Books included on the Sermon Index

The Sermon Index includes all the sermons and books on this website, as well as other select reformed and puritan sermons through the last 500 years.

All the individual sermons of the authors below that could be found online are on the Index, even where no book is listed.  For all the sermons of a particular person, go to their Author’s page.



Alexander, Archibald

Practical Sermons,  Buy  1850, 596 pages

Brown, Charles

The Word of Life : being Selections from the Work of a Ministry1874, 360 pages, being 23 of his sermons

Cunningham, William

Sermons,  Buy  1872, 472 pages, with a 27 page preface by J.J. Bonar, with an account of Cunningham’s conversion and life.

Dabney, Robert

Gauseen, Louis

The Parables of Spring1852, 103 pages, these are sermons on the season of Spring

Girardeau, John

Sermons,  Buy  1907, 412

Hodge, Charles

Kennedy, John

Sermon Notes, 2 volumes,  Buy  390 & 324 pages

M’Crie, Thomas (the Elder)

Sermons, 1836, 431 pages

Miller, Samuel