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History of Psalm Tunes



The Most Exhaustive for Psalm Tunes and Authors


Cowan, William & James Love – The Music of the Church Hymnary & the Psalter in Metre: its Sources & Composers  (Edinburgh: Henry Frowde, 1901)  265 pp.  no ToC

* Moffatt, James & Millar Patrick – Handbook to the Church Hymnary, with Supplement  (Oxford, 1935)  735 pp.  ToC 1, 2  The Supplement is separately paginated.

See especially in the Supplement, ‘Notes on Tunes in The Scottish Psalter of 1929 (in Metre) Not Included in the Revised Church Hymnary (pp. 67-94).  This is the most exhaustive though it is missing a few of the tunes in Scottish Psalmody.

Frost, Maurice – English & Scottish Psalm & Hymn Tunes c. 1543‐1677
(London: Oxford University Press, 1953)  540 pp.  ToC



Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, vol 1 (A-O), vol. 2 (P-Z)   (1915)

Grove, Dictionary of Music, vol. 1 (A-E), 2 (F-L), 3 (M-P), 4 (Q-S), 5 (T-Z Appen.)

Brown & Stratton,  British Musical Biography

Monk, Hymns Ancient & Modern

Bumpus, History of English Cathedral Music

Dictionary of National Biography

James Love, Scottish Church Music, its Composers & Sources  (Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1891)

Lightwood, Hymn Tunes & their Story




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