The Westminster Divines on the Lord’s Day



Case, Thomas – Of Sabbath Sanctification – Isaiah 58:13-14, pp. 26 ff. in The Morning Exercises at Cripplegate, vol. 2

Lightfoot, John – ‘Ex. 20:11, The Sabbath Hallowed,’ in Works, vol. 7, pp. 367-90




Gouge, William – The Sabbath’s Sanctification  1641  42 pages



The Change to the First Day of the Week

Wallis, John – A Defense of the Christian Sabbath in answer to a Treatise of Mr. Thomas Bampfield Pleading for a Saturday-Sabbath  1693  85 pages





Byfield, Richard – The Doctrine of the Sabbath Vindicated in a confutation of a treatise of the Sabbath, written by Mr. Edward Breerwood against Mr. Nicholas Byfield, wherein these five things are maintained: first, that the Fourth Commandment is given to the servant and not to the master only.  Secondly, that the Fourth Commandment is moral.  Thirdly, that our own light works as well as gainful and toilsome are forbidden on the Sabbath.  Fourthly, that the Lord’s Day is of divine institution.  Fifthly, that the Sabbath was instituted from the beginning.  ToC  1631

Carter, William – The Covenant of God with Abraham, Opened. Wherein 1. The duty of infant-baptism is cleared. 2. Something added concerning the Sabbath, and the nature and increase of the kingdom of Christ. Together with a short discourse concerning the manifestations of God unto his people in the Last Days.  Wherein is showed the manner of the Spirit’s work therein to be in the use of ordinary gifts, not by extraordinary revelations, 1654, 86 pages

Cawdrey, Daniel and Palmer, Herbert – Sabbatum Redivivum. Or, The Christian Sabbath Vindicated, in a full discourse concerning the Sabbath and the Lord’s Day.  Wherein, whatsoever has been written of late, for, or against the Christian Sabbath, is exactly, but modestly examined: and the perpetuity of a Sabbath is deduced from grounds of nature and religious reason  Buy 

Ley, John – Sunday, a Sabbath: or, A Preparative Discourse for Discussion of Sabbatary Doubts ToC  1641

Twisse, William – Of the Morality of the Fourth Commandment as Still in Force to Bind Christians, 1641  302 pages

Walker, George – The Doctrine of the Sabbath. Wherein the First Institution of the Weekly Sabbath, with the time thereof, the nature of the law binding man to keep it, the true ground, and necessity of the first institution, and of the observation of it, on the several days in the Old Testament, and also of the moving of it to the first day under the Gospel, are laid open and proved out of the Holy Scriptures.  Also besides: the special duties necessarily required for the due sanctification thereof, those two profitable points are proved by demonstrations out of God’s Word: First, that the Lord Christ, God and man, is the Lord of the Sabbath on whom the Sabbath was first founded…  2. That the faithful under the Gospel are as necessarily bound to keep the weekly Sabbath of the Lord’s day, 1638  186 pages

Young, Thomas – The Lord’s Day, or, a Succinct Narration compiled out of the testimonies of Holy Scripture and the reverend ancient fathers and divided into two books, in the former whereof is declared that the observation of the Lord’s Day was from the Apostles, in the later is shown in what things its sanctification does consist, 1672  411 pages




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