Berkhof, Louis

Berkhof, Louis



Books  (8)

The Assurance of Faith: the Firm Foundation of the Christian Hope, Buy  86 pages

Biblical Archaeology, 1928, 200 pages

Excellent introduction to a vast topic from a conservative

History of Christian Doctrines,  Buy  285 pages

A solid and concise overview of the development of Christian doctrine through history

Manual of Christian Doctrine,  Buy  372 pages  

A concise and easy to read, medium length abridgment of his Systematic Theology

New Testament Introduction, Re-typset PDF, 1944, 225 pages

A handy conservative reference for background info on each book of the NT

Principles of Biblical Interpretation,  Buy  1950, 169 pages

The classic introduction to Biblical hermeneutics (interpretation of the Bible).  Filled with Biblical references and examples.

Summary of Christian Doctrine, HTML  Buy 166 pages

One of the best, easy to read introductions to the Christian faith at the beginner level

Systematic Theology, HTML  Buy 784 pages, This edition includes Introduction to the Study of Systematic Theology which was previously a separate work but intended to be read with his Systematic Theology.  Also includes a Preface by the excellent reformed historian Richard Muller.

This is the best, classic, brief, one volume systematic theology out there.  It was originally intended to be an abbreviated summary of the thought of Bavinck’s four volume Reformed Dogmatics.

The Three Points in All Parts Reformed, 1925, 21 paragraphs

This is all the collected quotes from Berkhof’s Dutch, De Drie Punten in Alle Deelen Gereformeerd, that have been translated into English, where he defends the three points of Common Grace asserted by the Christian Reformed Church just a year earlier.




Chapters from Books  (2)

(Every chapter of his Systematic TheologySummary of Christian Doctrine, and Introduction to the New Testament are available indexed and online.  See the links above.)

Perversions of the Gospel, in the early church, from his History of Christian Doctrine

What is the Word of God?  from The Word of God and the Reformed Faith, addresses 
delivered at the Second American Calvinistic Conference held at Calvin College and Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI, June 3-5, 1942, Baker edition