James – Revelation Sermon & Textual Index



1:1  Boys, John – The Epistle, James 1:1  in Works, pp. 688-691

1:6  White, Thomas – What Faith is that, which except we have in Prayer, we must not think to obtain any thing of God?  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 1

1:18  Charnock, Stephen – A Discourse of the Word, the Instrument of Regeneration  in Works, vol. 3


Philpot, J.C. – Patience and Her Perfect Work

Spurgeon, Charles – All Joy in All Trials


Goodwin, Thomas – The Wisdom of Patience

Spurgeon, Charles – Loving Advice for Anxious Seekers

1:6-8  Goodwin, Thomas – Part 2, Book 3, Ch. 1  of The Object and Acts of Justifying Faith, in Works, vol. 8

1:6  Clarkson, David – Faith in Prayer  in Practical Works, vol. 1

1:14  Burgess, Anthony – Part 4, Ch. 2, The Second Immediate Effect of Original Sin, is the Causality which it has in Respect of all Other Sins  in A Treatise of Original Sin  1658

1:17  Boys, John – The Epistle, James 1:17  in Works, pp. 317-320

1:21  Mr. Senior – How may we hear the word with profit?  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 2


Boys, John – The Epistle, James 1:22  in Works, pp. 324-326

Goodwin, Thomas – Motives to Evangelical Obedience…  being Book 3, Ch. 8 of Of Gospel Holiness in the Heart and Life in Works, vol. 7

1:26  Newton, John – Thoughts on the Government of the Tongue

2:17  Spurgeon, Charles – Fruitless Faith

2:14-26  Owen, John – Ch. 20, p. 394 ff.  in The Doctrine of Justification  in Works, vol. 5

2:19  Edwards, Jonathan

How to Know if You are a Real Christian
True Grace Distinguished from the Experience of Devils

2:20  Bradford, John – To Certain Godly Men, whom He Exhorts to be Patient under the Cross…  in Writings, vol. 1  d. 1555  English reformer

2:21-23  Goodwin, Thomas – Book 2 of Of Gospel Holiness in the Heart and Life, in Works, vol. 7

2:26  Burgess, Anthony – Sermon 29, That a Divine Faith or Persuasion of the Truths in Religion, is not Evidence Sure Enough of our being in the State of Grace in Spiritual Refining

3:6  Watson, Thomas – The Evil Tongue

3:8  Adams, Thomas – The Taming of the Tongue  in Works, vol. 3

4:1  Davies, Samuel – Serious Reflections on War


Allestree, Richard – Duty of Christian Resolution  in Tracts of the Anglican Fathers, no. 4, Practical

Gouge, William – An Exposition upon James 4:7  in An Exposition on the Whole Fifth Chapter of St. John’s Gospel, also notes on other choice places of Scripture  1630

Spurgeon, Charles – Unconditional Surrender

4:8-10  Sandys, Edwin – A Sermon  in The Sermons of Edwin Sandys  d. 1588  English reformer

4:8  Caryl, Joseph – Heaven and Earth Embracing; or, God and Man Approaching: showed in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons upon the day of their public fast, Jan. 28, 1645  ToC

4:10  Jay, William – Christian Humility  in Sunday Evening Sermons

4:13-17  Spurgeon, Charles – God’s Will About the Future

4:15  Jay, William – The Uncertainty of Life  in Sunday Evening Sermons

5:7-8  Spurgeon, Charles – A Visit to the Harvest Field

5:9  Lightfoot, John – The Judge Standeth Before the Door  in Works, vol. 6

5:11  Spurgeon, Charles – The Pearl of Patience

5:14-15  Goodwin, Thomas – Book 7, Ch. 11, Of Anointing with Oil  in The Government of the Churches of Christ, in Works, vol. 11  Goodwin argues that while this anointing is not the means of a miraculous gift, yet it is a standing, perpetual ordinance through the elders and prayer for the healing of the sick.


