Call to Worship

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Sinclair Ferguson

Foreword, p. xx  in ed. Gibson & Earngey, Reformation Worship: Liturgies from the Past for the Present (New Growth, 2018)

“In my childhood, virtually every service of worship began with the same words: ‘Let us worship God.'”


Westminster Directory for Public Worship

Of the Assembling of the Congregation

The congregation being assembled, the minister, after solemn calling on them to the worshipping of the great name of God, is to begin with prayer…


Concerning the Observation of Days of Publick Thanksgiving

The day being come, and the congregation (after private preparations) being assembled, the minister is to begin with a word of exhortation, to stir up the people to the duty for which they are met, and with a short prayer for God’s assistance and blessing (as at other conventions for publick worship)…


The Form of Presbyterial Church Government never speaks of a call to worship being a function of the pastor’s office, though it does of the Benediction.


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Book of Common Order, 1564, Cumming, p. 1

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John Owen

‘A Short Catechism on Worship’  1667

“Q 17. Which are the principal institutions of the Gospel to be observed in the worship of God?

A. (1.) The calling, gathering and settling of churches with their officers, as the seat and subject of all other solemn instituted worship. (2.) Prayer with thanksgiving. (3.) Singing of Psalms. (4.) Preaching the Word.  (5.) Administration of the Sacraments of Baptism, and the Supper of the Lord. (6.) Discipline and rule of the Church collected and settled; most of which have also sundry particular duties relating unto them, and subservient unto their due observation.”