Psalm Tune History Books


The Most Exhaustive for Psalm Tunes and Authors

William Cowan & James Love, The Music of the Church Hymnary and the Psalter in Metre: its Sources and Composers  (Edinburgh: Henry Frowde, 1901)

James Moffatt & Millar Patrick – Handbook to the Church Hymnary, with Supplement  (Oxford, 1935)

See especially the Supplement.  This is the most exhaustive though it is missing a few of the tunes in Scottish Psalmody.

Maurice Frost, English & Scottish Psalm & Hymn Tunes c. 1543‐1677
(London: Oxford University Press, 1953)



Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, vol 1 (A-O), vol. 2 (P-Z)   1915

Grove, Dictionary of Music, vol. 1 (A-E), 2 (F-L), 3 (M-P), 4 (Q-S), 5 (T-Z Appen.)

Brown and Stratton,  British Musical Biography

Monk, Hymns Ancient and Modern

Bumpus, History of English Cathedral Music

Dictionary of National Biography

James Love, Scottish Church Music, its Composers and Sources  (Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1891)

Lightwood, Hymn Tunes and their Story