Boys, John – James 5:16 & Lecture 2  in Sermons on Proper Lessons  in Remains of that Reverend and Famous Postiller, John Boys  1631

Girardeau, John

The Efficacy of Prayer, 1907, p. 297

The Consistency of Prayer with Natural Law, 1907, p. 312

5:17  Case, Thomas – Elijah’s Abatement: or, Corruption in the Saints. Discovered and Distinguished in a Sermon at a Funeral  ToC  1658

5:19-20  Spurgeon, Charles – Conversion


1 Peter

1:1-2  Trail, Robert – Sermons 1-9 on Important Subjects from 1 Pet. 1:1-4  in Works, vol. 4

1:3-4  Trail, Robert – Sermons 10-11 on Important Subjects from 1 Pet. 1:1-4  in Works, vol. 4

1:3-5  Goodwin, Thomas – The Necessity of the New Birth Demonstrated, and the Nature of it Described, from the Notion of our Being Begotten unto God  being Book 4, ch. 1 of The Work of the Holy Spirit in our Salvation  in Works, vol. 6

1:4  Pemberton, Ebenezer – Heaven, the Residence of the Saints, a Sermon Occasioned by the Sudden, and Much Lamented Death of the Rev. George Whitefield  1770  New England Puritan

1:5  Hawker, Robert – Kept by the Power of God

1:6  Spurgeon, Charles – The Christian’s Heaviness and Rejoicing

1:7  Goodwin, Thomas – Part 3, Book 1, Ch. 2, The Excellency of Faith  in The Object and Acts of Justifying Faith in Works, vol. 8


Pemberton, Ebenezer – The Joy of Faith  in The Puritan Pulpit: Ebenezer Pemberton, the American Puritans, p. 264 ff.  Buy

Fowler, Christopher – How a Christian may get such a faith that is not only saving but comfortable and joyful at present?  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 2

Cunningham, William – Jesus Christ an Object of Love and a Source of Joy though Unseen, 1872, p. 159

1:12  Brooks, Thomas – Christ’s Love to Poor Sinners

1:15  Burgess, Anthony – Sermon 114, Of the Nature, Extent and Example of that Holiness to which God Calls a Man  in Spiritual Refining

1:16  Tillotson, John – Holiness  in Tracts of the Anglican Fathers, no. 4, Practical  English reformer

1:23-25  Spurgeon, Charles

The New Nature
The Withering Work of the Spirit

2:1  Baxter, Richard – Cases Of Conscience, and Directions Against Backbiting, Slandering, and Evil Speaking

2:3  Owen, John – How is the Practical Love of Truth the best Preservative against Popery?  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 3

2:4  Spurgeon, Charles – Coming to Christ

2:5  Boys, John – The Royal Priesthood  in Works, pp. 973-978


Davies, Samuel – Christ Precious to All True Believers

Spurgeon, Charles – Christ Precious to Believers

2:9  Edwards, Jonathan – Christians a Chosen Generation, A Royal Priesthood, A Holy Nation, A Peculiar People

2:11  Boys, John – 1 Pet. 2:11  in Works, pp. 311-314

2:19-25  Hutchinson, Roger – 2 Sermons on Oppression, Affliction and Patience  in The Works of Roger Hutchinson  English divine

2:19  Boys, John – The Epistle, 1 Pet. 2:19  in Works, pp. 305-308

2:21  Vincent, Thomas – How is Christ to be followed as our Example?  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 4


Spurgeon, Charles – Sin-Bearer

Philpot, J.C. – The Straying Sheep and the Sin-Bearing Shepherd

3:1-7  Jay, William – The Mutual Duties of Husbands and Wives, a Discourse  1833  48 pp.

3:8  Boys, John – The Epistle, 1 Pet. 3:8  in Works, pp. 397-399

3:15  Veal, Edward – How may we Experience in our selves, and Evidence to others that serious Godliness is more than a Fancy?  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 3

3:19-20  Edwards, Jonathan – Wicked Men of the Past are Still in Hell


Sibbes, Richard – The Demand of a Good Conscience  in Works, vol. 7

Marshall, Stephen – A Sermon of the Baptizing of Infants  n.d.

