Bavinck, Herman

Herman Bavinck




The Certainty of Faith,  Buy  1980, 92 pages

The Christian Family,  Buy  168 pages

The Doctrine of God,  Buy  407 pages

Essays on Religion and Society,  Buy  304 pages

Our Reasonable Faith,  Buy  1956, 576 pages, a one volume popular digest of Bavinck’s four volume Reformed Dogmatics

The Philosophy of Revelation, HTML,  Buy  1908, 315 pages

Reformed Dogmatics, 4 volumes,  Buy  3,024 pages

A major contribution to systematic theology from the Dutch church.  Bavinck is always careful, balanced and historical in his treatment of Biblical doctrines.  You won’t go wrong with him.  Put down your modern systematic theologies and read a real theologian.

The Sacrifice of Praise: Meditations Before and After Receiving Access to the Table of the Lord, 1922, 138 pages

Use these meditations to prepare for the Lord’s Supper and to improve from it afterwards. 

Saved by Grace: the Holy Spirit’s Work in Calling and Regeneration,  Buy   230 pages

An important work against today’s popular error of Presumptive Regeneration.  Bavinck wrote this in critique of his fellow contemporary Dutch leader, Abraham Kuyper, the father of Neo-Calvinism.  For a further analysis and critique of Neo-Calvinism, which has greatly influenced the modern American church (reformed and not reformed), read William Young’s article here.   


Chapters from Books

On the Judgment, entitled The Covenant of Grace, from Our Reasonable Faith, 1956, ch. 14

Creation, from Our Reasonable Faith, excerpts from p. 170-173

The Divine and Human Natures of Christ, no date or source info

The Divine Trinity, no date or source info

On General Revelation, from his Reformed Dogmatics, 1:321-322

The Greatness of God, from Our Reasonable Faith, 1956, p. 132-134

The Knowledge of God, from Our Reasonable Faith1956, p. 24-26

The Greatness and Miserableness of Manfrom Our Reasonable Faith1956, p. 22-23

The Present State of the World, from Our Reasonable Faith1956, p. 44-45

The Origin, Essence and Purpose of Man, no date or source info 

Supralapsarianism and Infralapsarianism, no date or source info



Calvin and Common Grace,  Buy  1909, p. 99, 30 pages, from Calvin and the Reformation: Four Studies, edited by William P. Armstrong.  Bavinck’s article was translated from the Dutch by Geerhardus Vos.

An important study in its own right, but also in light of the popular denial of Common Grace by some today.  



Bavinck on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel




Bavinck the Dogmatician: Human Nature, the Image of God, by Dr. Cornelis P. Venema, from The Outlook, Jan./Feb., 2012, vol. 62, No.1

Biographical Note: Herman Bavinck, 1922, 9. 214, four pages, by Rev. Johannes J. Jansen, D.D., De Bilt, Holland