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Various – Commemoration of the Bicentenary of the Westminster Assembly of Divines: held at Edinburgh, 1843, Containing the Addresses & Conversations  Buy  (1843)  158 pp.  including addresses by the leading ministers of the United Kingdom, including Symington, Candlish, Hetherington, Brown, M’Crie, Cunningham, Eadie, Shaw and Tweedie

Smyth, Thomas – The History, Character & Results of the Westminster Assembly of Divines  (1844)  124 pp.

Mitchell, Alexander – The Westminster Assembly: Its History and Standards  Buy  (1884)  560 pp.

Hetherington, William – History of the Westminster Assembly of Divines  Buy  (1890)  510 pp.



Beveridge, William – A Short History of the Westminster Assembly  Buy  (1904)  202 pp.

Warfield, B.B. – The Westminster Assembly & Its Work  Buy  (1908)  76 pp.

Carruthers, S.W. – The Everyday Work of the Westminster Assembly  Buy  (Presbyterian Historical Society of America & England, 1943)  225 pp.  ToC  HT

Hall, David & John Carson – To Glorify & Enjoy God: A Commemoration of the 350th Anniversary of the Westminster Assembly  Ref  Buy  (Banner of Truth, 1994)  338 pp.

Paul, Robert – The Assembly of the Lord  Buy  (1997)  624 pp.

Ward, Rowland – A Short Introduction to the Westminster Assembly & its Work  Pre  (TULIP Publishing)  123 pp.  ToC



Special Studies

Spear, Wayne – Covenanted Uniformity in Religion: The Influence of the Scottish Commissioners upon the Ecclesiology of the Westminster Assembly  Pre  (RHB)  248 pp.  ToC

Van Dixhoorn, Chad – God’s Ambassadors: The Westminster Assembly & the Reformation of the English Pulpit, 1643-1653  Pre  (RHB)  240 pp.  ToC

Gamble, Whitney – Christ & the Law: Antinomianism at the Westminster Assembly  Pre  (RHB)  256 pp.  ToC

Woolsey, Andrew – Unity & Continuity in Covenantal Thought: a Study in the Reformed Tradition to the Westminster Assembly  in Reformed Historical Theological Studies  Pre  (RHB)  672 pp.  ToC


On Individuals

Cho, Youngchun – Anthony Tuckney (1599-1670): Theologian of the Westminster Assembly  Pre  (RHB)  232 pp.  ToC

Casselli, Stephen J. – Divine Rule Maintained: Anthony Burgess, Covenant Theology & the Place of the Law in Reformed Scholasticism  Pre  (RHB)  200 pp.  ToC




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