Milne, Garnet


The Westminster Confession of Faith and the Cessation of Special Revelation: the Majority Puritan Viewpoint on Whether Extra-Biblical Prophecy is Still Possible  Buy  2007  362 pp.

This is an excellent, exhaustive, historical defense of the cessationism of the Westminster Confession, while exploring the variety of expressions and nuances of this doctrine amongst the puritans.

Has the Bible been kept pure?  The Westminster Confession of Faith and the Providential Preservation of Scripture  Buy  2017  322 pp.

“This work of historical theology looks at the religious epistemology of the Westminster divines and especially what they meant in their Section 1:8 of the Westminster Confession of Faith when they stated that the Scriptures had been kept pure in all ages by God’s providence.  I discuss whether they meant to teach that only the doctrine or the doctrine in its autographic text of Scripture had been preserved entire.  The Westminster divines held that both the sense or doctrine and the pure text of the original revelation in the original languages had been kept pure through all ages.” – Author