The First Confession of Basel, 1534, on God’s Love for the Human Race




Basel Switzerland reformed its public worship in 1529 at the lead of Johannes Oecolampadius (1482-1531).  When Oecolampadius died in 1531 he left behind a short confession.  His successor Oswald Myconius (1488-1552), along with Simon Grynaeus (1493-1541), brought this confession to the town council of Basel in 1534, which adopted it.  The First Confession of Basel remained the standard formula of the city until the end of the century.

The excerpt below was translated from the Latin by James Dennison, Jr. and is found in Reformed Confessions of the 16th and 17th Centuries in English Translation: Volume 1, 1523-15552, edited by James Dennison, 2008, p. 288.



The First Confession of Basel

Article III

Of the Concern of God for Us

Concerning the Philanthropy [love-of-men] of God Toward the Fallen Human Race

And although man was made liable to damnation and the enemy of God through the Fall (Rom. 5:16-18), nevertheless God never removed His concern for the human race He exhibited this to the patriarchs (Gen. 12:1ff, 14:19,20; 15:1ff., and elsewhere where the fatherly care and various favors of God to Abraham and his family are commemorated): the promises before and after the Flood (Gen. 3:15; 21:15; 26:3,42:4; 28:13-15): likewise in the Law written by God through Moses and in the holy prophets.




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