Martin Luther on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel




Richard Muller on Martin Luther, Muller is one of the leading reformed historians in the world today.  This quote was compiled by Tony Byrne.

“Predestination,” in The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation, ed. Hans J. Hillerbrand (New York: Oxford University Press, 1996), 3:333.


“Luther thus juxtaposes almost paradoxically the assumptions that all things come to pass necessarily by the decree of God’s eternal will, that all human beings are foreordained to salvation or damnation, that God nonetheless genuinely wills (as scripture states) the salvation of all people, and that those who are rejected by God are rejected for their unbelief.”



Luther’s Works, trans. and ed. J Pelikan et al., 1955, 33:139.  WA 17:684-5.  As quoted by R. Scott Clark in “Janus, the Well-Meant Offer of the Gospel and Westminster Theology”, in The Pattern of Sound Doctrine: Systematic Theology at the Westminster Seminaries, Essays in Honor of Robert B. Strimple, edited by David VanDrunen, 2004

On Eze. 18:23,32

For he is here speaking of the preached and offered mercy of God, not that hidden and awful will of God whereby He ordains by his own counsel which and what sort of persons He wills to be recipients and partakers of his preached and offered mercy…  we have to argue in one way about God or the will of God as preached, revealed, offered and worshipped, and in another way about God as He is not preached, not revealed, not offered, not worshipped.  To the extent, therefore, that God hides Himself and wills to be unknown to us it is no business of ours…

God must therefore be left alone to Himself in his own majesty, for in this regard, we should have nothing to do with Him, nor has He willed that we should have anything to do with Him.  But we have something to do with Him insofar as He is clothed and set forth in his Word, through which He offers Himself to us



Large Catechism, no page number, this quote was compiled by Robert Basham


For neither you nor I could ever know anything of Christ, or believe on Him, and obtain Him for our Lord, unless it were offered to us and granted to our hearts by the Holy Ghost through the preaching of the Gospel.  The work is done and accomplished; for Christ has acquired and gained the treasure for us by His suffering, death, resurrection, etc.  But if the work remained concealed so that no one knew of it, then it would be in vain and lost.  That this treasure, therefore, might not lie buried, but be appropriated and enjoyed, God has caused the Word to go forth and be proclaimed, in which He gives the Holy Ghost to bring this treasure home and appropriate it to us.




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