelwold  IA  Buy



Mittellateinische Studien und Texte  Medieval Latin Studies & Text


Only the texts that have been translated into English from this series are listed below (which is few).


12. Ysengrimus  Pre  (Brill, 1987)

19. Walahfrid Strabo’s Libellus de exordiis et incrementis quarundam in observationibus ecclesiasticis rerum: A Translation & Liturgical Commentary  Pre




ed. Magill, Frank & Ian McGreal, Christian Spirituality: the Essential Guide to the Most Influential Writings of the Christian Tradition  (Harper & Row, 1988)  720 pp.

ed. Oden, Amy, In Her Words: Women’s Writings in the History of Christian Thought  (Abingdon Press, 1994)

ed. Fleming, David A., The Fire & the Cloud: an Anthology of Catholic Spirituality  (NY: Paulist Press, 1978)

ed. Toon, Peter, Spiritual Companions: An Introduction to the Christian Classics  (Baker, 1992)  210 pp.  This is not chronologically ordered, but in the 100 short excerpts, the work includes a lot selections from the early and medieval Church in English that are not easily available elsewhere.

ed. Magill, Frank N. & Ian P. McGreal, Christian Spirituality: the Essential Guide to the Most Influential Spiritual Writings of the Christian Tradition  (Harper & Row, 1988)  The 125 segments, each several pages, are in chronological order.  The segments introduce, survey and quote from the primary source, and available editions are listed for it.

Readings in Medieval History, vol. 1: the Early Middle Ages  4th ed., ed. Patrick J. Geary  (University of Toronto Press, 2010)  345 pp.

Medieval Philosophy: Selected Readings from Augustine to Buridan  ed. Herman Shapiro  in The Modern Library  (NY: Modern Library, 1964)



Eastern Fathers: Syrian, Coptic & Arabic

Collect the Ephrem stuff




Classics of Western Spirituality  SPCK

Hodder Christian Classics

Orchard Books  Burns & Oats

The Works of Saint Augustine: A Translation for the 21st Century,  New City Press

Translations of Early Documents  SPCK  Here

Texts and Studies , contributions to biblical and patristic literature ed. Robinson, Cambridge  here

Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium  here

Oxford Early Christian Texts

Texts and Translations Society

Ancient Christian Texts  IVP Academic ed. Bray & Oden

Catholic University of America Studies in Sacred Theology, first and second series

The Catholic University of America Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Latin Language and Literature  This  vol. 12

Garland Library of Medieval Literature

Toronto Medieval Texts & Translations

Dallas Medieval Texts has published about 50 volumes  Buy 

TEAMS Middle English Texts has done a few hundred  Buy 

The series, Medieval Philosophical Texts in Translation, has around 50 in it  Buy

For a broad range of Medieval primary source documents online, see the Medieval Sourcebook at Fordham University (use the sidebar on the left to browse).





ed. Farrar & Evans – Bibliography of English Translations from Medieval Sources  (Columbia University Press, 1964)  545 pp.  no ToC

“…for its time an exhaustive effort…” – Bradley & Muller

Ferguson, Mary Anne – Bibliography of English Translations from Medieval Sources, 1943-1967  Buy  (1975)  274 pp.

Continues Farrar and Evans work.




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