Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

Who We Are

The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) is the legal, constitutional and spiritual heir of the Scottish Reformation and the Old Free Church of Scotland.  

We live and die for experiential religion and preaching, all the Biblical doctrines of our Confession (full subscription), the purity of God’s worship, love for the family of God and the lost, and have a zeal for evangelism.  Our historic, reformed church, founded on God’s Word, was organized by the leadership of John Knox in 1560. 

The Free Church (Continuing) has churches in America and an American presbytery in addition to the much larger Church in Scotland.  We are seeking to establish an indigenous denomination in America (without Scotland in the name) faithful to the ethos and Biblical principles of the original Westminster Standards.  


History of

The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) was born in A.D. 2000 over disciplinary issues that breached the Old Free Church of Scotland’s Constitution.  The Church refused to obey its Constitution and look into the numerous serious charges brought against one of its prominent ministers.  Upon the continued protest thereof by 40 some office bearers, the officers were defrocked overnight without ecclesiastical trials (also against the Constitution).  

The officers being called by Christ, the Head of the Church, to His work and Vineyard, despite the rulings of lesser courts, set their hand to the plow and did not look back, Luke 9:62, but despising the shame, continued on for the joy set before them, Hebrews 12:2.  Though the Church go through the fire, Nec Tamen Consumebatur, yet she is not consumed, Ex. 3:2.


Contact Us

Feel free to Contact Us with any inquiries.  We will be glad to hear from you.


Why the Division of A.D. 2000?

Murray, Iain, and Murchison, Murdoch – When Justice Failed in Church and State: an Explanation of the Division of the Free Church of Scotland,  Buy  2001

This short booklet explains in detail the historical and unconstitutional proceedings that lead to the birth of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) in A.D. 2000.



The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) Seminary

Get the best historic reformed education and training there is.  This three year program, can be done by distance by anyone in the world with an email account.  If one becomes student in training for the ministry in the Free Church (Continuing), it is FREE.  We believe the church should provide for the spiritual training of its men.

Note that one must be a member of a congregation of the Free Church (continuing) for two years in order to be considered as an applicant to the ministry.  This is in order that both member and church can get to know each other better, and is a small amount time in light of a life of pastoral service and fellowship.


The Free Church of Scotland (Residuals)

Stewart, Kenneth – A Response to the Decisions of the Plenary Assembly, 2010, 18 pages

In 2010 the Free Church of Scotland (Residuals), those that remained in the old Church after the unconstitutional proceedings of A.D. 2000, broke their vows and Constitution by allowing hymns and musical instruments in their public worship.  Stewart demonstrates the unconstitutionality of this action.