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Early & Medieval Church
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Lives of the Gospel Writers



Commentaries on the Gospels


Early Church

Eusebius of Caesarea – An Epitome Selected out of the Compositions from Eusebius to Stephan & Marin about the Gospels by way of Questions & Solutions  in PG, 22.879-1016

Ulfilas – Gospels  in PL 18.497-710

Ulfilas (310-383) was a Goth of Cappadocian Greek descent who served as a bishop and missionary, is credited with the translation of the Bible into the Gothic Bible, and participated in the Arian controversy.  He developed the Gothic alphabet in order for the Bible to be translated into the Gothic language.

Aquilinus, Vettius – Evangelical History  in PL 19:53-346  This is a telling of and harmonization of the Gospel history with annotations, and a listing of variants.

Juvencus was a Roman Spanish Christian and composer of Latin poetry in the 4th century.

Jerome – Jerome on the Four Gospels  in Works, ed. Erasmus, vol. 9 (Basel, 1516)  There is a full commentary on each Gospel, in canonical order.

Maximus – Expositions of Heads of the Gospels  in PL 57.807-832  The total piece is relatively short and is very selective in which various verses it exposits from the four gospels (not in canonical order).

Maximus of Turin (380?– 408-423 or 465) was a Christian bishop and theological writer.  He is believed to have been a native of Rhaetia (modern day Northern Italy).



Medieval Church

Gregory I – Homilies on the Gospels in Two Books  in PL 76.1075-1312

Pope Gregory I, the Great (c. 540–604) was Pope from 590 to 604 AD.  He is famous for instigating the first recorded large-scale mission from Rome, the Gregorian Mission, to convert the then-pagan Anglo-Saxons in England to Christianity.

Hesychius of Sinai – A Collection of Difficulties & Solutions excerpted for the Compendium out of the Gospel Harmony  in PG 93.1391-1448

Hesychius (7th Century) was a priest and monk of Saint Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai, and an ascetic author of the Byzantine period in literature.

Bede – On the Four Gospels of the Evangelists  in Works of the Venerable, Presbyter Bede, Anglio-Saxony, vol. 5 (Cologne, Germany, 1688)

Bede (672/3-735)

Strabo, Walafrid – Exposition on the Four Gospels  in PL 114.861-916  This work is different than his Sacred Bible with the Ordinary Gloss

Strabo (c. 808 – 18 August 849), was an Alemannic Benedictine monk and theological writer who lived on Reichenau Island in southern Germany.

Bruno – Commentaries on Matthew, Mark, Luke & John  in PL 165.313-736

Bruno di Segni (c. 1045–1123) was an Italian Roman Catholic prelate and professed member from the Order of Saint Benedict who served as the Bishop of Segni and the Abbot of Montecassino.

Zigabenos, Euthymios – Commentary on the Four Gospels  in ed. Migne, Patrologia Graeca, the whole of vol. 129

Zigabenos (d. after 1118) was a 12th-century monk and commentator on the Bible. He was a friend of the Byzantine emperor Alexius I Comnenus.  It has been said that Zigabenos had commentaries on the letters of Paul, but they are not in Patrologia Graeca, and are apparently unavailable on the internet, if they have been preserved.

de Saint Charo, Hugo – Postils on the Epistles & Gospels… for the Whole Circle of the Year  (Paris, 1506)  303 folios

de Saint Charo (1190?-1263)

Aquinas, Thomas – Enarrations which are Truly Said to be a Chain of Gold  (Paris, 1546)  Another edition  Here are the 30 authors Thomas excerpts.

Aquinas (1225-1274)

Albert the Great

All the Works, ed. Jammy (Lyon, 1651)

vol. 9, Matthew & Mark

vol. 10, Luke

vol. 11, John & the Apocalypse

Gerson, Jean – A Harmony, or One from the Four GospelsTwo Useful Readings on Mark (25 pp.) follows this, then there are 12 Tracts on the Magnificant and related subjects, in All the Works in Five Volumes, vol. 4, Exegetica & Miscellanea (Antwerp, 1706)

Gerson (1363-1429) was a French scholar, educator, reformer, and poet, Chancellor of the University of Paris, a guiding light of the conciliar movement and one of the most prominent theologians at the Council of Constance. He was one of the first thinkers to develop what would later come to be called natural rights theory, and was also one of the first individuals to defend Joan of Arc and proclaim her supernatural vocation as authentic.





Zwingli, Ulrich – Written Annotations on the Evangelical History of our Lord Jesus Christ per Matthew, Mark, Luke & John  in Works, ed. Schuler, vol. 6, part 1 (Zurich, 1836), see also another edition (Tigur, 1539)

Estienne, Robert – Commentaries on the Gospel according to Matthew, Mark & Luke Collected out of Ecclesiastical Writings  (Geneva, 1554)  Here is Estienne’s commentary on John in French.

Estienne (1503-1559), known as Robertus Stephanus in Latin and sometimes referred to as Robert Stephens or Roberti Stephani, was a 16th-century printer and classical scholar in Paris and was the proprietor of the Estienne print shop after the death of his father Henri Estienne, the founder of the Estienne printing firm.

