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“Volumes upon this subject are so extremely numerous and so varied in their opinions that we confine ourselves to the few which follow.  The reader is also referred to works upon the Apocalypse.”

Charles Spurgeon




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The Best on Prophecy


Davison, John – Discourses on Prophecy; its Structure, Use and Inspiration, being the substance of 12 Sermons  1845

*** “Elliott calls this ‘Davison’s noble work on prophecy.’  This is one of the Warburtonian lectures, and we would here note that those lectures are all upon prophecy, and are many of them by first-class men, and therefore worthy of study.  Of course they greatly vary in value according to the ability of the lecturers.” – Spurgeon

Edersheim, Alfred – Prophecy and History in Relation to the Messiah  1885

Edersheim was born an orthodox Jew, converting to Christianity in early adulthood under the influence of John ‘Rabbi’ Duncan.  He became a minister in the Free Church of Scotland and later a first century scholar in the Anglican Church.

Fairbairn, Patrick – Prophecy Viewed in Respect to its Distinctive Nature, Special Function and Proper Interpretation  1856

Fairbairn was a minister and professor in the Free Church of Scotland.

***“A standard work by one who is at home with the subject.” – Spurgeon

Keith, Alexander – Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion, derived from the literal Fulfillment of Prophecy; as illustrated by the History of the Jews and by the Discoveries of Recent Travellers  1848

***“Horne says, ‘The multiplied editions which have been required within a very few years sufficiently attest the high estimation in which Mr. Keith’s work is deservedly held;’  and we may add that the improvements and additions have increased its value, and that fresh editions have shown that it is still appreciated.” – Spurgeon

Oehler, Gust. F. – ‘Prophetism’  1875  315 pp.  being part 2 of his The Theology of the Old Testament, vol. 2, pp. 123-438

Oehler was a conservative, German, Old Testament scholar.  His work is a Biblical Theology on the Old Testament.



Young, E.J. 

Old Testament Prophecy  Buy  1965  220 pp.

My Servants the Prophets  Buy  1952  205 pp.

Young was one of the renowned, conservative scholars of early Westminster Seminary.  This work is more accessible than that of Robertson below.

‘Combines fidelity to the Scriptures with the characteristic Reformed interpretation of the text.  Includes the origin of the prophets, their relation to the Theocracy, the difference between true and false prophets as the recipients of God’s revelation.’ – Cyril J. Barber



Robertson, O. Palmer – The Christ of the Prophets  Buy  2008  417 pp.

This is one of the most popular (and nearly only) modern, reformed works on the subject, it being something of a sequel to his ‘Christ of the Covenants’.



More on Prophecy


Fleming, Robert – The Fulfilling of the Scripture (Abridged)  Unabridged  †1694

Fleming was a Scottish covenanter.

** – “This we mention because it is generally placed under this head, but it is not an exposition of prophecy at all.  It is an elaborate treatise upon the fact that the Scriptures are fulfilled, and the Word of the Lord is true.  As such it deserves the high encomiums so freely showered upon it by the eminent divines of Fleming’s own time, and it abundantly justifies the issue of so many editions.” – Spurgeon



Newton, Thomas – Dissertations on the Prophecies which have Remarkably been Fulfilled, and at this time are fulfilling in the world  †1782

*** – “A standard work of a laborious and learned author; rather laborious reading.  The Bishop must not be trusted upon the New Testament prophecy.  Theologically his standing is very dubious.” – Spurgeon



Baron, David – The Shepherd of Israel and his Scattered Flock: a Solution of the Enigma of Jewish History  Buy  Preview  1910

Faber, George – The Sacred Calendar of Prophecy, or a Dissertation on the Prophecies which treat of the Seven Times, and especially of the latter Three Times and a Half, vol. 1, 2, 3  1828

Faber (1773-1854) was an Anglican.

**  “Faber is one of the great rabbis of prophecy.  He was a man of almost boundless learning and industry.  His characteristics are said to have been ‘strong masculine sense, extensive classical erudition, and a hearty love of hypothesis.’  This last quality, no doubt, led him to expound prophecy, and also disqualified him for doing it well.” – Spurgeon

Von Orelli, Conrad – The Old Testament Prophecy of the Consummation of God’s Kingdom  1885  490 pp.

“By one of the best German commentators and a contributor to ISBE [The International Standard Bible Encyclopdia].  Fairly reliable, but makes some concessions to those who espouse liberal views.” – Cyril J. Barber

“Evidently our first effort should be to ascertain what the earlier Scriptures meant in the age to which they spoke; and this is what Dr. Orelli tries to do in the present volume.  While doing ample justice to the Christian fulfillment, he first considers every prophecy of the divine kingdom in its relation to speaker, hearers, and the general historical circumstances out of which it arose.  The student is placed at the Old Testament standpoint, as far as this is possible to us.” – the Translator





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