Early & Medieval Church Bible Commentaries Online

We live in extraordinary times.  In the benevolent provision of God we have been able to compile a collection of more than 575 bible commentaries in English from early and medieval Church figures, around 64% of which are fully available online for free:

The Early & Medieval Church Fathers on Scripture

When RBO was started about 9 years ago, around a fifth of this was available.

The webpage is nearly endless in how far it allows you to search into the fathers on Scripture.  The page includes the latest and most comprenseive online indices of quotes on Scripture by the fathers, as well as nearly exhaustive, standard, scholarly works: (1) referring to further commentaries in Latin, and (2) providing the fathers’ citations of Scripture, at a few clicks of the button.

Persons and scholars with interest in Scriptural commentary, or the early and Medieval Christians, and everyone in between, will be elated.  Make your interested friends happy.


“I am the Lord thy God…  open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.”

Ps. 81:10