Histories of the Westminster Assembly

Beveridge, William – A Short History of the Westminster Assembly  Buy  202 pages, 1904

Carruthers, S.W. – The Everyday Work of the Westminster Assembly  Buy  1943, no number of pages

Hall, David, and John Carson, To Glorify and Enjoy God: A Commemoration of the 350th Anniversary of the Westminster Assembly  Buy  1994, 352 pages

Hetherington, William – History of the Westminster Assembly of Divines,  Buy  1890, 510 pages

Mitchell, Alexander – The Westminster Assembly: Its History and Standards,  Buy  1884, 560 pages 

Paul, Robert – The Assembly of the Lord  Buy  1997, 624 pages

Smyth, Thomas – The History, Character, and Results of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, 1844, 124 pages

Various – Commemoration of the Bicentenary of the Westminster Assembly of Divines: held at Edinburgh, 1843, Containing the Addresses and Conversations,  Buy  1843, 158 pages, including addresses by the leading ministers of the United Kingdom, including Symington, Candlish, Hetherington, Brown, M’Crie, Cunningham, Eadie, Shaw and Tweedie 

Warfield, B.B. – The Westminster Assembly and Its Work,  Buy  1908, 76 pages



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