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General Collections  4
John the Baptist  4
Mark & Luke  7
Three Marys  2
Herods  5
Pontius Pilate  2



General Collections

Carpenter, William Boyd – The Son of Man among the Sons of Men  (1893)  305 pp.

Contains chapters on: Herod, Pilate, Judas Iscariot, Simon Peter, Thomas, Matthew Nathanael, Nicodemus, the sick of the palsy, John the Baptist, Bartimaeus & the restored demoniac.

“Abound[s] in seed thoughts for sermons.” – Cyril Barber

Deane, Anthony – New Testament Studies  Buy  (1909)

“A series of biographical sketches on New Testament personalities.” -Cyril Barber

Whyte, Alexander – Bible Characters  (d. 1921)

The Woman with the Issue of Blood
The Mother of Zebedee’s Children
The Widow with the Two Mites
The Penitent Thief
Cleopas and his Companion on the road to Emmaus

Whyte was a leader in the United Free Church of Scotland and writes popularly and devotionally.

Davidson, Donald – God Chose Them: Thirty Informative Character Studies of New Testament Men & Women  Buy  (1965)  142 pp.



John the Baptist

Feather, J. – The Last of the Prophets: A Study of the Life, Teaching and Character of John the Baptist  1894  in Handbooks for Bible Classes, ed. Dods & Whyte

Meyer, F. B. – John the Baptist   n.d.  200 pp.

Meyer (1847–1929) was an English, baptist pastor who wrote numerous, very good devotional works.

Stalker, James – The Two St. John’s of the New Testament  1895  280 pp.

“A historic study.” – Cyril Barber

Robertson, A.T. – John the Loyal: a Sketch of John the Baptist  1911  330 pp.

Whyte, Alexander – John the Baptist  in Bible Characters  d. 1921

Loane, Marcus – John the Baptist, as Witness & Martyr  Buy  (Zondervan, 1968)  120 pp.  ToC

Loane was an archbishop of Sydney.

“A devotional gem.” – Cyril Barber



The Gospel Writers who were not Apostles


Hunter, James – John Mark, or the Making of a Saint  (1903)  130 pp.

“A perceptive study.” – Cyril Barber




Whyte, Alexander – Luke, the Beloved Physician  in Bible Characters

Hobart, William K. – The Medical Language of St. Luke: a Proof from Internal Evidence that ‘The Gospel According to St. Luke’ and ‘The Acts of the Apostles’ were Written by the same Person, and that the Writer was a Medical Man  (1882)  370 pp.  Advanced

“A technical comparison of the vocabulary of the Greek medical writers.  Interesting and helpful, and in some ways held in balance by Harnack’s Luke the Physician.” – Cyril J. Barber



van Harnack, Karl Gustav Adolf – Luke the Physician: the Author of the Third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles  (1907)  310 pp.

Harnack was a liberal professor in the University of Berlin, Germany.  See Ramsay below for a critique of this work.

“A helpful original study which links the vocabulary and style of Luke-Acts and supports the Lucan authorship of both.” – Cyril J. Barber

Ramsay, William – ‘Luke the Physician’  1908  68 pp.  in  Luke the Physician and Other Studies in the History of Religion

“A critical refutation of Harnack’s views set forth in Luke the Physician [above].  A most valuable work!” – Cyril J. Barber

Barrett, Charles K. – Luke the Historian in Recent Study  Pre  Buy  (London: Epworth, 1970)  80 pp.  no ToC

Barrett was a British Biblical Scholar.

“A modern evaluation of the contributions of the different schools of thought with the writer’s own assessment of Luke as a historian and theologian.” – Cyril J. Barber

Marshall, I. Howard – Luke: Historian & Theologian  Buy  (Zondervan, 1971)  235 pp.  ToC

“Attempts to bridge the gap between those treatments of Luke’s Gospel which are solely historical and those which emphasize only the theological importance of his writings.  A scholarly, well-documented treatment.” – Cyril J. Barber



The Three Marys

The Three Marys

Stuart, Alexander Moody – The Three Marys: An Exposition of the Faith of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Mary, the sister of Martha & Lazarus of Bethany, & Mary Magdalene  Buy  (1862; Banner of Truth, 1984)  316 pp.

Stuart was a minister of the Free Church of Scotland.


Mary of Bethany

Loane, Marcus – Mary of Bethany  Buy  (1949)  127 pp.


Mary of Magdala

Whyte, Alexander – Mary Magdalene  from Bible Characters



The Herods

Farrar, F.W. – The Herods  (1899)  260 pp.

“Part of the Popular Biblical Library.  Begins with the Jews after the Babylonian captivity, highlights their history under the Ptolemies and Seleucids, and traces in graphic style the rise of the Hasmonean family.” – Cyril Barber

Whyte, Alexander – Herod that Fox  (†1921)  in Bible Characters

Perowne, Stewart

The Life & Times of Herod the Great  Buy  (Abingdon Press, 1959)  210 pp.  ToC

The Later Herods: the Political Background of the New Testament  Buy  (Abingdon Press, 1958)  260 pp.  ToC

Hoehner, Harold W. – Herod Antipas  Buy  (Cambridge University Press, 1972)  450 pp.  ToC



Pontius Pilate

Whyte, Alexander  in Bible Characters  (†1921)

Pontius Pilate
Pilate’s Wife

Maier, Paul – Pontius Pilate: a Novel  Buy  (Doubleday, 1968)  380 pp.  no ToC

“A historical novel which deserves a place in every minister’s library.  Based upon a thorough acquaintance with the political pressures, economic trends, and cultural milieu of the first century of the Christian era.  Excellent!” – Cyril Barber




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