“This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; Hear ye Him.”

Matt 17:5




Christ in the Old Testament & that He is the Messiah
Person & Human & Divine Natures of Christ
Offices of Christ: Prophet, Priest & King
Union with Christ & the Fruits of the Fellowship Ensuing Therefrom
Specific Events in the Life of Christ



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Work of Christ  1
Bibliographies  2





Sibbes, Richard

‘A Description of Christ’  in Works 1.1-31  on Mt. 12:18

“On Christ’s nearness to God, His calling, His qualification, and His execution of His calling.  Sibbes intended this as introductory to The Bruised Reed & Smoking Flax.” – Robert P. Martin

‘The Sun of Righteousness’  in Works 7.165-78

‘The Rich Pearl’  in Works 7.253-60

Burroughs, Jeremiah – ‘Christ is All in All’  in The Saints’ Treasury, being sundry Sermons Preached…  (1654), pp. 31-106  on Col. 3:11

Flavel, John – ‘A Coronation Sermon: Preached at Dartmouth to Celebrate the Coronation of William III & Mary II…’  in Works, 6.545-63  On Christ’s joyful coronation over believers.

Owen, John – ‘The Excellency of Christ’  in Works 9.462-90  on Ps. 45:1-3

Bunyan, John – ‘Some Gospel Truths Opened, according to the Scriptures, or the divine and human nature of Christ Jesus, his coming into the world, his righteousness, death, resurrection, ascension, intercession and second coming to judgment, plainly demonstrated and proved’  in Works 2.129-75

Watson, Thomas – ‘Christ All in All’  in A Plea for the Godly & Other Sermons, pp. 55-82  on Col. 3:11



Boston, Thomas – ‘Christ Jesus Duly Prized’  in Works 4.125-95  on Phil. 3:8

Edwards, Jonathan

Discourse 5, ‘The Excellency of Christ’  in Five Discourses on Important Subjects, Nearly Concerning the Great Affair of the Soul’s Eternal Salvation  in Works, 1.680-89

‘Unbelievers contemn the Glory & Excellency of Christ’  in Works 2.61-66



Winslow, Octavius – ‘The Preciousness of Christ’  in the Precious Things of God, pp. 1-32

Payson, Edward – ‘The Timely Presence & Salutation of Jesus’  in Works 2.265-74

M’Cheyne, Robert Murray – ‘Christ the Way, the Truth & the Life’  in The Memoir & Remains of Robert Murray M’Cheyne, pp. 337-43

Binnie, William – ‘Christ in the Psalms’  ToC  being bk. 2, chs. 1-3 in The Psalms: their History, Teachings & Use  (London, 1870), pp. 155-218

Binnie was a professor in the Free Church of Scotland.

Hodge, Charles

‘Christianity Without Christ’  in Princeton Review  (Apr., 1876), vol. 5, issue 18, pp. 352-362

‘God in Christ’, being ch. 13  in his Essays & Reviews  (1857), p. 433 ff.  39 pp.

Ryle, J.C. – ‘Christ is All’  in Holiness, pp. 309-25



Warfield, B.B.

‘The Christ that Paul Preaches’  in Works, vol. 2 (Biblical Doctrines), pp. 235-52  Also in The Person & Work of Christ, pp. 73-90

‘The Divine Messiah in the Old Testament’  in Works 3.3-49  Also in Biblical & Theological Studies, pp. 79-126

‘Jesus Christ’  in Works 3.149-77  Also in The Person & Work of Christ, pp. 5-33 under the title, ‘The Historical Christ’

‘Jesus the Measure of Men’  in Selected Shorter Writings 2.688-92

‘Misconception of Jesus, & Blasphemy of the Son of Man’  in Works 3.53-94  Also in Biblical & Theological Studies, pp. 196-237

Berkhof, Louis – Systematic Theology  (1950)

‘The Doctrine of Christ in History’  14 paragraphs

‘The State of Humiliation’  24 paragraphs

‘The State of Exaltation’  27 paragraphs



Fentiman, Travis – ‘Jesus the Friend of Sinners’  (2014)  10 paragraphs

Is Jesus friendly to the unconverted?  The Bible says Yes.





Sibbes, Richard – The Fountain Opened, or the Mystery of Godliness Revealed  on 1 Tim. 3:16  in Works 5.457-540

Goodwin, Thomas

Christ Set Forth

The Heart of Christ

Ambrose, Isaac – Looking unto Jesus: a View of the Everlasting Gospel

Asty, Robert – A Treatise of Rejoicing in the Lord Jesus in All Cases & Conditions

Flavel, John – The Fountain of Life Opened Up: or a Display of Christ in His Essential & Mediatorial Glory  in Works 1.17-561



Francke, Hermann August – Christus Sacrae Scripturae Nucleus: or Christ the Sum & Substance of all the Holy Scriptures  (London: J. Downing, 1732)

This work is “helpful” and “focuses on the divinity of Christ in John 1 in a judicious and heart-warming manner…” – Joel Beeke



Kennedy, John – The Saviour  Buy  (Reformation Press, 1992)  130 pp.  ToC

A review exists of this work by Rev. Sherman Isbell, which will wet your desire to read it.



Vos, Geerhardus – The Self-Disclosure of Jesus: the Modern Debate about the Messianic Consciousness  (George H. Doran, 1926)  302 pp.  ToC

Chantry, Walter – Praises for the King of Kings  114 pp.





Hyperius, Andreas – bk.2, ch. 15, ‘Of Christ’  in Of Theology, or of the Reason for the Study of Theology  (Basel, 1559; 1582), pp. 198-207



On the Work of Christ

Historical Theology

Franks, Robert S. – A History of the Doctrine of the Work of Christ in its Ecclesiastical Developments, vol. 1, 2  (Hodder & Stoughton, 1918)  ToC 1, 2

A review.





Martin, Robert P. – ‘Christ’  in A Guide to the Puritans…  (Banner of Truth, 1997), pp. 25-54



Ayres, Samuel Gardiner – Jesus Christ our Lord: an English Bibliography of Christology, comprising over 5,000 Titles Annotated & Classified  (NY, 1906)  ToC

Ayres (1865-1942) was a librarian at Drew Theological Seminary and was in the American methodist tradition.  See other works of his here.




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