Recommendations for Bible Commentaries


Older Works

Spurgeon, Charles H. –  Commenting and Commentaries  1876, 220 pp.

‘Commenting and Commentaries is a guide for buying and using Bible commentaries of many kinds, made entertaining by the pungent humor of the author… It is an invaluable resource… If there is any danger involved in using Commenting and Commentaries, I suppose it is that of treating Spurgeon’s assessments as incontrovertible… that said, we do marvel at Spurgeon’s overall reliability of assessment and his ability to say so much in so few words, and with such flair.’ – Joel Beeke



Newer Works

Glynn, John – Commentary and Reference Survey (1994, Kregel, 2003)  311 pages

Mathison, Keith – Top 5 Commentaries on Every Book of the Bible  2014

Keith Mathison is a well respected, reformed pastor and scholar.  He gives his top-5 recommended commentaries on every book of the Bible.  Most of them are contemporary and academic.

Thomas, Derek – The Essential Commentaries for a Preacher’s Library (Reformed Academic Press, 1996)  72 pages




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