M’Crie, Thomas (the Elder)

Thomas M'Crie Elder

1772-1835 wiki3

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Books  (12)

The Early Years of John Calvin : a Fragment, 1509-1536  1880  218 pp.

with George Whytock – A Conversation Between John, a Baptist, and Ebenezer, a Seceder  1789-9

History of the Progress and Suppression of the Reformation in Italy in the 16th Century  Buy  1827  455 pp.

History of the Progress and Suppression of the Reformation in Spain in the Sixteenth Century  Buy  1842  327 pp.

Lectures on the Book of Esther  Buy  1838  336 pp.

From C.H. Spurgeon:  “Dr. Davidson says of Dr. McCrie: ‘There is an ancient fable.of a king who was gifted with the power of turning everything he touched into gold; and this eminent divine and historian possessed remarkably the gift of rendering every subject he handled so precious, as at least to discourage any one from attempting to follow in his track. In his Lectures upon the book of Esther, he has certainly left little for any to say who may come after him.”  

Spurgeon gives the Lectures his highest rating in his book Commenting and Commentaries.  See here for a four paragraph Introduction to M’Crie and the commentary, by Rev. Sherman Isbell.

The Life of Andrew Melville: Containing Illustrations of the Ecclesiastical and Literary History of Scotland during the latter part of the 16th and beginning of the 17th century, with an Appendix consisting of Original Papers, vol. 1, 2  Buy  1824  532 & 570 pp.

The Life of John Knox: containing illustrations of the history of the Reformation in Scotland containing illustrations of the History, of the Reformation in Scotland.  With Biographical Notices of the Principal Reformers and Sketches of Progress of Literature in Scotland during the 16th Century, and an Appendix Consisting of Original Papers,  Buy  1840  550 pp.

Miscellaneous writings, Chiefly Historical  1841  688 pp.

Statement of the Difference… particularly on the Power of Civil Magistrates Respecting Religion, National Reformation, National Churches, and National Covenants  1807

The Unity of the Church: Her divisions and their Removal, two discourses  Buy  1821, 174 pp.

This is the go-to classic and best work on Church unity available.  M’Crie looks to and waits upon the Lord to fulfill His scriptural promises that His church should be one.  We are to depend upon God pouring out His Spirit in bringing men to fuller light and convictions of scriptural truth upon which to unite, rather than retreating from the scriptural truth brought to light by previous generations.  

A Vindication of the Scottish Covenanters1843, 157 pages


Chapter from a Book 

Brief View of the Evidence for the Exercise of Civil Authority About Religion1807, from his Statement of the Difference, chapter 7

This is the best article length defense of the Establishment Principle in church history, that both Church and State have separate jurisdictions on an equal level with each other, under the authority of the Word of God, and that the State has a moral obligation to Christ and God’s Law to profess, protect and promote the true religion.  This article contains all the scriptural evidence and major arguments for the historic reformed view.


Articles  (6)

An Account of a Manuscript of Bishop Lesley’s History of Scotland, 1823, p. 167, 10 pages

Life of Alexander Henderson, 1846, 66 pages, p. 3

Review of the Memoirs of Sir James Turner, 1823, p. 88, 31 pages


A Discourse

Discourse Occasioned by the Death of the Right Honorable George Canning, Job 4:18-21, 1827, p. 648, three pages


A Letter

On the Right of Females to Vote in the [Ecclesiastical] Elections of Ministers and Elders, 1841, p. 669, 7 pages, from his Miscellaneous writings, Chiefly Historical

This is the best article on the subject, showing the Biblical arguments against women voting in ecclesiastical elections as well as that it was the universal view of reformed churches before his day and the rise of egalitarianism.


Book of Sermons

Sermons1836, 431 pages


Individual Sermons

Grief for the Sins of Men, Ps. 119:136, no date

Christian Fellowship, 2 Tim. 1:16-18, no date

The Fan in Christ’s Hand, Matt 3:12, no date



Memoirs of Mr. William Veitch and George Brysson: Written by themselves with other Narratives Illustrative of the History of Scotland, from the Restoration [1660] to the Revolution [1689], including Narratives of the Risings at Bothwel and Pentland, to which are added Biographical Sketches and Notes by Thomas M’Crie, D.D., 1825, 561 pages



Introduction to Lectures upon the Book of Esther, no date, four paragraphs, by Rev. Sherman Isbell

The Life of Thomas M’Crie,  Buy  1842, 448 pages by his son Thomas M’Crie (the younger)

This is the major life of the rightly renowned Thomas M’Crie (the Elder)

Memoir of Dr. M’Crie, 1840, p. ix, 52 pages, by Andrew Crichton, LL.D.

Notice of M’Crie’s Death with a Brief Biographical Sketch, 1838, p. 75, one paragraph