Historical Theology

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Berkhof, Louis – Perversions of the Gospel, in the early church, from his History of Christian Doctrine, 16 paragraphs




Berkhof, Louis – History of Christian Doctrines,  Buy  285 pages

A solid and concise overview of the development of Christian doctrine through history

Cunningham, William

Historical Theology, vol. 1, vol. 2  Buy  1863, 664 & 636 pages, by William Cunningham, with a 6 page preface by James Buchanan and James Bannerman

A classic, the first historical theology you should go to.  Many history books are simply a rehashing of a well-worn narrative, Cunningham instead thought that the most valuable part of Christian history was in the lessons learned as truth, error and God’s revelation are sifted through the ages.

The Reformers and the Theology of the Reformation,  Buy  1862, 608 pages, with a four page preface by James Buchanan and James Bannerman

Here Cunningham is at his best, church history and the principles of the Reformation being his life’s work.




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