On the Roman Sacrament of Orders & Ordination


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Calvin, John – bk.4, ch. 19, sections 22-33, ‘Of Ecclesiastical Orders’  ToC  Their Spuriousness Proved & their True Character Explained’  in Institutes of the Christian Religion  trans. Henry Beveridge  (1559; Edinburgh: Calvin Translation Society, 1845), pp. 502-13

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Jewel was a Calvinistic Anglican bishop.

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Of the Sacrament of Orders
Whether the Order of Priesthood be a Sacrament

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Wolleb (1589–1629) was a Swiss reformed theologian.  He was a student of Amandus Polanus.

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Sylvester was an English puritan.

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10. ‘Is a mark (i.e., a spiritual and indelible sign) impressed upon the soul in the three sacraments, baptism, confirmation and order?  We deny  against the Romanists.’  375

31. ‘Are confirmation, penance, orders, marriage and extreme unction true sacraments?  We deny against the Romanists.’  548



Mr. Gee – ‘Of the Sacrament of Orders’  in eds. Edmund Gibson & John Cumming – A Preservative Against Popery, in Several Select Discourses upon the Principal Heads of Controversy Between Protestants & Papists, being written & Published by the Most Eminent Divines of the Church of England, Chiefly in the Reign of King James II [1685-88]  (London, 1848), vol. 8, ‘The Popish Doctrine Concerning the Sacraments Confuted’, bk. 1, ‘The Number & Nature of Them in General’, II. ‘The Texts Examined which Papists Cite out of the Bible for the Proof of their Doctrine Concerning the Seven Sacraments & the Efficacy of Them’, pp. 151-56

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Samuel Rutherford

The Due Right of Presbyteries  (1644), pt. 1, p. 199

“2. We see no indelible character because a pastor is always a called pastor: if the man commit scandals, the Church may call all his character from him and turn him into a mere private man.”



Latin Articles


Szegedin Pannonius, Stephan – ‘Of Priesthood, or Order’  in Common Places of Pure Theology  (Basil, 1585/1593), pt. 2, ‘Of Man’, 3. ‘Of Popish Doctrine’, pp. 486-87

Szegedin (1515-1572) also was known as Stephan Kis.


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Chamier, Daniel

‘Of Order’  in A Body of Theology, or Theological Common Places  (Geneva, 1653), bk. 7, ch. 9, ‘On the Number of the Sacraments’, pp. 395-97

Chamier (1564–1621)

Of Ordination, chs. 22-26  ToC  in Panstratiae Catholicae, or a Body of the Controversies of Religion Against the Papists  (Frankfurt, 1627-1629), vol. 4, Locus 4, ‘Of the Sacraments’, bk. 4, pp. 102-8

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Maresius (1599-1673)

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Revius (1586-1658)

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1. Of the Augmentation and Multiplication of Exercises, Acts and Ecclesiastical Offices  355



Heidegger, Johann Heinrich

Thesis 62, ‘Of Ordination’  in The Marrow of Christian Theology  (Zurich, 1713), Locus 25, Of External Worship, p. 296

Heidegger (1633-1698)

Thesis 143, ‘Of Ordination’  in A Body of Christian Theology  (Tigur, 1700), vol. 2, Locus 25, ‘Of Outward Worship’




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