Confessional Presbyterian Journal

“Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus.”

2 Tim. 1:13

The Confessional Presbyterian Journal

is a highly recommended academic journal for those who have interest in historic reformed literature and issues.

Recommended Articles on This Site 

Coldwell, Chris – The Intent of the Westminster Larger Catechism #109 Regarding Pictures of Christ’s Humanityfrom the Confessional Presbyterian Journal, #5 (2009),  Buy  p. 227-228, 323, paragraphs

Chris Coldwell demonstrates that the Larger Catechism forbids images of the Son of God.

Coldwell, Christ – The Westminster Assembly & the Judicial Law: A Chronological Compilation and Analysis. Part One: Chronology,  Buy  from the Confessional Presbyterian Journal, #5 (2009), p. 3-55

This is an exhaustive bibliography of the writings during the Assembly period touching on the Judicial Laws. 

Keister, Lane – The Sabbath Day and Recreations on the Sabbath: An Examination of the Sabbath and the Biblical Basis for the “No Recreation” Clause in Westminster Confession of Faith 21.8 and Westminster Larger Catechism 117,  Buy  from the Confessional Presbyterian, #5 (2009), p. 229-238

Lauer, Stewart – John Calvin the Nascent Sabbatarian: a Reconsideration of Calvin’s View of Two Key Sabbath-Issues,  Buy  from the Confessional Presbyterian #3 (2007), p. 3-14

VanDrunen, David – Pictures of Jesus and the Sovereignty of Divine Revelation: Recent Literature and a Defense of the Confessional Reformed View,  Buy  from the Confessional Presbyterian #5 (2009), p. 214-228

VanDrunen here argues for the Confessional position.

Willborn, Nick – “Presbyterians in the South and the Slave: A Study in Benevolence,” in The Confessional Presbyterian, vol. 3, 2007  Buy  

An excellent historical article chronicling Girardeau’s efforts to minister to the black slaves.  Written by one who did his dissertation on Girardeau and is, Lord willing, coming out with the first full length biography of Girardeau.

Winzer, Matthew – The True History of Paedo-Communion, from the Confessional Presbyterian #3 (2007), p. 27-36

Winzer demonstrates that Paedo-Communion was an abnormal and sliver of a minority view in the early Church.

Winzer, Matthew – The Westminster Assembly & the Judicial Law: A Chronological Compilation and Analysis. Part Two: Analysis,  Buy  from the Confessional Prebyterian Journal, #5 (2009), p. 56-88

This is the best article to date demonstrating that Theonomy is a departure from the Westminster Confession and the thought of the majority of the puritan era.

Winzer, Matthew – Westminster and Worship Examined: a Review of Nick Needham’s Essay on the Westminster Confession of Faith’s Teaching Concerning the Regulative Principle, the Singing of Psalms, and the Use of Musical Instruments in the Public Worship of Godfrom the Confessional Presbyterian #4 (2008), p. 253-266

Winzer here historically proves that the Westminster Confession of Faith (1646) teaches exclusive psalmody and that the divines believed that musical instruments were forbidden in worship, conclusively.  Until someone refutes Winzer it is not historically credible to say that the Confession (1646) allows for uninspired hymn singing or that the divines allowed for accompaniment by musical instruments.