The Last Things


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Ames, William – ch. 41, ‘The End of the World’  in The Marrow of Theology  tr. John D. Eusden  (1623; Baker, 1997), bk. 1, pp. 214-19

Ames (1576-1633) was an English, puritan, congregationalist, minister, philosopher and controversialist.  He spent much time in the Netherlands, and is noted for his involvement in the controversy between the reformed and the Arminians.  Voet highly commended Ames’s Marrow for learning theology.

Rijssen, Leonard – ch. 18, ‘The Last Things’  in A Complete Summary of Elenctic Theology & of as Much Didactic Theology as is Necessary  tr. J. Wesley White  MTh thesis  (Bern, 1676; GPTS, 2009), pp. 242-54

Rijssen (1636?-1700?) was a prominent Dutch reformed minister and theologian, active in theological controversies.




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