Moral vs. Ceremonial Worship

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Articles on both Moral & Ceremonial Worship


Ames, William – pp. 35-39  of ch. 4, ‘Concerning the Nature & Definition of a Ceremony’  in A Fresh Suit Against Human Ceremonies in God’s Worship…  (Amsterdam: Thorp, 1633), Manuduction

Corbet, John –



On Moral Worship


Palmer, Herbert & Daniel Cawdrey – ch. 6, ‘Solemn Worship is Moral-Natural, both Solitary & Conjoined in Families & Churches, & How Far’  in Sabbatum Redivivum, or the Christian Sabbath Vindicated…  (1645), Part 1, pp. 73-82

See also our section, ‘On Moral-Natural Laws’.



Samuel Rutherford

A Peaceable & Temperate Plea for Paul’s Presbytery in Scotland  (1642), ch. 20, article 4

“He [the pastor] begins the [public] worship with prayer and praising, and closes therewith (as the apostles, Acts 20:18,19,36; Matt 26:30, as the church of Corinth added to prophesying praying and the singing of psalms, 1 Cor. 14:14-17, and as this moral worship was ordinary to the Jews).”



On Ceremonial Worship

See also ‘The Ceremonial Law’.



Palmer, Herbert & Daniel Cawdrey – ch. 1, sections 5-9  of Part 1 of Sabbathum Redivivum, or the Christian Sabbath Vindicated…  (1645), pp. 4-6




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