4:1  Sterry, Peter – On 1 Pet. 4:1  in The Appearance of God unto Man in the Gospel  1710

4:7-10  Sandys, Edwin – A Sermon  in The Sermons of Edwin Sandys  d. 1588  English reformer

4:7  Boys, John – The Epistle 1 Pet. 4:7  in Works, pp. 331-334


Jewel, John – A Learned and Godly Sermon  in The Works of John Jewel, vol. 2

Arrowsmith, John – Aphorism 2, Exercitations 3-4, Oracles of God, Vocal or Written, Books of Scripture so Called in 5 Respects  in A Chain of Principles

4:17-19  Sibbes, Richard – The Church’s Visitation  in Works, vol. 1

4:17-18  Spurgeon, Charles – Saints Saved with Difficulty; and the Certain Perdition of the Wicked

4:17  Sibbes, Richard – The Ungodly’s Misery  in Works, vol. 1

4:18  Sibbes, Richard – The Difficulty of Salvation  in Works, vol. 1


Adams, Thomas – The Soul’s Refuge  in Works, vol. 3

Sibbes, Richard – The Saint’s Hiding Place in the Evil Day, pt. 1 & 2  in Works, vol. 1

Bunyan, John – Advice to Sufferers – Or, Seasonable Counsel

5:2-4  Featley, Daniel – The Faithful Shepherd a sermon preached at the consecration of three bishops, May, 9, 1619  1661  Westminster divine

5:5-6  Erskine, Ebenezer – The Humble Soul the Particular Favorite of Heaven

5:5  Boys, John – The Epistle, 1 Pet. 5:5  in Works, pp. 383-386


Burgess, Anthony – Of the Glorious Estate of the Saints in Heaven to which God Calls all Sinners Repenting and Believing  in Spiritual Refining

Bridge, William – The Good and Means of Establishment  in Works, vol. 4

Goodwin, Thomas – Book 4, The Might and Powerful Grace which God Dispenses to his Elect

Philpot, J.C. – The Saints Path to Eternal Glory

Spurgeon, Charles – A New Year’s Benediction

5:13  Lightfoot, John – The Church at Babylon, a Sermon  in Works, vol. 6


2 Peter

1:1-4  Spurgeon, Charles – Faith and Life

1:1  Barrow, Isaac – The Nature of Faith  in Tracts of the Anglican Fathers, no. 4, Practical  English reformer

1:3  Sibbes, Richard – A Glimpse of Glory  in Works, vol. 7


Spurstowe, William – The Wells of Salvation Opened, or, A Treatise Discovering the Nature, Preciousness, Usefulness of Gospel Promises, and rules for the right application of them  Buy  1655

Tuckney, Anthony – Sermons 17-20  of 40 Sermons upon Several Occasions


Burges, Cornelius – A Chain of Graces drawn out at length for reformation of manners. Or, A brief treatise of virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly-kindness, charity. So far forth as they are urged by the apostle in 2 Pet. 1:5-7  ToC  Westminster divine

Jay, William – Christian Diligence  in Sermons


Burgess, Anthony – Spiritual Refining

Sermon 116, The Nature, Possibility, Duty and Means of the Assurance of One’s Effectual Calling

Sermon 117, The Possibility and Duty of Assurance of our Calling Demonstrated: And the Reasons why some Think a Certain Assurance Impossible; with Answers to the Objections Brought Against It

Sermon 118, The Advantages the Godly have by Assurance: How it may be Known from Presumption; with Directions to the Godly that Want It

Taylor, Francis – God’s Glory in Man’s Happiness, with the Freeness of his Grace in Electing us Together with many Arminian Objections Answered  ToC  Buy

Fairclough, Richard – The Nature, Possibility, and Duty, of a true Believer attaining to a certain Knowledge of his Effectual Vocation, Eternal election, and final perseverance to Glory  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 6


Jay, William – Happiness in Death  in Sermons

Spurgeon, Charles – Particular Election

1:12  Burgess, Anthony – Part 2, Ch. 3, Of the Pollution of the Memory  in A Treatise of Original Sin  1658

1:19  Bridge, William – Scripture Light the Most Sure Light, in 3 Sermons  in Works, vol. 1

