Christ as our Surety

“O that one might plead for a man with God, as a man pleadeth for his neighbour!…  Lay down [a pledge] now, put me in a surety with Thee; who is he that will strike hands [in a contract] with me?”

Job 16:21; 17:3

“Be surety for thy servant for good: let not the proud oppress me.  Mine eyes fail for thy salvation…”

Ps. 119:122-23

“For He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.”

2 Cor. 5:21



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Strong (d. 1654) was an English, Independent divine.

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De Laune (d. 1685) was a baptist.

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Allinga (1658-1692) was Dutch reformed.

Alsop, Vincent – Letter 3, ‘Of Christ’s Being our Surety’  in A Vindication of the Faithful Rebuke to a False Report...  (London, 1698)



à Brakel, Wilhelmus – ch. 4. ‘The Nature of the Suretyship of Jesus Christ During the Old Testament’  in The Christian’s Reasonable Service, vol. 4  ed. Joel Beeke, trans. Bartel Elshout  Buy  (1700; RHB, 1992/1999), Appendix: Administration of the Covenant of Grace in the Old & New Testaments, pp. 447-57

a Brakel (1635-1711) was a contemporary of Voet and Witsius and a major representative of the Dutch Further Reformation.

Witsius, Herman

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The translator Bell (1733–1802) was a Scottish Relief Church minister, known as a theologian and translator.




Doolittle, Thomas – Captives Bound in Chains made Free by Christ their Surety, or the Misery of Graceless Sinners & their Recovery by Christ their Savior  (London, 1674)  106 pp.  ToC





Cocceius, Johannes –   A Sum of Theology Rehearsed out of the Scriptures  (Geneva, 1665)

34. Of the Mediator and Surety of the Testament, pp. 387-92
35. Of the Accomplishing [Effectu] of the Surety, pp. 392-93

Cocceius (1603-69).  This is not entirely recommended.  In order to further uphold Cocceius’s teaching that OT saints were yet liable to their guilt (sub reatus) before Christ’s atonement was made (contra the majority of the reformed), his followers, the Cocceians, argued that Christ was only a surety as a fidejussor, or a co-signer, rather than as an expromissor, or a full legal substitute.  For the majority defense of the latter, see our page, On the State of the Saints under the Old Testament.

Burman, Francis – 15. ‘Of the Surety of the Covenant of Grace’  in A Synopsis of Theology & Especially of the Economy of the Covenant of God…  (Utrecht, 1671), vol. 1, bk. 2, Locus 11, ‘Of the Constitution of the Covenant of Grace’, pp. 488-97

Burman (1628-79) was a Cocceian; see above on Cocceius.

Leydekker, Melchior

Bk. 4, ch. 7, ‘Of Jesus, the Surety’  in Of the Truth of the Reformed, or Evangelical, Religion  (Utrecht, 1688), pp. 447-57

Leydekker, who was Dutch reformed, argued against the Cocceians.

The Power of Truth, or Disquisitions on Some Controversies which are now Greatly Moved in Belgium, on the Economy of the Covenants of God…  (Utrecht, 1679), Bk. 2, ‘Of the Sponsor & the Sponsorship of the Covenant of Grace’

Controversy 1, ‘Whether the Sponsorship of Christ may have the Nature of a Co-Signer [Fidejussionis] under the Old Testament, but not the grounding of an Entire Legal Substitute [Expromissionis], so that Christ under the Old Testament ought to be Considered not so much as an Entire Legal Substitute, but a Co-Signer, even According to the Definition of a Co-Signer amongst Lawyers?  We Deny.’, pp. 72-106

Controversy 2, pp. 107-20

A Synopsis of the Controversies of the Covenant & Testament of God which are presently being Stirred in Belgium  (Utrecht, 1690), bk. 2, ‘Of the Sponsor & Surety of the Covenant of Grace’

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Controversy 2, ‘Of the Ground of God in Accepting a Surety’, pp. 22-25




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