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1800 to Early 1900’s

Alexander, Archibald

Widely influential as the first professor at the founding of old Princeton Seminary in 1812.  Known especially for his warm, experiential sermons.

Bavinck, Herman

Berkhof, Louis

Binnie, William

Buchanan, James

One of the first professors of the young Free Church of Scotland.  Has classic writings on justification and church-state relations.

Cunningham, William

A classic christian writer and one of the first professors of the young Free Church of Scotland.  Known for his works on church principles and historical theology.

Dabney, Robert

Major theologian of the Old South.  Known for his Systematic Theology and other works.

Gaussen, Louis

Pastor and Professor in Geneva, Switzerland during the mid-1800’s, who sought to revive the teachings of the reformation in that same city.  Known for his writings on the inspiration of the Bible and books for children.

Girardeau, John

White pastor to black slaves in Charleston, SC.  Also a professor at old Columbia Theological Seminary, where he defended the truth of God’s Word against the rising tide of evolution during his day.

Heppe, Heinrich

Hodge, Charles

A standard American theologian whose systematic theology has been widely influential.  His commentaries are some of the best there are, being especially known for their careful and concise exegesis.  His other writings are of great value as well.

Kennedy, John (of Dingwall)

A stalwart of conservativism in the old Free Church of Scotland.  Known for his powerful preaching and the ethos of the old highlands piety.

M’Crie, Thomas (the Elder)

M’Crie, Thomas (the Younger)

Miller, Samuel (the Elder)

The second professor at old Princeton Seminary.  He is known for his articulate and logical writing style, especially on the subjects of church government, baptism and creeds.

Miller, Samuel (the Younger)


Contemporary Authors

Alcorn, Randy

Bushell, Michael

Coldwell, Chris

Confessional Presbyterian Journal

Fentiman, Travis

Hyde, Daniel

Isbell, Sherman

Keister, Lane

Lauer, Stewart

Mattull, Jonathan

McCurley, Robert

Myers, R. Andrew

Silversides, David

VanDrunen, David

Willborn, Nick