2:3  Owen, John – The Chamber of Imagery in the Church of Rome Laid Open  in Works, vol. 8

2:7-8  Jenkyn, William – How ought we to bewail the Sins of the Places where we live?  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 3

2:15  Lightfoot, John – The Way of Balaam, a Sermon  in Works, vol. 7

2:20  Burgess, Anthony – Sermon 32, That a mans leaving those gross sins he hath lived in is no Sign of Grace  in Spiritual Refining


Owen, John – Providential Changes, an Argument for Universal Holiness, 3 Sermons  in Works, vol. 9

Pemberton, Ebenezer – The Dissolution of the World, a Motive to Universal Holiness  in Sermons on Several Subjects  1732  New England Puritan

3:13  Lightfoot, John – Justifying Righteousness, a Sermon  in Works, vol. 6

3:15  Spurgeon, Charles – God’s Longsuffering: An Appeal to the Conscience


Vincent, Thomas – How we may grow in the Knowledge of Christ?  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 3

Alexander, Archibald – The Nature and Means of Growth in Grace: Two Sermons, p. 113, 1828, 15 pp.


1 John

1:1  Boys, John – The Epistle, 1 Jn. 1:1  in Works, pp. 604-609


Owen, John – Of Communion with God  in Works, vol. 2

Clarkson, David – Believers’ Communion with the Father and Son  in Practical Works, vol. 3

Spurgeon, Charles – Fellowship with God

1:4  Goodwin, Thomas – Of Joy in the Holy Ghost, that it Springs from our Communion with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost  being Part 2, Book 2, Ch. 8 of The Object and Acts of Justifying Faith, in Works, vol. 8


Charnock, Stephen – A Discourse of the Cleansing Virtue of Christ’s Blood  in Works, vol. 3

Stoddard, Solomon – The Virtue of Christ’s Blood to Cleanse from Sin  in The Puritan Pulpit: The American Puritans, Solomon Stoddard, p. 1 ff.  Buy

Barker, Matthew – A Discourse of the right way of obtaining, and maintaining Communion with God  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 3

Sterry, Peter – A Discourse of the Knowledge of God  in The Appearance of God to Man in the Gospel  1710

Ryle, J.C. – Where Are Your Sins?

Spurgeon, Charles

The Evil and Its Remedy
Jesus Pardoning

1:8-10  Spurgeon, Charles – Honest Dealing With God


Spurgeon, Charles – Justice Satisfied

Ryle, J.C. – Do You Confess?

2:1-2  Marshall, Stephen – Christ’s Intercession, or Sins of Infirmity  in Works


Charnock, Stephen – A Discourse of Christ’s Intercession  in Works, vol. 5

Bunyan, John – The Work of Jesus Christ as an Advocate

2:2  Tyndale, William – Justification by Faith  in Tracts of the Anglican Fathers, no. 2, Doctrinal

2:3  Burgess, Anthony – Sermon 12, Handling Obedience as a Sign of Grace  in Spiritual Refining

2:6  Spurgeon, Charles – In Him: Like Him

2:13-14  Goodwin, Thomas – Three Several Ages of Christians in Faith and Obedience  in Works, vol. 7

2:15-17  Philpot, J.C. – The Love of the World and the Love of God


Mr. Gale – Wherein the love of the world is inconsistent with the love of God?  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 1, Supplement

Greenhill, William – Stop Loving the World  Buy  73 pp.

2:17  Calamy, Edmund – ‘Obedience’  in Evidence for Heaven  1657

2:20  Philpot, J.C. – The Anointing of the Holy One

3:1-2  Davies, Samuel – The Nature and Blessedness of Sonship with God


Sibbes, Richard – The Pattern of Purity  in Works, vol. 7

Burroughs, Jeremiah – Hope  Buy  1654


Calamy, Edmund – ‘Love’  in Evidence for Heaven  1657

Goodwin, Thomas – Motives Against Sin, Because it is Satan’s Great Work and Interest, who is Christ’s Greatest Enemy  being Book 3, Ch. 5 of Of Gospel Holiness in the Heart and Life, in Works, vol. 7


