Cotton Mather on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel


Pastor of the Old North Church of Boston from 1683-1728



A Short and Plain Essay to Answer that Most Concerning Inquiry What Shall I do to be Saved?  Now published with a Design to Assist the Addresses of Good Men unto their Neighbors, whom they press to mind the One Thing Needful, 1765, reprinted 1995 by Sower’s Seed Books

p. 5

1. You must know, that there is a great salvation proposed unto the sinful children of men; and you must know and think that there is nothing of so great concernment for any man, as to obtain a part in that great salvation.

p. 14

It is proposed unto you, that you shall no longer be the children of death, but be made the children of GodThat you shall be forgiven and accepted with a reconciled God and be followed with perpetual testimonies of his Fatherly love: that no iniquity shall have dominion over you, but you shall become the amiable temples, wherein He will dwell, with the sweetest influences of his Good Spirit forever irradiating [illumining] of you.

It is proposed unto you; that your spirits at your dissolution [death] shall put on the garments of light, and enter into the peace a rest of an heavenly paradise: that your bodies ere long by a resurrection shall be restored unto your spirits: but be the lively, the lovely, the most agreeable and everlasting mansions for them: that you shall have a joyful portion in the city of God, and have his marvelous kindness forever doing unutterable things for you, in that strong city: there you shall at length be filled with all the fullness of God and have God become All in All unto you forever and ever.

All this is contained in the salvation whereof you have a tender [offer]…

p. 20

The faith by which we receive a glorious Christ, and rest on Him for salvation as He is offered unto us.

p. 24

Oh!  Lie at the foot of sovereign grace confessing and imploring, Lord, I am justly destroyed if I do not sincerely renounce my sin, sincerely embrace my Savior.  But I cannot, Oh!  I cannot!  I have deadly fetters upon my soul; I shall never answer your gracious calls, except your sovereign grace enable me.

p. 25

Oh!  Hear a compassionate Redeemer calling you; Isa. 45:22, “Look unto Me all ye ends of the earth, and be ye saved.”  Comply, reply: Lord I look unto thee, I will be thine, Save me.




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