Cunningham, William – The Rights of the Christian People and Patronage and Popular Election, starting on p. 290 and 550 respectively, 140 pages and 15 pages respectively.  1863.  These are Chapters 11 and 13 from his Discussions on Church Principles

M’Crie, Thomas (the elder) – What Ought the General Assembly do at the Present Crisis?  1833, p. 611, 55 pages, by Thomas M’Crie (the elder), from his Miscellaneous writings, Chiefly Historical, 1841

M’Crie’s answer, in 1833, was to abolish patronage immediately.  The General Assembly did not take his advice.  The 10 year conflict over patronage and State intrusion ensued culminating in the Disruption.



Anonymous – The Select Anti-patronage Library: Consisting Chiefly of Reprints of Scarce Pamphlets1842, 291 pages

This was published in Scotland right before the Disruption of 1843, which was largely over patronage.

Cunningham, William – Strictures on the Rev. James Robertson’s Observations upon the Veto Act, part 1: Legal and Scriptural branches of the argument1840, 134 pages

Evangelicals in the Church of Scotland were able to pass the Veto Act in the Church in 1834, which upheld the Biblical principle that ministers could not be forced onto a congregation by the civil government.  The Veto Act was overturned in the civil courts in 1838, leading to a battle between Church and State which culminated in the Disruption of 1843.  Robertson was a moderate minister in the Church of Scotland whose Observations upon the Veto Act, 1839, criticized it and sought for its removal in the Church.  Cunningham here defends the Veto Act, contrary to the civil government.  May such courage be given to us today when the church often blindly follows the will of Caesar instead of the will of God.  


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