Burgess, Anthony – Sermon 14, That Opposition Against and Abstinence From Sin is a Sign of Grace  in Spiritual Refining

Charnock, Stephen – A Discourse of the Sins of the Regenerate  in Works, vol. 5

3:10  Jay, William – Assurance  in Sermons

3:12  Lightfoot, John – Cain Described, a Sermon  in Works, vol. 7

3:13  Boys, John – 1st Epistle, John 3:13  in Works, pp. 375-378

3:16  Spurgeon, Charles – The Death of Christ for His People

3:18-21  Hill, Thomas – An Olive Branch of Peace and Accommodation Budding in a Sermon, 1645, on a day of Humiliation, appointed on purpose to seek the Lord for the repairing of breaches, and the preventing of further differences growing in the city  1648

3:18  Burgess, Anthony – Sermon 18, Love to the Godly is a Sign of Grace  in Spiritual Refining


Greenhill, William – Believing Falls under a Command  in The Sound Hearted Christian, p. 99 ff.  Buy

Spurgeon, Charles – The Warrant of Faith


Burgess, Anthony – Sermon 23, Declaring what deceits men lie open to in judging those things to be works of the Spirit, which indeed are not  in Spiritual Refining

Edwards, Jonathan – Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God

Philpot, J.C. – Testing the Spirits

4:7  Boys, John – The Epistle, 1 Jn. 4:7  in Works, pp. 363-365

4:10  Spurgeon, Charles – Herein in Love

4:13  Burgess, Anthony – Sermon 17, Spiritual Performance of Duties a Sign of Grace  in Spiritual Refining

4:14  Jay, William – The Great Salvation  in Sunday Evening Sermons


Erskine, Ebenezer – God in Christ, a God of Love

Spurgeon, Charles – A Psalm of Remembrance


Shepard, Thomas – Love Him Because of his Love to You

Spurgeon, Charles

Love’s Logic
Love’s Birth and Parentage

5:1  Spurgeon, Charles – Faith and Regeneration

5:2  Bates, William

How Men are Said to be the Sons of God  in Works, vol. 4

What are the Signs and Symptoms whereby we know we love the Children of God?  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 3


Boys, John – The Epistle, 1 Jn. 5:4  in Works, pp. 299-303

Alexander, Archibald – Faith’s Victory Over the World, 1850, p. 407

Spurgeon, Charles – The Victory of Faith

5:6-8  Goodwin, Thomas – Ch. 1 of Man’s Restoration by Grace in Works, vol. 7

5:7-8  Goodwin, Thomas – Part 2, Book 2, Ch. 5, How Assurance is Produced in the Heart of a Believer,   in The Object and Acts of Justifying Faith in Works, vol. 8


Needler, Benjamin – The Trinity Proved by Scripture  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 4

Watson, Thomas – The Trinity

Owen, John – Of Communion with God, ch. 2  in Works, vol. 2

5:8  Spurgeon, Charles – The Three Witnesses


Goodwin, Thomas – Part 2, Book 2, Ch. 1, that Justifying Faith is not Assurance of our Personal Interest in Christ, though it be an Assurance of the Truth of the Promise  in The Object and Acts of Justifying Faith in Works, vol. 8

Reynolds, Edward – The Life of Christ  in Works, vol. 1

Jay, William – Spiritual Life  in Sunday Evening Sermons

Spurgeon, Charles – Alive or Dead–Which?


Goodwin, Thomas – Part 2, Book 2, Ch. 3, That Assurance of Salvation May be Obtained  in The Object and Acts of Justifying Faith in Works, vol. 8

Doolittle, Thomas –  If we must aim at Assurance, what should they do that are not able to discern their own spiritual Condition?  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 1