Estienne was a former Romanist who became reformed late in his life.

Naum, Jodocus – Sermons in All the Gospels, or called Dominicals, Drawn into a Tract in an Easy & Clear Method  (Hanau, 1600)  GB

Naum (c.1551-1597) was a professor of theology at Herborn, Germany.



Cartwright, Thomas – A Gospel-Harmony Commentary, Analytically, Papaphrastically & Practically Illustrated…  in one redacted body  (Leiden, 1647)

Cartwright (1534-1603) was an English Puritan churchman.

Scultetus, Abraham

Evangelical Exercitations, from which Four Gospels the Difficult and Obscure Places are Explained partly Philologically & partly Theologically, & Illustrated  (Amsterdam, 1624)

Scultetus (1566–1625) was a reformed, German professor of theology, and the court preacher for the Elector of the Palatinate Frederick V.

Archetype Sermons on the Dominicals, to the People Living in Heidelberg  (Geneva, 1616)

Christen, Johannes – A Harmonious View, that is, a Beginning & Analysis of a Harmony of the Four Gospels Viewed Together, Continually Illustrated in a twofold way according to a most accurate series of sustained times, places & things, which were first set forth by Andreas Osiander, Carolus Molina, Gerhard Mercator & Theobald Meuschi, skillfully adorned in a way different from all Written Harmonies Examined  (Bern, 1642)

Christen (d. 1645) was a reformed pastor in Bern, Switzerland.

Spanheim, Sr., Frederic – Doubted Parts of the Gospels Discussed & Vindicated from the Cavils & Corruptions of Atheists, Pagans, Jews, Samosateans, Anabaptist, Papists & other Sects, vol. 1, 2, 3  The tables of contents for the 150 sections are at the beginning of the volumes.

Spanheim, Sr. (1600-1649) was a reformed professor of theology at Geneva and the University of Leiden.

Bois, John – Old Interpreters with Beza & Other Editors Collated on the Four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles…  (London, 1655)

Bois (1561-1644) was an English scholar, remembered mainly as one of the members of the translating committee for the KJV.  Differentiated from John Boys, Dean of Canterbury from 1619 to 1625.

“Exquisite criticism.” – Todd

Spanheim, Jr., Frederic, et al. – A Theological-Historical Exercitation on the Scriptures of the History of the Gospel, in specific on the Gospel of Mark  Ref  (Leiden, 1696)




Braunfels, Otto

All of the Places of Most of the Chapters of the Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, John & even the Acts of the Apostles  (Argentorati, 1529)

Annotations on the Four Gospels & the Acts of the Apostles Collected out of the Orthodox Writings of Sacred Writers  (Argentorati, 1535)  This is different than the above.

Braunfels (1488-1534) was a German theologian and botanist. Carl von Linné listed him among the “Fathers of Botany”.

Meusch, Theobald – A Gospel Harmony…  (Hanau, Germany, 1604)

Meusch (fl.1592-1612) 

Himmel, Johann – Academic Postils on the Epistles & Gospels of the Lord’s Days & Festivals  (Jena, 1626)

Himmel (1581-1642) was a German, Lutheran theologian.

Tholde, Christian – Logical Postils on the Lord’s Day Gospels for the Whole Year…  (Magdeburg, 1628)

Tholde (1581-1647) was a Lutheran rector in Germany.

Chemnitz, Martin, Polycarp Lyser & John Gerhard

A Written Commentary on an Evangelical Harmony in 5 Books first began by Dr. M. Chemnitz & Continued by P. Lyser  (Geneva, 1641)

An Evangelical Harmony first begun by Dr. M. Chemnitz & Continued by Dr. P. Lyser… with Prolegomena Subjoined, vols. 1 (chs. 1-140), 2 (chs. 172-206)  (Geneva, 1628 & 1645)

“I am beholden every way to Chemnitius.” – Edward Leigh

Dorsche, Johann Georg – Commentary on the Four Evangelists…  to which work is subjoined of the Same Author a Chronology of the Acts of the Apostles  (Hamburg, 1706)

Dorsche (1597-1659) was a professor of theology at Strassburg and Rostock, Germany.

Rus, Johann Reinhard – A Harmony of the Evangelists… with a Brief & Succinct Explication, vol. 1, 2, 3  (Jena, 1727-30)

Rus (1679-1738) was a Lutheran professor of Oriental languages & Theology at Jena, Germany.




Mercator, Gerardus – A Four-part Whole of Gospel History, or Harmonies of the Four Evangelists  (Duisburg, 1592)

Mercator (1512-1594) was a 16th-century geographer, cosmographer and cartographer from what is now the Netherlands. 

Mercator was a devout Christian born into a Catholic family at a time when Martin Luther’s Protestantism was gaining ground.  He never declared himself as a Lutheran but he was clearly sympathetic and he was accused of heresy by Catholic authorities.  He was pious and studious until his dying days.





