Expositions of John 17: the Lord’s Prayer for his Own

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The Best


Burgess, Anthony – 145 Expository Sermons upon John 17, or, Christ’s Prayer before his Passion Explicated, & Both Practically & Polemically Improved  (1656)

***  “A Standard work by a great Puritan.  Somewhat prolix.” – Spurgeon

Newton, George – An Exposition with Notes, Unfolded & Applied on John 17, delivered in Sermons…  (London: R.W., 1660)

Newton (1602–1681)

***  “If not one of the chief of the Puritans, Newton was but little behind the front rank in ability.  Joseph Alleine was his assistant minister at Taunton.  His writings are plain and profitable.” – Spurgeon



Alexander, Thomas – The Great High Priest within the Veil, being an Exposition, Doctrinal & Practical of John 17  (1857)

***  “Sound theology and honest exposition.  Multum in parvo [much in little].” – Spurgeon

Brown, John, of Edinburgh – An Exposition of our Lord’s Intercessory Prayer  (1866)

Brown of Edinburgh was a renowned Secession Church of Scotland minister and professor, many of whose works the Banner of Truth has reprinted.

***  “Dr. Brown is always deep, full, and overflowing.” – Spurgeon

Pierce, Samuel – An Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer as Recorded in John 17 in 22 Sermons  (1812)

Pierce (1746–1829) was an English, calvinistic baptist.

***  “Always sweet as honey to those of strong Calvinistic views.” – Spurgeon

Ross, Charles – The Inner Sanctuary: an Exposition of Jn. 13-17  (Banner of Truth)  288 pp.  ToC

Ross (1831-1892) was a Free Church of Scotland minister.



More Expositions


Rollock, Robert – 25 Sermons upon the Last Sermon and Conference of our Lord Jesus Christ with his Disciples Immediately before his Passion, contained in the 14th, 15th, and 16th chapters of the Gospel of St. John, as also upon that most excellent prayer, contained in the 17th Chapter  (d. 1599)

Willet, Andrew – The Treasure of the Church consisting of the Perpetual Intercession & Most Holy Prayer of Christ set forth in John 17, which in this treatise is plainly interpreted, with necessary doctrines enlarged & fit applications enforced  (1604)

Willet (1562–1621)

Hooker, Thomas – A Comment upon Christ’s Last Prayer in the Seventeenth of John, wherein is Opened the Union Believer’s have with God & Christ, & the Glorious Privileges Thereof  (London, 1656)

Manton, Thomas – John 17, Sermons 1-32, 33-45  d. 1677

“A deep, rich and full exposition by a Puritan divine.” – Cyril J. Barber



Bernard, Thomas – The Central Teaching of Christ: a Study of John 13-17  Buy  1892  444 pp.

“Thomas Dehany Bernard (1815-1904) was an English Clergyman.  He graduated from Exeter College, Oxford, and after several notable pastorates ministered at Wells Cathedral, ultimately becoming its Chancellor…  Thomas Bernard was noted for his strong evangelical convictions… he remained… uncompromising in his adherence to the integrity of the Word of God.” – Cyril J. Barber

Drummond, D.T.K. – The Last Scenes in the Life of our Lord and Savior, or a series of Practical Expositions on the Last Nine Chapters of John  (1841)

Landels, William – The Savior’s Parting Prayer for his Disciples  (1872)

**  “Sermons of a high order: style admirable, but rather diffuse.  To be estimated rather from a homiletical than an expository point of view.” – Spurgeon

Moule, H.C.G. – The High Priestly Prayer: a Devotional Commentary on the 17th Chapter of John  Buy  (Religious Tract Society, 1907)

Rainsford, Marcus – Our Lord Prays for his Own: Thoughts on John 17  (Moody Press, 1950)  476 pp.  ToC  also reprinted by Kregel

Rainsford (d. 1897) was an evangelical pastor in London who worked with Moody and Sankey in their evangelistic tour.

“…the greatest classic ever written on Christ’s high priestly prayer for His people.”  “Timely, relevant devotional thoughts on John 17.” – Cyril J. Barber



Swete, Henry Barclay – The Last Discourse & Prayer of our Lord: a Study of John 14-17  (1913)  205 pp.

“A careful study of John 14-17.” – Cyril J. Barber

Lloyd-Jones, Martin

Studies in Jesus’ Prayer for his Own: John 17:1-5:  Saved in Eternity: the Assurance of our Salvation  (Crossway, 1988)  190 pp.  ToC

Studies in Jesus’ Prayer for His Own: John 17:17-19:  Sanctified Through the Truth: The Assurance of Our Salvation  (Kingsway, 1989)  150 pp.  ToC

Studies in Jesus’ Prayer for his Own: John 17:17-24: Growing in the Spirit: the Assurance of our Salvation  (Crossway, 1989)  155 pp.  ToC

The Basis of Christian Unity: an Exposition of John 17 & Eph. 4  Buy




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