Spurgeon, Charles – The Blessing of Full Assurance

5:16  Lightfoot, John – A Sin Unto Death, a Sermon  in Works, vol. 6

5:20-21  Jay, William – Advent Facts and Admonitions  in Sunday Evening Sermons

5:21  Philpot, J.C. – The History of an Idol, its Rise, Reign and Progress


2 John

2  Jay, William – The Elect Lady  in Lectures on Female Scripture Characters


3 John




The Whole of Jude – Goodwin, Thomas – Book 3, Ch. 7, A Brief Exposition of Jude, by way of Confirmation of the Precedent Doctrine, that God’s Discriminating Grace Appears in the Vast Difference He puts Between Enlightened Temporaries and his Elect  in Of Election, in Works, vol. 9

1  Boys, John – The Epistle, Jude 1  in Works, pp. 766-768

3  Collins, John – Mr. Collins’s Farewell Sermon  in Farewell Sermons  English Puritan

4  Strong, William – Grace Abused  in 31 Select Sermons  d. 1654

12  Lightfoot, John – Feasts of Charity, a Sermon  in Works, vol. 6

19  Spurgeon, Charles – The Holy Spirit and the One Church


Cooper, William – How a Child of God is to keep himself in the Love of God  in Puritan Sermons, vol. 3

Alexander, Archibald – Keeping Alive the Love of God, 1850, p. 246



1:5  M’Crie, Thomas – The Love of Christ, 1836, p. 146

1:5,6  Cunningham, William – The Believer’s Acknowledgment of Christ’s Love, 1872, p. 146

1:7  Sterry, Peter – The Clouds in which Christ comes Opened in a sermon before the House of Commons, assembled in Parliament, upon the solemn day of their monthly fast, Oct. 27th, 1647

1:17,18  Cunningham, William – A Risen Christ, Not Another Christ, 1872, p. 187

2:1  Strong, William – Christ’s Care in Glory for his Church’s Good on Earth  in 31 Select Sermons  d. 1654

2:2-3  Caryl, Joseph – The Works of Ephesus Explained in a Sermon before the honorable House of Commons at their Late Solemn Fast, April 27th 1642  ToC  Westminster divine

2:2  Bridge, William – The False Apostle Tried and Cast  in Works, vol. 4


Alexander, Archibald – Returning to our First Love, 1850, p. 372

Spurgeon, Charles – Love’s Complaining

2:4  Spurgeon, Charles – Declension from First Love


Case, Thomas – Mr. Case’s Farewell Sermon on Rev. 2:5, preached Aug. 17, 1662  in Farewell Sermons of Some of the Most Eminent of the Non-Conformist Ministers, pp. 43 ff.

Charnock, Stephen – A Discourse of the Removal of the Gospel  in Works, vol. 5


Gataker, Thomas – Christian Constancy Crowned by Christ, a Funeral Sermon on Rev. 2:10  1624

Spurstowe, William – A Crown of Life, the Reward of Faithfulness, being a sermon preached Sept. 12, 1661 at the funeral…  ToC  Buy

2:17  Featley, Daniel – in Clavis Mystica a Key Opening Diverse Difficult and Mysterious Texts of Holy Scripture; handled in 70 Sermons  ToC  1636

The White Ston
The New Name
The Hidden Manna

2:18-20  Featley, Daniel – The Angel of Thyatira Endited  in Clavis Mystica a Key Opening Diverse Difficult and Mysterious Texts of Holy Scripture; handled in 70 Sermons  ToC  1636

3:1-6  Sedgwick, Obadiah – Christ’s Counsel to his Languishing Church of Sardis. Or, The Dying or Decaying Christian, with the Means and Helps of his Recovery and Strengthening  ToC  Buy

3:1  Burgess, Anthony – Sermons 32-36, Of the Life and Power of Godliness in Churches, Persons, Duties, in Oppositions to Hypocrisy, Deadness and Formality,  in Spiritual Refining, Part II, or a Treatise of Sin  Buy  Section VII


Newcomen, Matthew – Mr. Newcomen’s Farewell Sermon  in Farewell Sermons  Westminster divine, English puritan

Whitlock, John – Remember, Hold Fast and Repent  in Sermons of the Great Ejection, p. 177 ff.


