Historic, Reformed Quotes on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel



The Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel in Church History

The Early & Medieval Church

Confessions, Documents & Commentaries

Including The Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel in the Westminster Standards and Divines

The 1500’s,  24+ theologians

Quotes from all of your favorite Reformers: Luther, Calvin, Zanchi, Rollock, et al.

The 1600’s, 100+ theologians

Quotes from all of your favorite puritans: Rutherford, Durham, Manton, Charnock, Turretin, Henry, et al.

John Murray Compared with the Post-Reformation on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel

The 1700’s, 15+ theologians

Quotes from Halyburton, Boston, Erskine, Edwards, Fuller, et al.

The 1800’s, 20+ theologians

Quotes from M’Cheyne, Nettleton, Chalmers, Cunningham, Bannerman, Hodge, Smeaton, Fairbairn, Duncan, et al.

The 1900’s, 10+ theologians

Quotes from Murray, Vos, Berkhof, Strong, Boettner, et al.

Contemporary, 12+

Quotes from Packer, Muller, Beeke, Hulse, Murray, et al.



On God’s Revealed Will

On the Distinction Between God’s Revealed Will and his Will of Decree

John Howe on God’s Revealed Will is Actually His Will

Is God’s Revealed Will and the Gospel Call God’s Will, Desire, Pleasure and Wish?

Yes, according to scripture and 45+ historic reformed theologians.

John Howe on What Anthropormorphisms Attributed to God Positively Teach

Does God’s Revealed Will Contain Purpose?



On the Offer of the Gospel

Thomas Ridgley on the Terms ‘Offer’ & ‘Invitation’

You Must Choose Christ to be Saved

Predestination, Election, Irresistible Grace, Total Depravity and other teachings of scripture do not negate that a person must choose Christ to be saved, and that man, by God’s regenerating grace, is active in turning away from sin to Christ.  Thomas Manton and William Cunningham are quoted to this effect.

Is the Gospel Offer Conditional?



On God’s Love

Historic Reformed Quotes on the Sincere Free Offer of the Gospel Interpretation of John 3:16

The Three-Fold Love of God, 11 quotes

Reformed Christianity has historically distinguished three aspects of the love of God.  He loves (1) all creation because it is his creation, (2) all people, because they are made in his image, and (3) the elect who He superlatively loves with a full complacency.  Quotes from: Turretin, Leigh, Collinges, a Brakel, Jenkyn, Ussher, Gill, Hodge and Berkhof, Rutherford and Pictet.



On Resistible Grace

Quotes on the Common Operations of the Spirit from the Reformers & Puritans, 60+ theologians

These common operations of the Spirit in the call of the Gospel often have the purpose of drawing gospel hearers to the Savior, though they are resistible.

On the Compatibility of Resistible & Irresistible Grace

Herman Bavinck and William Cunningham relate that the historic origin of the term ‘irresistible grace’ was never meant to deny resistible grace, but is compatible with it.

Is an Aspect of God’s Will Ineffectual?



The Atonement

Quotes on the Atonement Providing Common Grace Benefits for the Reprobate

Durham, Charnock, Witsius, Cunningham, and Dabney all affirm Limited Atonement, that Christ died for the sins of the elect.  They also affirm the Biblical doctrine that Christ, in his Atonement, purchased and intended non-saving benefits to the reprobate:  2 Pet. 2:1Ex. 15:13Deut. 32:6, etc.  Cunningham and Dabney are particularly good.  Preliminary discussions at the Westminster Assembly are also quoted.




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