National Covenant

Signing of the National Covenant, Feb. 28th, 1638

“We… do hereby profess, and before God, his angels, and the world, solemnly declare, That with our whole heart we agree, and resolve all the days of our life constantly to adhere unto and to defend the foresaid true religion…”

Some wept aloud; some burst into a shout of exultation; some, after their names, added the words unto death; and some opening a vein, subscribed with their own warm blood.



The Theology of Scotland 

The Theology and Theologians of Scotland: chiefly of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, 1888, 236 pages, by a Free Church of Scotland minister, being one of the Cunningham Lectures, with a three page introductory note by W.G. Blaikie

This is an excellent survey of the writers and theology of Scotland during the 1600′s and 1700′s


History of the Scottish Church

Our Church Heritage, or, the Scottish Churches Viewed in the Light of their HistoryAddressed to the New Generation that has Risen up Since the Disruption [1843]1893, 140 pages, by Norman Walker

Religious life in Scotland: from the Reformation to the present day, 1888, 332 pages, by Walker, Lindsay, C.G. M’Crie, Blair, & Landels

Scottish Church History1882, 196 pages, by Norman Walker, from the series Handbooks for Bible Classes 

The Story of the Scottish Church: from the Reformation [1560] to the Disruption [1843]Buy  1875, 602 pages, by Thomas M’Crie

This is the best book on Scottish church history there is.  It includes all the stirring and famous stories that the Scottish church is known for.  Fill your sermons with powerful, thrilling illustrations from church history from these pages.  Written by an old school presbyterian in vindication of his church and their reformers against revisionist historians.  You will come away with renewed zeal for the cause of God’s truth in our land.

A History of Christianity in the Highlands from the Reformation in 1560 to the mid-1800’s, being The Days of the Fathers in Ross-shire,  Buy  1895, 260 pages, by John Kennedy 

Civil and Ecclesiastical History of the Bass Rock, with a Preface,  Buy  1848, p. v, 52 pages. by Thomas M’Crie (the younger)

The Bass Rock is a famous and infamous island two miles off of the east coast of Scotland.  It acted as an Alcatraz for many of Christ’s beloved saints who were exiled thereto, particularly the Covenanters of the 1600′s whom the world was not worthy of.  It also has very unique geography and wildlife.  Read here for a fascinating description of this conspicuous place alluded to in church history.  

Inscriptions on the Tombstones and Monuments Erected in Memory of the Covenanters, 1875, 334 pages, by James Gibson

This is a compilation of descriptions and epitaphs of the graves of the 1600′s covenanters throughout Scotland, organized by town.  It has a helpful 17 page historical introduction to the history of the covenanters in Scotland.  Read here of the remains of these saints that were faithful to the death, and then take a vacation to Scotland and see them first-hand.



Perspective from America

From New York to Glasgow, 1880, p. 2, four pages, by R.L. Dabney.  From his Discussions, vol. 5.  Dabney was an American southern presbyterian

Impressions of Scotland, 1880, p. 7, four pages, by R.L. Dabney.  From his Discussions, vol. 5.  Dabney was an American southern presbyterian