Hoffmeister, Johann

Commentary on the Evangelists Mark & Luke  (Louvain, 1562)

Homilies on the Gospels which were on the Lord’s Days and Other Festival Days, Collected from the Whole Year  (Ingolstadt, Germany, 1548)  Two volumes in one  Table of Contents

Hoffmeister (1510-1547)

Soares, Joao

Commentary on:


Soares (1507-1572) was a bishop in Coimbra, Portugal.

Jansen, Cornelius

An Epitome of Commentaries on his Harmony, even the Whole Gospel History  (Leiden, 1684)

Jansen, the Elder (1510–1576) was a Catholic exegete and the first bishop of Ghent.

Homilies on the Gospels which were accustomed to be propounded to the people in the Church on the Lord’s Days, from the Four Books of Commentaries on the Gospel-Harmony  (Leiden, 1578)

A Commentary on the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Luke & John  (Louvain, Belgium, 1639)

Eisengrein, Martin – Golden Postils of the Gospels of the Lord’s Days & Festivals of the Whole Year  (Cologne, Germany, 1573)  The link opens to the Scripture index.

Eisengrein (1535-1578) was a German Catholic theologian, university professor and polemical writer.

de Maldonado, Juan – Commentaries on the Four Evangelists, vol. 1 (Mt. 1-17), 2 (Mt. 17-28), 3 (Mk.-Lk. 12), 4 (Lk. 13-Jn. 5), 5 (Jn. 6-21)  1840-1844

de Maldonado (1535-1583) was a Jesuit.



Cordier, Balthasar

Serarius, Nikolaus – Another Tome of Teachings on Matthew, which Contains a Chain of 30 Greek Fathers  (Tolosa, 1647) trans. by Cordier.  This is often said to be in two volumes, but this edition is complete in one.

Cordier (1592-1650) was a Belgian Jesuit exegete and editor of patristic works. 

Serarius (1555-1609) was a Jesuit and a professor of philosophy at Würzburg, Germany.

A Chain of 65 Greek Fathers on St. Luke, which Simultaneously Introduces an Explication of the Four Gospels  (Antwerp, 1628)

A Chain of Greek Fathers on St. John out of the Oldest Greek Codice Manuscripts  (Antwerp, 1630)

Jansen, Cornelius – The Tetrateuch, or Commentary on the Holy Gospels of Jesus Christ  (Paris, 1688)

Jansen (1585-1638) was the Dutch Catholic bishop of Ypres in Flanders and the father of a theological movement known as Jansenism.

Alexandre, Noel – A Literal & Moral Exposition of the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ According to the Four Evangelists (Paris, 1703)

Alexandre (1639-1724) was a French theologian, author, and ecclesiastical historian.



Arian / Socinian

Sandius, Jr., Christopher – Paradoxical Interpretations of the Four Gospels, to which is Affixed a Dissertation on the Word  (Cosmopoli, 1670)

Sandius (1644–1680) “was an Arian writer and publisher of Socinian works without himself being a Socinian.  

Sandius Jr. promoted the view that Arianism was the high point of the theology of the Early Church.  He remained on good terms with exiled Polish Socinians…  while engaging in friendly polemics with them on the problem of the pre-existence of Christ which they denied, but Sandius, as an Arian, accepted.  Sandius Jr. also enjoyed close relationship with Benedictus Spinoza especially at the end of his life, when he became known as one of philosopher’s most faithful followers.” – Wikipedia



1700’s Critical

Ebert, Jacob – Tetrasticha Hebraea in textus Evangelicos  Ref  (Venetiis, 1766)  Said to be found in Ugolinus, 31.117.

Koecher, Johann Christopher – Philological & Exegetical Analecta on the Four Most Holy Gospels which Supplements and Augments Johann Christopher Wolf’s Philological & Critical Exertions  (Altenburg, 1766)

“A necessary addition to Wolfius.” – James Darling

Wolf’s commentary is on the Whole New Testament Commentaries in Latin page.



1800’s Critical

Kuinoel, Christian Theophilus

Commentary on the Historical Books of the New Testament, vol. 1 (Mt), 2 (Mk-Lk), 3 (John), 4 (Acts)  (Leipzig, 1816-18)

The Historical Books of the New Testament in Greek: the Received Text with with the Readings of Griesbach Juxtaposed, with the Comments of Christian Theophilus Kuinoel, vol. 1 (Mt-Mk), 2 (Lk-Jn), 3 (Acts)  (Leipzig, 1835)

Fritzsche, C.F.A. – The Four Gospels of the New Testament Reviewed, with a Running Commentary: Matthew, Mark, Luke  (Leipzig, 1826/30)

van Tischendorf, Constantinus – A Gospel Synopsis, Produced out of the Four Gospels in Chronological Order, with a Brief Commentary Prefaced Illustrating…  (Leipzig, 1851)

van Tischendorf (1815-1874)



Lives of the Gospel Writers

Kirstenius, Petrus – Lives of the Four Evangelists  (Breslau)  The pages of the scanned book go from right to left.

Kirstenius (1577-1640) was a physician and orientalist.




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