Caryl, Joseph – The White Robe, or, The Undefiled Christian Clothed in a White Garment held forth in a Farewell Sermon  1662  in Farewell Sermons  Westminster divine

Erskine, Ebenezer – God’s Little Remnant Keeping their Garments
Clean in an Evil Day

Spurgeon, Charles – A Solemn Warning for All Churches


Owen, John – Of Temptation, the Nature and Power of it  in Works, vol. 6

Ch. 2, p. 98 ff. 

Ch. 8, p. 137 ff.

Spurgeon, Charles – Commendation for the Steadfast 

3:11  Gaussen, Louis – The Fall of Charles the Tenth, 1842, on p. 140

3:14-21  Spurgeon, Charles – An Earnest Warning about Lukewarmness

3:15-16  Davies, Samuel – The Danger of Lukewarmness in Religion


Spurgeon, Charles – Two Cures for Lukewarmness

Philpot, J.C. – Heavenly Buying


Ward, Samuel – A Coal from the Altar  in Sermons and Treatises

Featley, Daniel – On Rev. 3:19  in Clavis Mystica a Key Opening Diverse Difficult and Mysterious Texts of Holy Scripture; handled in 70 Sermons  ToC  1636

Spurgeon, Charles – The Loved Ones Chastened


Sedgwick, Obadiah – The Riches of Grace Displayed in the Offer and Tender of Salvation to Poor Sinners…  ToC  1657

Clarkson, David – Christ’s Gracious Invitation to Sinners  in Practical Works, vol. 2

4:1  Boys, John – The Epistle, Apocalypse 4:1  in Works, pp. 349-356


Adams, Thomas – The Spiritual Navigator Bound for the Holy Land  in Works, vol. 3

Strong, William – God’s Throne Erect in the Assemblies of his Saints  in 31 Select Sermons  d. 1654


Goodwin, Thomas – Pt. 3, Bk. 4, Ch. 1, Though Faith be a Difficult Work above all our Abilities, Yet God Commands us to Use our Utmost Endeavors to Believe, and it is our Duty so to do  in The Object and Acts of Justifying Faith, in Works, vol. 8

Watson, Thomas – Man’s Chief End is to Glorify God

5:5-6  Edwards, Jonathan – The Excellency of Christ

5:5  Carter, John – A Rare Sight, or the Lion  in The Tombstone, and A Rare Sight  1653  Westminster divine

5:10  Spurgeon, Charles – The Kingly Priesthood of the Saints

6:7-8  Ward, Samuel – Come and See  in Sermons and Treatises

6:9  Ward, Samuel – The Second Sermon, v. 9  in Sermons and Treatises

6:16  Adams, Thomas – Presumption Running into Despair  in Works, vol. 3

7:2  Boys, John – The Apocalypse, 7:2  in Works, pp. 769-772

7:9  Bradford, John – Prayer for the Presence of God  in Writings, vol. 1

7:14  Featley, Daniel – On Rev. 7:14  in Clavis Mystica a Key Opening Diverse Difficult and Mysterious Texts of Holy Scripture; handled in 70 Sermons  ToC  1636

7:17  Spurgeon, Charles – No Tears in Heaven


Bridge, William – The Two Witnesses, their Testimony  in Works, vol. 3

Woodcock, Thomas – The Two Witnesses, Discovered in Several Sermons upon the 11th chapter of the Revelation, wherein, after the prophesy Opened, the great question of these times. Viz. whether the Two Witnesses are Slain, yea or no, is modestly discussed. April, 1643  ToC

11:16-17  Caryl, Joseph – The Saints’ Thankful Acclamation at Christ’s Resumption of his Great Power and the Initials of his Kingdom. Delivered in a sermon at Westminster, before the Honorable House of Commons, upon the day of their solemn thanksgiving unto God, for the great victory given our army…  1644  ToC  Westminster divine

11:19  Spurgeon, Charles – The Ark of His Covenant

12:1-2  Arrowsmith, John – A Great Wonder in Heaven, or, A lively Picture of the Militant Church Drawn by a Divine Pencil, Rev. 12:1,2, discoursed on in a sermon… on the last monthly fast day, Jan. 27, 1646

12:5  Bates, William – How to Bear Afflictions  in Works, vol. 4

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God’s Will and Man’s Will
Come and Welcome

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